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Brock Samson
2011-05-17, 08:04 PM
First of all, just in case anyone's unfamiliar with Deadlands: Hell on Earth, it's set in the future, 13 years after a supernatural apocalypse, and most characters are just trying to survive in a hostile environment in the U.S. west of the Mississippi. Also, when I reference Harrowed, that means a person who's died but come back to life with a demon riding shotgun in their head, so you're now a Walking Dead but gain access to all kinds of cool powers (though you occasionally get taken over by the demon and black out while it does it's evil things). And Faminites are basically zombies that spread the zombie infection to those they bite/scratch.

So, this Saturday I created a new character for our Deadlands HoE game. The backstory I'd come up with was that I was Lumberjack/survivalist type person before the bombs hit, the last 10/11 years I'd been living in the woods with my family: daughter, son, and wife. We got together with other people and built up a little village.

Eventually we were attacked by some Faminites which we didn't realize what they were. They bit and scratched a lot of the village residents before we were able to put them down, including my wife. She quickly gets sick and sicker, by the time she's Turning so are a lot of the other villagers. I'm dealing with her when she fully turns she ends up biting our son. I end up killing her with my lumberjack Axe I've had since before the bombs, and take the kids outside where the streets start filling up with everyone.

Two of my neighbors race toward us on a single horse, a husband and wife, and I try to give them both my kids. They take my daughter, but see the blood on my son and won't take him. I accept why and they race off, no room for us. We go back inside the house and I bar the doors and windows.

Here's where I had to change the story a little. Originally, my idea was that my son eventually turns and I have to kill him with the axe too. Some of the Faminites eventually get inside and I go ape-sh&! on them with my axe until I've killed all those left in the town with the few survivors left. After that I kinda feel like I can never face my daughter again after killing her brother and mother, and her probably thinking I'm dead as it is. So I go become a Templar to try to make sure no more families ever have to go through what I went through.

What happened during character creation was- I pulled Mysterious Past: Harrowed! On top of that for Veteran of the Wasted West I'm Disfigured (Ugly As Sin) and I'd already wanted my character to have a big scar all across his face, so that fit in perfectly as his Death Wound too.

Now, I changed my backstory a little, saying that I did actually die in my home, but came back. Then I went and joined the Templars, still to make sure families didn't go through what I did. Also, I plan on getting the Greater Reward for Lay on Hands (and can actually cure Faminitism!). Provided I survive long enough to get a legend chip.

Now, looking over Harrowed Powers, I realized that Relic would be PERFECT for my Axe. So far we've come up with that at level 2 it can kill a walking dead or faminite with a body shot, instead of just a head shot.

What other ideas do people have??? My Marshall thought for level 1 it could just have a plus 1 to hit and damage, but that's probably negotiable too. Still, what higher level powers could it potentially have? I really want to hear your ideas!

Brock Samson
2011-05-18, 07:19 AM
Anyone have any ideas?

Brock Samson
2011-05-20, 07:14 AM
*bumpity bump bump*

2011-05-20, 01:39 PM
So, it's an undead slayer, hmm? Not at all familiar with how Deadlands is meant to work but perhaps something like a holy glow that damages undead types in a small area around you. Perhaps, as it advances, it becomes holy enough to damage demon types and can exorcise spirits. Perhaps it can burn with a sacred flame when the undead and unholy near. Basically make it into your own personal Holy Avenger. :smallbiggrin:

2011-05-20, 02:02 PM
No sentences here.

Healing powers (Damage and disease)
Purifying powers (food/drink and wounds)
Circle of Protection
Detect [bad guy]
Detect Radiation/Poison
Immunity to [bad thing]
Chance to keep control when your demon thing shows up
Chance to at least watch when the demon takes your body
Find Game Animal/Food

2011-05-20, 04:49 PM
Make sure it gets a bonus against witches too. It's a lumberjack ax made for chopping wood after all.

2011-05-20, 05:11 PM
Make sure it gets a bonus against witches too. It's a lumberjack ax made for chopping wood after all.

Very nice ninja quote sir.

Brock Samson
2011-05-21, 02:17 AM
I definitely approve!