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2011-06-14, 02:53 PM
Had an idea for a handy item for adventurers, its a necklace that will cast stabilize on you when you hit negative hit points. I think a single-use item of this kind makes sense in a world of adventurers that know death is around the corner. But, I'm having trouble costing it. It is similar to a Potion of Stabilize, but its automatic nature goes beyond that. Would it be priced as a charged command word item? Any thoughts appreciated!

Life Locket
A necklace that can save your life. When the wearer falls to negative hit points, the locket activates and casts stabilize (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/s/stabilize) on the wearer. After it has been used, the locket becomes nonmagical.
Aura faint conjuration
Slot: neck
Price: ?
Construction Requirements: CL 1st, Craft Wondrous Item, stabilize.

2011-06-14, 02:56 PM
As a one-off magical item, I'd say 50-100 gp is fair.