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2011-05-16, 09:59 PM


In the near future I am planning on having an aerial combat for the near final confrontantion with the BBEG on my campaign, we are not talking about just having a spellcaster using overland hustle, we are talking about TOPGUN type stunts... problem is I have near to no idea how can I pull something like this out!!!

System is D&D 3.5 and will be done at high levels, 19-20th level, and mid-to-high optimization is available [no ToB, so don't bother suggesting it]

At first I though of having the PCs fight a set number of opponents with high mobility shooting bullets at them while meneuvering on three dimentions, that sounds complex enough. But I can't think of a mechanic that can showcase the vertigo and speed I would like for this scene...

The whole thing would have [at least in theory] the PCs in pursuit of the BBEG as it tries to fly across the continent destroying everything on its path; with the Characters flying blindingly fast on the back of a dragon chasing after it while the BBEG sends wave after wave of flying mooks to slow them down.

I want the combat system to be fast and powerful, the PCs will have some sort of long distance attack for them to use and I would like to put enphasis on meneuvres and acrobatics, maybe using natural hazards to have them try and crash the mooks into mountains or anything of the sort as they try to catch up to the BBEG.

this is just a very sketchy concept I came up with a few hours ago, so I would like to have some input from the Collective Intelligence of the playground to help me get this thing on track

Thx guys!

2011-05-16, 10:09 PM
My recommendation: Ad-hoc most of it. Describe what the mooks are doing, let the players tell you what they want to do. Roll for attacks as necessary(assuming you're using attacks meant to be used at long range, you can probably ignore range penalties if you want), and determine modifiers based on the PC's actions(if they suitably describe efforts to feint foes into the ground, give it a better chance of working, if they give a good description of an aerial dodge, give it a bonus to their AC or a penalty to the enemy attacks, etc). I don't believe the system is built to handle a dynamic, high-intensity aerial combat like you're looking for, so most of it you'll probably want to just houserule in.

Mind you, I've never done anything like this BECAUSE I don't think the system can adequately handle it, so feel free to ignore this. :smallwink:

2011-05-16, 10:55 PM
I had thought of doing something like that but i had not taken into account how te way the players described their actions would affect the outcome of the roll. Thats a nice piece of insight

btw, love your Zio Avatar, PS4 was the first RPG I ever finished and i loved every second of the game.

2011-05-16, 11:02 PM
Yeah, for something like that, I'd have player descriptions affect things, since you don't have nearly as much to go on. Though, if they're using a dragon as their mount, maybe give it some of the Metabreath feats from Draconomicon as well, to give the breath weapon a bit more usefulness?

Also, maybe you can provide a bit more info on the BBEG, so we have an idea of what your players are up against?

And as for the avatar, thanks. I still consider PSIV to be THE best RPG of all time(though what they've done to Phantasy Star since sickens me...). Also, I direct you to this (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11006059&postcount=1413) post in the demotivators thread for more... the pic there isn't mine, but I did turn it into the poster.