View Full Version : WIP Divine Blacksmith

2011-05-16, 08:19 PM
I'm trying to make a Divine Blacksmith PrC for Clerics. Here are my ideas so far...

Requirements: Cleric, obviously. Probably something to do with the Craft() skill. I'm wondering if there should be a racial requirement, of being a dwarf, but I'm not sure.

Benefits: There would be instant, temporary weapon/armor-enhancing abilities, along with out-of-battle, long-casting-time, permanent enhancements and the ability to make better weapons and armors. More specifics:

Level 1 would allow some weapon/armor-enhancing spells, and the ability to make weapons with certain level 0 and level 1 Cleric spell-based effects.

Level 2 would allow you to make weapons with a special effect determined by ONE of your chosen Domains.

Level 3 would grant more weapon/armor-enhancing spells, and level 2 Cleric spell-based effects, if your casting level would allow you to cast those spells.

Level 4 would grant access to your other chosen Domain for weapon/armor creation.

Level 5 would allow certain level 3 spell-based effects for weapon/armor creation, as well as letting you cast ANY of your known weapon/armor-enhancing spells as a minor action.