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The Vorpal Tribble
2006-01-22, 03:00 PM
Here you are, some of the most useful links for DMs and players alike, along with other humorous or interesting D&D related sites. Feel free to post more and I'll add'em on... eventually.


Useful Links

Wizards of the Coast (http://wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/welcome)
Official Website of Dungeons and Dragons

The PBeMNexus SRD (http://www.systemreferencedocuments.org/35/sovelior_sage/home.html)
Geocities SRD (http://www.geocities.com/sovelior/srd/home.html)
The Hypertext d20 SRD (http://www.d20srd.org/index.htm)
The Player's Guide, Dungeon Master's Handbook, Monster Manual, Epic Level Handbook, Deities and Demigods, Unearthed Arcana, and Expanded Psionics Handbook all together.

D20 System (http://www.crystalkeep.com/d20/)
Downloadable PDF's of Wizard's 3.5 open content material.

RPG Web Profiler (http://www.rpgwebprofiler.net/login.php)
Tangled Web's 3E Profiler (http://www.thetangledweb.net/profiler/login.php)
Myth-Weaver's 3EProfiler (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/)
Ema's Charsheets (http://www.emass-web.com)
Here are some online sheets for putting down your characters that you can view at anytime or print out.

Hero Forge (http://www.nidome.org.uk/Heroforge/)
Excel spreadsheets for player characters.

Red Blade (http://www.redblade.org/)
Customizable character generator.

Invisible Castle Die-Roller (http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.py)
One of the easiest and most professional online dice rollers I've ever seen.

Feats, Skills and more! (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/)
I refered to this as the jackpot back in another post. Has almost every single feat from the majority of published WOTC books as well as spells, psionics, monsters and tons of other stuff.

IRC Ropleplaying Homepage (http://richards.sdf1.org/ircrpg/games.html)
Looking for an online game without the slowness of play by post? Heres your site!

Random Dungeon Generator (http://direpress.bin.sh/tools/dungeon.cgi)
Fantastic program for automatically generating dungeons right on the spot.

Encounter Calculator (http://www.geocities.com/edymnionii/EPLvsEL.html)
A good tool for online DM's or any kind for that matter.

Soldarin's ECL Calculator (http://personal.nbnet.nb.ca/shadows/Handbook/ECLcalc.html)
Add up A creature's stats to determine its Effective Character Level.

DM's Familiar (http://www.paladinpgm.com/dmf/)
Become a better game master!

Books of 2nd edition (http://homepages.tesco.net/%7Ea_skywalker/downloads.htm)
I've not a clue if this is strictly legal, but found it quite some ago. Its downloadable 2nd ed books of just about everyone I've come across or heard of. From the guides and racials books to the class handbooks and monster manuals and books of the demons.

English to Cant Dictionary (http://www.thievesguild.cc/cant/english2cant.php)
Convert English to Thieve's Cant and be speaking like an underworld rogue in no time!

Drow/English Translator (http://www.grey-company.org/Maerdyn/resources/translator/)
Want to converse with the local dark elves? Here you go.

Some various character name generators
Official Wizard's Name Generator (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/dnd/20010208b)
Fantasy Name Generator (http://www.rinkworks.com/namegen/)

Kate Monk's Onomastikon (http://www.gaminggeeks.org/Resources/KateMonk)
A collection of names from around the world intended to help provide character names for role-players. Want a nepalese handle? An icelandic nickname? A hawaiin monicker?

Hero Machine (http://nwn.dasaria.net/gallery/heromachine/heromachine.htm)
Draw up your character with this cool program.


Commercial Links

Paizo (http://paizo.com/paizo)
Home of Dragon's Magazine and other D&D merchandice

Icon USA (http://www.iconusa.com/online/D&D_index.htm)
Self proclaimed world's largest D&D online megastore.

D&D Miniatures (http://shop.store.yahoo.com/dragonballzcentral/dudr.html)
A place selling hundreds of different miniatures for your tabletop games.

Noble Knight Games (https://www.nobleknight.com/default.asp)
Source for out-of-print Role Playing Games.

\_ \_ \_ \_ \_ \_ \_ \_

Entertaining Links

Famous Last Words (http://www.wfrp.de/hosted/flw/en/index.html)
A collection of over 1700 last words of players doing really really dumb things.

