View Full Version : What is a good program for creating character sheets?

2011-05-24, 12:02 PM
I'm trying to create some custom character sheets and Word just isn't working for me. What are some programs that you have used to create such documents?

2011-05-24, 01:31 PM
You might have more luck in the Arts and Crafts forum; I used Word with a mix of tables, spreadsheets and text boxes, but i know that program well so it was best fit.

Publisher and most other programs would work, but reallym they're Word with knobs on.

inDesign is the other obvious suggestion. I don't recommend OpenOffice because it doesn't have seperate table and spreadsheet functions, which gets in the way, a lot.

Moose Man
2011-05-24, 02:27 PM
Photoshop an existing (online) character sheet.

2011-05-24, 05:24 PM
good idea, i'll check those programs out. And I also posted in the arts and craft.

2011-05-24, 10:44 PM
Excel works very well for me. Use the help menus to figure out things like concatenate, index, match. Data validation is helpful for lists of options. It's boxy and not very pretty but you can fix that by adding images and/or clever cell widths/heights to make nice borders or using actual borders and varying the thickness.

2011-05-25, 06:26 AM
Yeah my friends and I use Excel or it's Open Office equivalent. I agree that it's not the most pretty but with a little effort during creation, it's very easy to keep your character updated as you take damage, prepare/use spells, level etc.

2011-05-25, 06:05 PM
I'll just leave this here. (http://www.nbos.com/products/charsheet/charsheet.htm)

It's not massively user friendly, but it does enable you to make interactive character sheets that you can then print.

You can set up automatic calculations and it supports javascript.