View Full Version : suggestion for mindblade chakra soulmelds.

Darth Stabber
2011-05-28, 11:47 PM
Okay, so I am working on a soulknife/soulborn baseclass, when I hit on the idea of making the mindblade itself into a chakra (I like the idea of totemists unique chakra, but that really doesn't work here, but I am atleast stealing the idea of a class unique chakra). Unfortunately, this did not start the creative juices flowing and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for some soulmelds to sit on the blade chakra (and some interesting bind abilities). My first thought was just cannibalize Incarnum Blade, but that class is so terrible it hurts, and I don't even think that it has value as a starting place (one level dipped is better than an odd fighter level, and that's about it). It is okay if the melds are a little weak, they are never going to take up an item slot, melds will sit on the chakra unbound (unlike totem), and they will be the only soulmelds accessable for the first three levels.

If it matters I changed the mind blade ability only slightly (putting all of the mindblade enhancement into 1 pool, and letting you put any amount into abilities or enhancement {with in the normal bounds of non-epic magic items}). Though I am considering giving it only enhancement bonus and getting any special abilities from these chakra, thoughts?

2011-05-29, 08:42 AM
First thing that comes to mind here is Shaman King.

For binding to a mind blade chakra, maybe Adamant Pauldrons turns it into a heavy shield (with its enhancement bonus also applying to AC), Dissolving Spittle can be channeled through your attacks with it, Blink Shirt lets it phase through armor, Incarnate Weapon makes it grow two sizes larger, etc.