The RPG Cliche List (http://atrocities.primaryerror.net/rpgcliches.html)
Browse through all the most over used and highly mocked RPG cliches and try to rid them from your games.

D&D Commercialism (http://www.somethingawful.com/articles.php?a=2075)
D&D-based photoshop contest (contains some mature-ish content)

The Head of Vecna (http://ydal.de/fun/the-head-of-vecna.html)
One sadistic DM, two parties, and some completely retarded players.

The Very Secret Diaries of the Lord of the Rings (http://www.ealasaid.com/misc/vsd/index.html)
Are you a pervy hobbit lover? You might be. From the risque writings of Cassandra Claire comes the diaries that the characters of the books/movies didn't want you to know about...

Gollum Raps! (http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/gollum.php)
Get down with gollum and the dark ones!

Hello, Cthulhu (http://www.hello-cthulhu.com/?date=2003-11-30)
Most. Horrifying. Comic. EVER.

Knights of the Dinner Table (http://www.hoodyhoo.com/kodt.htm)
A dozen or so hillarious animated cartoons about the Knights of the Dinner Table, a hack and slash gaming group and their exasperated DM.

I'm wearing boots of escaping! (http://www.dailymotion.com/visited/search/reno%2B911%2Bdragons/video/xgrkz_reno-911-dungeons-and-dragons)
I'm immune to fire, to lightening bolts... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfcrwAkq8Y0)
Renaissance Fair (http://www.dailymotion.com/visited/tag/renaissance/search/reno%2B911%2BD%26D/video/xgvmy_reno-911-renaissance-faire)
Reno 911 and the Demon God of Conquest

A more modern Middle Earth (http://ringil.cis.ksu.edu/Tolkien/Movie/lotr.mov)
A 1940's take on the Lord of the Rings

DDO Wallpapers (http://www.dndo-online.com/gallery/wallpapers)
D&D-based desktop wallpaper for the holidays! (hillarious)

2006-01-22, 05:24 PM
This should be stickied. But I prefer the SRD at http://www.d20srd.org. It's much easier to navigate, has some non-core OGC (like the variant stuff from UA) and has a lot of goodies- for instance, the monster entries have javascript "links" embedded in the statblock to roll HP, Initiative, attack rolls, damage, saves and skill checks. Also on the site are an Encounter XP calculator, an online "dice bag", and monster and spell filters.

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-01-22, 06:15 PM
But I prefer the SRD at http://www.d20srd.org.
I dunno, I always found it harder to navigate personally.

2006-01-23, 03:20 AM
The link to OoTS seems a little...unnecessary, dosnt it?

But VERY good links. Bookmarked.

EDIT: Knights of the dinner table isnt DnD, its Hackmaster.

Double edit: That hero maker is nifty.

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-01-23, 07:10 AM
The link to OoTS seems a little...unnecessary, dosnt it?
This list was originally posted by me on another site. Funny how I just knew someone was going to comment on it.

Knights of the dinner table isnt DnD, its Hackmaster.
Its about RPG games. Close enough.

Meat Shield
2006-01-23, 10:39 AM
I had posted this in another thread, but it would certainly work here as well.

Sean Reynold's site (WOTC contributor), with many items, interpretations, monsters, etc.


I also like this site. It is an HTML listing of all 2nd Ed monsters, just in case you wanted to throw a blast from teh past at your PCs.


2006-01-23, 03:23 PM
I'm just going to run down my massive foldr of links, so there may be some duplicates.

Updated 2nd edition creatures.

Lists of everything published by wizards.

My favorite character sheets.

A ridiculously comprehensive and perhaps overly searchable spell database.

A compeltely online character generator, I sue it for specific parts of the process that I don't want to do myself.

An index of all Dragon Magazines

Another index of Dragon.

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-06-30, 07:13 PM
About time I gave this a bump up.

2006-06-30, 08:36 PM

Frameless version of that SRD. I use it all the time, since Shaw seems to hate the hyperlinked one.

Dice Roller with mail option (useful for rolling stats):

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-06-30, 08:41 PM

Frameless version of that SRD. I use it all the time, since Shaw seems to hate the hyperlinked one.
Hey, I like that'un! Its got the format I like, but also has Unearthed Arcana info. Nice!

2006-07-01, 01:26 PM
Here's some I got, not sure if they're repeats and too lazy to hyperlink, but here they are.


