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Milo v3
2011-06-07, 06:55 AM
I have an idea for a prestige class for my Campaign Setting. Its called the BoneClaw Vindicator. Its an warrior who has sworn to defend the city and has the ability to manipulate his Bone and quickly heal.

The Classes weapon of choice would be a Boneblade which come out of the wrist. It would be able to fire "Bonebolts" and climb walls etc.

But I can't think of how the mechanics would work.

I''m thinking d12 HD because it would lose health each time it used its powers.
Also I was thinking of giving it Fast Healing.

But how would the other features work?

2011-06-07, 11:56 AM
I made something similar a couple of years ago for a egotist for a all psionics game. It started out as custom powers which allowed access to the prestige class that gave them a 'mindblade' of sorts formed of bone which functioned like a mindblade except drained life every time they produced a new blade or the one they used broke.

I suggest looking into psionics, its a good way to try the idea out in my opinion.

Milo v3
2011-06-07, 04:51 PM
I'm guessing you mean for my class to be based of Psionics. If so I don't have any of the books but will check the SRD for more info on them.

Cipher Stars
2011-06-08, 12:32 AM
*cough* Osteokinetic (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=201563) *cough*

I don't mean to advertise, but it could either help you or save a fair amount of time.

Milo v3
2011-06-08, 01:11 AM
Looks good. I might base a few powers off of it. I was planning on the BoneClaw Vindicator only using there own bone so I'll have to skip most.

2011-06-08, 10:18 AM
Not fluffwise, but you could try to tweak this (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Bonespur_%283.5e_Prestige_Class%29) if your going for something s bit more mundane.