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2011-05-17, 10:06 AM
Serving Orb
Diminutive Construct
Abilities: -4 CHA, -2 INT, ∅ CON
Base Speed: 20 ft. Fly (perfect)(see below), 5 ft. per full-round land

Attunement (Su): A Serving Orb must attune to a sentient creature (its "master"). This is a process that takes a full round, during which the potential master must be touching the Serving Orb. Once this attunement is made, the Serving Orb floats into the air and begins to orbit its master's head (or functionally closest equivalent, if it does not have one) 1d3 feet away, like an Ioun Stone. It can leave orbit for a maximum of one round per two Hit Dice, after which point it loses its Fly Speed.

Augmentations (Ex/Su, see below): Every Serving Orb has one of several small augmentations, as follows:

Needle-spring (Ex): A needle-spring Serving Orb is covered in tiny shards of metal. Three times per day, while orbiting its master's head, it may float to directly above its master's head and release them. This results in a whirling cloud of tiny metal shards around the master, in all of the adjacent 5-ft cubes. They move fast enough that the only visible effect, once they are spinning, is a shimmer in the air, providing a miss chance on anyone attacking the master or Serving Orb as though the Blur spell was cast on them. It also does 1 piercing/slashing damage to anyone who begins their turn in the cloud. This cloud lasts for two rounds.

Spell-crystal (Su): A spell-crystal Serving Orb has a small colored crystal on its surface. This crystal can absorb a single spell or power with a non-Personal range that is cast/manifested with the specific intent of being absorbed.It can then cast that spell once in the next hour, with the caster/manifester level of the original caster/manifester, or the caster/manifester level of the Serving Orb, whichever is higher. After this casting, the spell is no longer absorbed.

Wire-arm: A wire-arm Serving Orb has a single small twist of wite and gears coming off of its surface. It can use this arm to wield a one-handed or light weapon sized for it, or perform any other action that could be done with one arm by a creature of its size.

Supersensory (Su): A supersensory Serving Orb has a small concave dish on its side, like a satellite dish. This gives it +5 to Appraise, Search, Spot, Listen, and Sense Motive. It also gives +5 to Survival checks made to track and Forgery checks made to identify things.

Distorting (Su): The effect used to make a Serving Orb orbit when attuned has an odd side effect. When the Serving Orb is attuned to a master, it draws objects moving towards it very slightly closer. This has the mechanical effect of altering its Size Modifier to AC as though it was one size category larger (so without any effects changing its size, it only has a +2 to AC from size, instead of the normal +4).

Insufficient: A Serving Orb is incapable of flying without being attuned to a master. When not attuned, it loses its Fly Speed.

Obedient: A Serving Orb must follow the letter of its master's orders, though not necessarily the intent. It is usually grateful to its master, however, and is therefore unlikely to twist orders unless it believes that the intended order would be bad to follow.

LA: +1

2011-05-17, 10:53 AM
Added Augmentations and the Distorting quality.

Corrected the +2 INT (was supposed to be -2) and added +1 LA