2006-07-02, 01:20 PM
Someone somewhere post a LA calculator, Does anyone knows the link? ???

2006-07-02, 01:27 PM

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-07-13, 08:01 AM
Someone somewhere post a LA calculator, Does anyone knows the link? ???
Can't say as I've run across it.

Fax Celestis
2006-07-13, 10:02 AM
Redblade (http://www.redblade.org) is a reamarkably customizable character generator.

2006-07-13, 10:18 AM
Is this what you were referring to?

2006-07-13, 12:23 PM
Here's a nifty little DM's tool called DM's Familiar (http://www.paladinpgm.com/dmf/). I downloaded it and will be using it for DMing my sessions now that I've got a 6th player added. It's got great reviews and will keep my sessions moving.



2006-07-13, 09:08 PM
Now is there anything like that redblade thing for second edition?

2006-07-13, 10:57 PM
Well, there's Core Rules, but that isn't free. It's also old, but you might be able to find a copy on eBay. There's an expansion for it too, if you can find it.

2006-07-13, 11:35 PM
here's one:

It is hard to navigate, poorly written out, and parts of it are in spanish (It's a spanish NWN site) but they've published non-OGL content! w00t! Free prestige classes, including Telflammar Shadowlord (I've been looking for that for ages).

This is probably super illegal, (I wonder if it's illegal to link to it?) but I think they get away with it since their server is not based in the US.

2006-07-14, 11:54 PM
Hey, that's a pretty cool site adriankas. I don't know if it's illegal or not though. ???

2006-07-16, 11:51 AM
Has anyone mentioned Heroforge and Spellforge? They are Excel spreadsheets used for character and spellbook generation, respectively. I have found both to be very useful, although they are not yet updated for the newer books (e.g., Spell Compendium and PH2).

Download: http://www.nidome.org.uk/Heroforge/

Yahoo group: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Hero_Forge/

The Vorpal Tribble
2006-11-24, 11:13 PM
Giving this a bump up :smallbiggrin:

2006-11-25, 12:31 AM
This should be stickied.

-I don't have anything noteworthy to add except perhaps the full version (http://nwn.dasaria.net/gallery/heromachine/heromachine.htm) of the Hero Machine (2.0). Quite nifty, it's got lots of cool options the smaller version doesn't.

2006-11-25, 03:34 AM
Very nice, Tribble. Definently subscribing and checking those out.


The Vorpal Tribble
2006-11-25, 12:48 PM
Just did a hefty update :smallcool:

2006-11-25, 12:53 PM
This should be stickied.

I second that :smile:.

2006-11-26, 03:09 AM
Looks like the Kate Monk's Onomastikon (http://www.gaminggeeks.org/Resources/KateMonk) link is broken, or the site is gone...

Edit: looks like IRC Roleplaying Homepage (http://www.home.aone.net.au/irc_rpg/home.htm) is dead too...

2006-11-26, 03:22 AM
Seventh Sanctum (http://www.seventhsanctum.com/) is good for inspiration, especially if you're stuck for an elf name or two.

2006-11-26, 03:34 AM
I don't THINK these have been said:
- http://home.san.rr.com/thegraggs/dnd/Misc/pbcalc.htm Point buy calculator
- http://www.rinkworks.com/namegen/ Name Generator with lots of diffrent options.

2006-11-26, 11:23 AM
The description for Soldarin's ECL calculator is somewhat misleading. It calculates ECL, not CR. CR is more a judgement call and playtesting as there is no real good calculator for it.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-01-14, 11:03 PM
Alright, have added links, removed or fixed broken ones, and everything should be good to go.

2007-01-15, 05:40 AM
Just for your information, the Books of Second Edition link is missing: Player's Option: Combat and Tactics, The Complete Book of Humanoids, and The Complete Barbarian's Handbook. Great link, though.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-01-15, 02:25 PM
Just for your information, the Books of Second Edition link is missing: Player's Option: Combat and Tactics, The Complete Book of Humanoids, and The Complete Barbarian's Handbook. Great link, though.
Yeah, also the Psionics Handbook, but most complete site I've run across. Then again I found that link some 6 years ago when I first started playing D&D and haven't played 2nd ed for years :smallwink:

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-01-28, 12:43 AM
Just added a few more links, including the new IRC RPG website.