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2011-05-16, 11:22 AM
Just sharing a rather fun homebrew, balance comments welcome. :smallbiggrin:

new sorcerer bloodline: magic eater

Characters of this bloodline come from areas of particularly high magic, and have adapted to it to the point of symbiosis

bonus skill - craft cooking

bloodline spells:
identify(3rd),arcane sight(5th),dispel magic(7th),remove curse(9th),break enchantment(11th),
greater dispel(13th),limited wish(15th),polymorph any object(17th),wish(19th)

bloodline feats:
scribe scroll, brew potion, craft wonderous item, iron will, lightning reflexes, great fortitude, improved iron will, improved counterspell

bloodline powers:
Magical mein(ex) - You gain the curious ability to consume charged magical items for thier magic. You may no longer benefit from drinking potions other than healing related items, but any charged item counts as a full day's food and water, and may heal up to 2 hp per level of the spell it contained. Additionally you learn the item's abilities for up to it's caster level or number of charges, whichever is greater, in days. Add these to your list of spells known for this time period. Permanent items can be consumed as well but get a will save equal to your level each day to avoid being digested, at which point the abilites gained fade after an additional number of days equal to the item's caster level. At DM discretion even artifacts may be subject to this effect with some limitations.

Magic dependence(ex) - The character requires magic to survive. In any area of dead magic or anti-magic field, they are automatically fatigued, and begin starving as per starvation rules. They cannot regain spells by resting while in these areas either, but may consume items to ignore these penalties for one day. Even outside any such area the character will crave magic once per day, and must succeed at a will save equal to 10 + character level or attempt to absorb some magical energy within one hour or sacrifice their levels worth of spell slots for the rest of the day.

Kitchen Artifice(ex) - If you posess an item creation feat, you may create items that use spells unknown to you as long as you have access to a spellbook or alchemical recipe of the spell. You may also scribe a spell into a spellbook or recipe book as a wizard or alchemist would, but you may not prepare spells from these sources. This ability applies to 1 feat per 3 levels you possess.

Magical adaptation(ex) - You gain a +1 resistance bonus to your saves against any spell effect that allows spell resistance. This bonus increase by 1 for every four levels you possess. This bonus is doubled for any spell which is also in your list of spells known. Whenever you sucessfully save against a spell, you may attempt and additonal will save at the same DC to absorb some of the energy, gaining 2 hp per level of the spell. This hit point gain is replaced by the Greater reaving ability at level 15.

Aura reaver(ex) - At 9th level you gain the ability to consume magical auras. Whenever you counter, dispel or otherwise elimate(such as with remove curse or wish) an ongoing spell effect you may attempt a will save against the effect to absorb the dispersing magic. Whenever a spell is absorbed, you may choose to refresh a lower level spell slot or heal 2 hp per level of the spell so absorbed.

Spell drain(ex) - With a touch attak you may drain at random, one prepared spell,or daily use of a spell slot or spell like or supernatural ability from a creature that fails a a will save equal to 10 plus your level. Spells so drained are added to your list of spells known for the rest of the day. At level 15 this ability is replaced by Greater spell drain.

Greater spell drain(ex) - The character's spell drain power improves, allowing them to choose the spell that is drained, or to drain multiple spells, up to 1 per 4 levels. Multiple drains are random.

Greater reaving(ex) - At 15th level Whenever you sucessfully save against a spell, you may attempt an additonal will save at the same DC counter and absorb it. Additionally whenever you reave a spell you may now choose to learn it for the remainder of the day instead of healing yourself or restoring a spell slot.

True assimilation(ex) - At 20th level and beyond, any time you would temporarily gain a spell known from using a bloodline power, you permanently gain that spell as a bonus spell known.

2011-05-17, 05:26 PM
Sorcerers already have craft as a class skill, there's no bloodline arcana, bloodlines don't have drawbacks, most bloodline stuff is either Sp or Su. I also find the capstone to be dubiously overpowered.

2011-05-19, 04:26 PM
Thinking about it, magic drain should probably be only 3+ charisma modifier times per day. And the final ability should probably cost money to use. I'll replace it with:

Assimilate - At level 20, you gain the ability to permanently learn one temporarily known spell each day by absorbing magic items worth 2000 gp per level of the spell to be learned. Cantrips count as one half level for purposes of this ability, and only arcane spells may be permanently learned this way.

Perhaps replace cooking skill with slight of hand.