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Misery Esquire
2011-05-31, 03:27 PM
Lucky Git

"What, old Giles over there? Yeah. He's a lucky dog. The rest of his group lost legs, arms, eyes and whatnot in the fight with the Kraken. Him? He lost a copper coin. It rolled down the deck and choked the beast to death. Damnedest thing I have even done seen."

Lucky Gits are just that. Supernaturally, extraordinarily, and simply unbelievably lucky. Nothing really ever seems to go wrong for them, and when it does seem to be going wrong, it's because they're losing a silver and picking up a hundred gold. Life just favours them, even if thier friends don't, they still don't seem to be able to manage to bring themselves to do anything about it.

Alignment : Most of these gits are of a Neutral, or Chaotic alignment.
HD : D6
Class Skills : Appraise, Bluff, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Hide, Sense Motive, Spot, Use Magic Device
Skill Points Per Level : 6 + Int Mod
Requirements : To have rolled a natural 20 on a Skill Check or survived something that they by all rights should've died to, and BAB +3

{table=head]Level |BAB |Fort Save |Reflex |Will Save |Special
1 |+0 |+0 |+2 |+2 | Four Leaf Clover
2 |+1 |+0 |+3 |+3 | Whoops..., Golden Rule
3 |+2 |+1 |+3 |+3 | Lucky Number
4 |+3 |+1 |+4 |+4 | Gambler's Delight
5 |+3 |+1 |+4 |+4 | Nine Lives?

Four Leaf Clover : Some gits claim to have found a lucky charm, or maybe that they were just feeling pretty good that day. Maybe it's karmic balance for past lives. Well, whatever it is, I wish I could have some.
Once per encounter the Lucky Git may reroll any of his own dice rolls. Cannot reroll a reroll.

Whoops... : There he was, picking the lock for us to get into the Baron's treasure vault, when snap!, his tools broke off in the door. He looked back at us all abashedly, and shrugged helplessly, and tried to tug the end out to try again with a new set. Instead with a clang the door opened wide. Bloody hell.
Once per day, and gaining an additonal one use at level 4, any roll of a natural 1 on a Skill Check becomes a 20 instead. The Git may decline to swap for a 20, but it uses this chance up anyway.

Golden Rule : One of the lads had had just about enough of Pete's luck, and decided to plain old jump him, and teach 'im a bit of a lesson about not being such a git. Unfortuantely, our intrepid lad didn't listen to our advice against it, and tried to club Pete while he slept in the Inn. Turns out Pete got the wrong room, and ended up swapping with the local sheriff. It just don't pay to try and get Petey.
The Git gains a +2 "Luck" modifier to all saves.

Lucky Number : Most of these lucky ones are born on certain days under certain stars, with certain prayers being said. That hogswallop aside, they probably had golden horseshoes turn up above the door.
A Git must roll (d20) for one of the numbers on the following chart, and gains that effect hereafter.

{table=head]# | Effect
1 | Most people see the number one as a solitary number, or a victory. This is probably true, but the Git's winning at games of chance has made him popular, and a bit of money on the side. The Git gains +5 to all social (Cha Based) skills.
2 | Two, second place, and couples. While the Git seems to never have troubles with the opposite gender, and his accidental charm woos them even more, a bit of extra dashing never hurt anyone. +2 Charisma.
3 | Good things come in threes, and when does he not get something good? Whenever a Git passes two skill checks in succession (not nessecarily at the same time, however), he automatically passes the next check.
4 | Another lucky number in some cultures. Not that it matters, he's always lucky. +1 to a stat of the Git's choice.
5 | Roll a five, stay alive. Nah, that's not really a saying, but with the Git around, it should be. The Git may make one reroll on any Save that he fails, once per day.
6 | Pick up sticks? Hardly. The Git's treasure sells for twice the standard selling price.
7 | Heaven blessed, the Git is even more of a Git. +1 to all saves, and +5 Knowledge (Religon)
8 | He's never late. Unless it's luckier to be late. +10' base land speed.
9 | Lime? Rhyme? Time? Hell with it. The Git recieves +4 on his initiative rolls.
10 | Dear gods, I hate lucky people, why did they make me write this? +2 Dexterity
11 | I mean, I'm not lucky, why do I have to talk about it? +2 Intelligence
12 | This seems like a job the git would've gotten out of. +5 Bluff, +1 Charisma
13 | An unlucky number, this has to be- ...No. NO. +1 to each stat, Git inherits a small house
14 | All this writing. Who's it for, anyway? +10 Forgery, Forgery becomes a Class Skill
15 | Fifteen. He can't be a lucky 15, can he? Gits cannot set off traps that they have noticed beforehand
16 | WHY? WHY CAN'T I BE LUCKY? +2 Strength
17 | I'm just going to give up writing these. +5 Use Magical Device Skill
18 | ... The Git gains Improved Critical, if he did not already have it, reroll otherwise
19 | Really? Just, really? The Git gains Blind-Fight if he did not already have it, reroll otherwise
20 | That's it, I'm off to hang myself. Reroll twice and pick between them.

Gambler's Delight : You ever see a man trip, and accidentally jam a knife into a footpad's eye, and at the same time, knocking the table over and protecting himself from the flailing sword? I have.
On a crit, the Crit multiplier of the weapon is increased by one (to a maximum of x4), and the Git gains +4 AC for the round.

Nine Lives : He should've been on fire with all that burning oil, while those goblins clung to him trying to stab at his face and chest, and when the building collapsed ontop of it all, then caught on fire as well, we thought our dear buddy was dead. The next day when the locals managed to finally clear the wreckage away to where Fred was standing, they found him, perfectly fine, with the logs supporting each other over his head, with a bottle of good wine along with two loaves of bread in hand, the goblins knocked out and thier gold in his pockets. That git.
If there is no enemy adjacent to the Git and/or able to Threaten him, he cannot bleed out past -8. He can also take a reroll on his reroll (if he used one) for a Save-or-Die effect, otherwise he can reroll the original roll.

This Is A Joke, for those who are wondering about that acronym. I would have included a PEACH, as well. But that should really be implied, shouldn't it?

2011-05-31, 03:33 PM
This class is pretty funny, I especially enjoyed all the descriptions in that d20 roll chart.

2011-05-31, 05:09 PM
I'm not sure mechanically, but in terms of flavor this is incredibly tasty.

-aside, I also really like the image you chose to represent the git. It reminds me of a certain independent game company: spiderweb software! (made exile1-3, nethergate, avernum and a bunch of others)

Misery Esquire
2011-05-31, 05:15 PM
-aside, I also really like the image you chose to represent the git. It reminds me of a certain independent game company: spiderweb software! (made exile1-3, nethergate, avernum and a bunch of others)

It happens to be the picture from Avernum for the Lucky trait. First off, they're pretty good games, and secondly, there's no other picture of this cartoon antic that I could find.


2011-05-31, 06:10 PM
...Luck of Heroes, Luck Feats, and Fortunes Friends PrC, this is cool and i actually wanted to play a luck based character recently, thanks for this :smallsmile:

2011-05-31, 08:52 PM
"Whoops!" activates on the first failed check of the day?

Lucky number 5 needs to specify "once per day" or some such, as it is, it happens ONCE PERIOD.

In #7 it should be "heaven". You have "heavan".

Misery Esquire
2011-05-31, 08:58 PM
"Whoops!" activates on the first failed check of the day?


Lucky number 5 needs to specify "once per day" or some such, as it is, it happens ONCE PERIOD.

In #7 it should be "heaven". You have "heavan".

...Er, yeah. Fixed those, thanks.