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2011-06-10, 01:19 AM
I am trying to introduce the flashy and powerful big brother to normal, western summoning into my players game and want some help to craft this. I am not just trying to make a few new spells, but a new sub-class of spells that has an effect independent of what it actually summons(summoning a dragon does not give you a dragon to throw around).

I am making this for a Pathfinder game.

Heres my thoughts so far.

-Every caster can use it for every spell level
-More powerful than the standard spell for that level
-One-time effect, summon dismissed at end of turn/passive effect for duration
-Maybe multiple effects, but weaker ones
-Will have a 'cost' to cast beyond the norm. Possibly it uses multiple spell slots, inflicts temporary negative levels upon the caster, imposes some restriction on those affected by the spell or has some other exotic effect. Better effects have worse costs.
-Each summon can be used with any spell level besides level 0, with the summon getting stronger as the caster's level goes up. "x" is caster level in individual spells.

I am not just looking for ways to balance these or input on specifics. Feel free to create your own spells with these stipulations and post them here.

I have three example spells. Just listing the basic parts.

Ghosts of the Great Brothers
Level x-Conjuration
Duration: 1 round/level
Summons the poltergeists of a great athlete and a great scholar, two brothers who then inhabit the body of up to two target creatures. One creature can house both ghosts, or they can be split between two creatures. They gain +x to Strength, Dexterity and Constitution if the ghost is that of the athlete, or +x to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma if the ghost is that of the scholar. They only have this bonus while being possessed. The original caster may direct one ghost into a new host as a standard action, or both as a full-round action

As an additional cost to the spell, the caster must pay two extra spell slots of the same level this was cast with when this spell is cast, or four spell slots of one level down. Casters who prepare spells give up prepared spells to cast this spell.

Shining Angel/Bellowing Devil
Level x-Conjuration
Summons an archangel/archdevil through which the caster funnels the last of her healing/harming energy to create a burst of Positive/Negative energy. It radiates energy in a 30 foot radius, healing/causing xd8 damage plus the remaining Channel Energy the caster has. If applied as Negative energy, this cannot kill a creature with massive damage.

As an additional cost, a cleric who casts this loses the ability to use channel energy for the rest of the day, as well as the ability to spontaneously cast Heal/Harm spells.

Wandering Dragon
Level x-Conjuration
Summons a grey dragon from the skies, who swoops down and fires its breath weapon in a wide arc, then uses its claw attack on one enemy. It flies away before anyone can react to it. The breath weapon may radiate from any point accessible by sky, and the claw attack must be somewhere forward of this position. There must be a way for the dragon to escape near this point.

This dragon is of age category x and has ability scores of 10 for every ability. The base size of the dragon is small. The caster can choose fire, cold, electricity, acid or sonic damage, as well as cone or line. The base damage for the breath weapon is 2d6, or 2d4 for sonic damage.

As an additional cost, the caster gives up some of his life energy to call the dragon forth and grow it to a certain size. She takes 1 negative level per age category of the dragon summoned.