View Full Version : Help with Ogrun from Iron Kingdoms

2006-07-11, 11:49 PM
So in the not so near future I will be running a Iron Kingdoms campaign. One of the races is something of a half ogre. It is called an ogrun. From errata and such I believe it is a LA 2 race, and from my understanding because it is a large, so it has +1 reach, and it also has been giving a +1 to AC. Which results in the 2 LA. If I drop the +1 to AC can I call it a +1 LA? Any familiar with IK I would really appreciate the help.

2008-04-10, 04:55 PM
I realize that I am indulging in necromancy with this oldish question but if it happens to help then it is worth it! Hopefully I am not overstating the obvious.

I am playing in an IK campaign right now and have pondered the races available therein at some length. The basic Ogrun as described in the Character Guide are given a +1 LA, so if that's the extent of your concern then you're fine. I looked for an errata reference that indicated otherwise and could not find one; if you happen to read this could you point me at it?

Light and laughter,