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2011-06-13, 06:44 PM
Well, I am running an SR4 campaign and our groups resident Matrix user has left town and we do not have anybody that is even remotely trained for Hacking, so I chose to exploit this weakness all hardcore like. I whipped up a nasty Ork Technomancer named Joval. He uses some vicious Sprites inspired by famous LOTR Orks, and he has some nasty drones waiting for us. I love the character concept, and I have the opening scenario for us but not much after that.

EDIT: Basically a Johnson hires us to find some way, by force or by tact, to work with a group of the Skraacha that are settling up turf in the Dallas Pedestrian Network (EDIT: to prevent them from settling in the DPN). They are doing this as a means to seize the territory to establish a new Ork underground. Joval is more or less the person coordinating the settling.

I am not sure whether I want to make this into a large campaign or if it is a quick eviction and Joval becomes a pain in our sides for years to come.

Any suggestions?