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2011-05-15, 08:03 PM
Copying Seer:
Role: Controller. You exert control through magical effects that cover large areas, while also getting control over a fellow arcane caster's spellbook.
Power Source: Arcane. To you, magic is an art form, but one that is easly imitatible from others. You have learned that sometimes a good hit with a spiked gauntlet allows you time enough to copy spells.
Key Abilities: Intellegence, Wisdom, Charisma
Armor Proficiency: Cloth
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, Quaterstaff, Battlestaff, Spiked Gauntlet.
Implements: Staffs, Orbs, Spiked Gauntlets, Tomes, Wands
Bonus to Defense: +2 Will, +2 Reflex
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution Score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
Healing Surges per Day: 7 + Constitution Modifier
Trained Skills: Arcana. From the class skills listed below, choose three more trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills: Arcana(Int), Diplomacy(Cha), Streetwise(Cha), History(Int), Nature(Int), Religion(Int), Acrobatics(Dex), Athletics(Str)
Class Features: Cantrips, Ritual Casting, Arcane Implement Copy

Copying Seers are scions of arcane magic. They tap into powers vast and mysterious. Instead of having to choose a certain amount of spells per day, they permenetly etch every spell they ever learn in their minds, ready at a moments notice. They particularly delight in copying other's spells, and are not afraid of using violence. They also constently have learned to have spells that allow them to escape from situations.

Copying Seer class Features:

Arcane Implement Copy:
Once per day you can either choose to have a Spiked Gauntlet as an Arcane Implement, or you can choose an arcane implement of another class that draws power from Arcane and gain proficieny in both implement and fighting with it until you take an extended rest.

Ritual Casting:
You gain the Ritual Casting feat as a bonus feat.

Ghost Sound:
With a wink, you create an illusory sound that emanates from somewhere close by.
At-Will*Arcane, Illusion
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One object or unoccupied square
Effect: You cause a sound as quiet as a whisper, or as loud as a yelling or fighting creature to emanate from the target. You can produce nonvocal sounds, such as the ringing of a sword blow, jingling armor, or scraping stone.

With a wave of your hand, you cause a bright light to appear on the tip of your staff, upon some other object, or in a nearby Space.
Minor Action Ranged 5
Target: One objest or unoccupied square
Effect: You cause the target to shed bright light. The light fills the target's square and all squares within 4 squares of it. The light lasts for 5 minutes. Putting out the light is a free action.
Special: You can only have one light cantrip active at a time. If you create a new light, your previously cast light winks out.

Mage Hand:
You gesture toward an object nearby, and a spectral floating hand lifts the object into the air and moves it where you wish.
At-Will*Arcane, Conjuration
Minor Action Ranged 5
Effect: You conjure a spectral, floating hand in an unoccupied square within range. The hand picks up, moves, or manipulates an adjacent object weighing 20 pounds or less and carries it up to 5 squares. If you are holding the object when you use this power, the hand can move the object into a pack, a pouch, a sheath, or a smiliar container and simultaneously move any one object carried or worn anywhere on your body into your hand. As a move action, you can move the hand up to 5 squares. As a free action, you can use the hand to drop an object it is holding, and as a minor action, you can cause the hand to pick up or manipulate a different object.
Sustain Minor: You can sustain the hand as an minor action indefinetly
Special: You can only create one hand at a time.

You perform an amazing magical trick, such as creating a dancing wisp of light, freshening a wilting flower, making a coin invisible, or warming a cold drink.
Standard Action Ranged 2
Effect: Use this cantrip to accomplish one of the effects below:
*Move up to 1 pound of material
*Create a harmless sensory effect, such as a shower of sparks, a puff of wind, faint music, or a strong odor.
*Color, clean, or soil items in 1 cubic foot for up to 1 hour.
*Instantly light(or snuff out) a candle, a torch, or a small campfire.
*Chill, warm, or flavor up to 1 pound of nonliving material for up to 1 hour.
*Make a small mark or symbol appear on a surface for up to 1 hour.
*Produce out of nothingness a small item or image that exists until the end of your next turn.
*Make a small, handheld item invisible until the end of your next turn.
Nothing you create with this cantrip can deal damage, serve as a weapon or tool, or hinder another creature's actions. This cantrip cannot duplicate the effect of any other power.
Special: You can have up to three prestidigitation effects active at one time.

That is all I have so far. More to come. Suggestions? Comments?

To come:
Level 1 - 30 spells, feats, paragon class, epic destiny.

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What book is spiked gauntlet from? Also, the +2 Bonus to Will and Reflex seems kinda overpowered. Most classed just get a +2 to one, or +1 to all if they're a defensive class.