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2011-06-13, 10:38 AM
A Splinter creature is comprised of two creatures. They are always found together, unless one has died. A Splinter is formed when two contradictory mind-affecting psionic affects occur on a creature within one round of each other (relative to the creature’s action). For example, a creature targeted by two Psionic Dominate effects, one of which orders the target to sit down, and the other saying to stand up, both before the creature can react to the other order, would create a Splinter.

The two parts of a Splinter are the Body and the Mind, which are split apart by the conflicting signals the Mind was forced to send to the Body.

A Splinter cannot be raised from the dead unless both parts have died. Spells that require a material portion of the creatures body only need part of the Body portion. This will also remove the Splinter template, merging the creatures back together.

This template can only be applied to corporeal creatures with an Intelligence score > 2.

Splinter (Body):
The Body’s type changes to Undead [Augmented X][Psionic], where X is the original type.

The Body gets a -4 to Cha, a +2 to Str and Con, and its Int becomes a nonability.

Hit Dice:
It's Hit Dice all change to Undead RHD. It therefore loses all class-level based abilities.
Whenever the Mind gains a level, the Body gains 1 Undead hit die, unless of course it is destroyed.

Psionic Dependency:
If the Mind is not on the same plane as the Body, the Body is affected by Psionic Dependency. A creature with Psionic Dependency is Staggered unless it is within 5 ft./HD of a creature with unspent PP. If it is within that range, it is not Staggered. However, it must obey the orders of said creature. These orders are delivered mentally, and no common language is required, but they must be simple. If there is more than one such creature within range, it obeys the one with more PP, if they have the same amount, it obeys the higher ML, and if that is the same, the nearest. Decide randomly if they are equal in all those ways.

Splinter (Mind):
The Mind’s type changes to Aberration [Augmented X][Psionic], where X is the original type.


The Mind is Small sized, about a foot in diameter.
The Mind is shaped like a translucent blob, roughly spherical, which floats at about 5' off the ground. Treat this as a land speed which is not hampered by difficult terrain, or any other ground-based effect, that does not extend to the 5' off the ground.
It keeps any speeds the original creature had that do not depend on limbs. For example, if it is the Mind of a bird, it would not keep a Fly speed, since a bird flies with wings, but if it was the mind of a Will-o-Wisp, it would keep the fly speed, since it uses innate power, not physical limbs, to fly.

Telekinetic Limbs:
The Mind has a minor telekinetic effect surrounding it at all times, except in situations where Psionics do not function. This field allows it to move and manipulate objects as though it had the same limbs it had before becoming a Splinter, even though it is smaller.

The Mind gets a -2 to Con, and a +2 to Int.

Naturally Psionic:
The Mind gains a PP pool of 2, or increases its existing pool by 2. This cannot be used to manifest powers unless it gains that ability through another method.

Psi-like Abilities:
The Mind can expend 1 PP to produce one of the following effects as a Psi-like Ability:

Manipulate the emotions of a target within 10 feet.
Manifest an unaugmented Psionic Charm on a target within 10 feet.
Manifest an unaugmented Sympathy on a target within 10 feet.
Manifest an unaugmented Antipathy on a target within 10 feet.
Manifest an unaugmented Mass Missive, with the normal range. Treat its HD as its manifester level for the purpose of this power.

The Mind gains sustenance by resting in and absorbing liquid for one minute. It will absorb enough in this way to sustain it for 24 hours. This is about 1/4 of the volume of the Mind. This liquid must have some sort of organic material dissolved in it, or otherwise be organic. For example, it can gain sustenance from a barrel of wine, or from a dish of sugar water. If the liquid is, or contains, an ingestion poison, the Mind is poisoned as normal.

The Link:
The Mind must be linked to a creature, which must be sentient, with the exception of the Body. A creature which is normally sentient, but was made temporarily non-sentient by ability score reduction, still counts as sentient for this purpose. If the creature linked to the Mind is ever killed, or on a different plane than the Mind, the Mind must link with another creature within 1 round/HD or dies and dissipates. Linking takes a standard and a move action. The Mind cannot be linked with more than one creature at a time. The Body is automatically linked with the Mind as long as both are alive and on the same plane. If the Mind links to a creature, the link is broken by planar travel of some kind, and the Mind makes a link with a new creature, the return of the previous creature to the same plane cancels the new link and reforms the old. The cancelled link is not reformed if the old one breaks again.

Effects of being Linked:

A permanent Mindlink effect between the Mind and the linked creature. When the linked creature is the Body, this effectively means that the Mind can give orders to the Body no matter where each is.
The Mind can give PP to the linked creature, and vice versa, as long as both have a PP pool.
If the Mind any maneuvers readied (Tome of Battle), it can transfer them to the linked creature, who can use then use them once in that encounter as though it was their own, as long as they would be capable of using it.
The Mind cannot go farther than 10 ft./HD from the linked creature. If the linked creature moves outside this range, the Mind is "pulled" along at the edge of the range, drifting behind. This does not include plane-shifting effects, but does include teleportation effects.

Well? What do you think?
I think this might be interesting as an encounter, involving the Body being killed and then the Mind linking to a PC. Or as the Mind being killed, and then the Body following the party Psion around, while nobody has a clue why this zombie-thing is following them and not attacking.

Since it is a template that is non-voluntary, it could be interesting to have it applied to the party Swordsage or something. The possibility of it happening to a melee character is why I gave the maneuver-sharing.

The title saying template/race is because the template makes very serious modifications to the base creature, so it is close to being a race.

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Clarified some things, added a diet for the Mind, and added section labels to make it easier to find specific things. Come on, I put a lot of effort into this, will someone PLEASE comment?!