View Full Version : Help with hipothectical Sorcerer-Kings domains.

2011-06-12, 01:34 AM
In a hipothectical situation in which the sorcerer-kings of dark sun are/were gods, what would there domains be for each? Any help is appriciated!

super dark33
2011-06-16, 07:37 AM
Dark sun? you didnt show any alligmant so this is waht i offer:

2011-06-17, 04:30 PM
He is referring to the D&D campaign setting Dark Sun, in which the world is controlled by an order of draconic Sorcerer-Kings, each who lead an isolated city-state.

Which Sorcerer-Kings are you interested in? All of them? Because obviously, some were killed off, like Wyan of Bodach.

2011-06-17, 06:26 PM
Thank you, arathnos. I would like ideas for Tectuktitly,
Abalch-re, Andropinas, Hamanamu, and Nibenay.

The idea behind this is for a sort of alternent universe sort of thing, as in my players tend to find themselfs within one of Sigils thousands of portals, and this alternent world is just one of the many ideas for there trip there.

2011-06-22, 12:12 AM
Well Tectuktitlay is all about Psionics. He has the Academy and all, so for him stick to that root. Something like Mind or Mentalism are both obvious choices, and then from there, throw in a few generic ones to add some flavor.

A few things worth noting:

Tectuktitlay claimed to be a god in canon Dark Sun, and made his followers and the people of Draj worship him, so that is some good flavor to work with.

He calls his Templars "Moon Priests", so perhaps the Moon domain?