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The Runetheurge

Many ages ago the Ancient Dwarven gods, the Mordinsamman, granted the gift of Rune Magic to the Dwarves. This magic was given only to the most devout of heart and strong of will. Used to defend and fortify the fortresses and strongholds, the magical runes carved into rock heralded ponderous defenses, halting many enemies before breaching the first ring of defense, causing them to flee in the face of such power! Those were the days lad! However, a new paragon had stepped into power, Torag. Soon the power of the Mordinsamman began to wane, as Torag became the new figure of Dwarven power, offering new and powerful magics. One god to rule the Soulforge. Dwarves far and wide flocked to Torag's banner and elevated him into power as deity. No sooner did the power of the Mordinsamman fail, so too did the power of the Runetheurges, the dwarves were left defenseless, save for their steel, mail and what magics Torag could muster. Imagine your enemies finding your most potent defenses weakened. Oh, they had they're way with the Dwarves at times. Many were lost during the Schism. It's been nigh four millenia since anyone with the Rune-gift has been born.

- Morsun Valduun
- Skald of Skarrenruf Maraz
Autumn, 6334th Solar Cycle, 245th Orbit

HistoryIn our world the Runetheurges have been missing for several millenia. Only remnants of their history remain, scribed on masonry and stone tablets, long defaced by those in power fearing usurpation. The Runetheurges possessed great power, but with great power came great responsibility. They protected Dwarven settlements and cities with powerful magics, provided cures for ailments, they cast the runes to divine what the future held providing portents of woe or weal. When Torag gained in power, his clerics branded the Runetheurges heretics...anathema. Their power was a threat to his machinations. And so began the Dwarven Schism. The Runetheurges were systematically destroyed, their Runes dispelled and their family histories expunged. Whole lineages were wiped clean. Those that escaped, went into exile to live out their days. Those that remained hid their secrets and carried on a life of discretion and fallacy, secretly praying to their ancient gods. Some clans went to extreme measures to prevent their gifts and preserve their lines.

Runetheurges harness the power of the written word in the form of Rune Magic. It is said a single word or phrase can destroy men. In this case it is quite true. A Runetheurge would typically defend settlements and cities, while tending to his follower's needs. It would not be uncommon to find a Runetheurge adventuring, spreading the word of his gods(s), exacting punishment upon the wicked, using his magics to ward off evil and heal those in need.

How to Become a Runetheurge
Really it doesn't matter how you choose to become one. Obviously my dwarven history doesn't reflect yours, so you can write it in as you see fit. It can simply be an alternate course of study.

The Runetheurge
Hit Dice: D8

Skills: Spellcraft 5 Ranks, Craft: Rune 5 Ranks
Feats: Inscribe Rune
Spells: Able to cast 3rd Level Divine Spells

Class Skills

Appraise (Int), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (Arcana)(Int), Knowledge (History)(Int), Knowledge (Nobility)(Int), Knowledge (Planes)(Int), Knowledge (Religion)(Int), Linguistics (Int), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int)
Skill Points at each level: 2 + Int Mod

Weapon/Armor Proficiencies: None
Spells Per Day: A Runetheurge advances in spells as if he had gained another level in a previous divine spellcasting class. Runetheurge stacks with all other spell casting levels for purposes of determining caster level.

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

+2|Runic Casting, Runecraft Specialization|+1 existing divine

+3|Runic Metamagic I, Augury 2/Day|+1 existing divine

+4|Improved Runescribe|+1 existing divine

+4|Suppress Rune|+1 existing divine

+5|Runephrase(2), Augury 3/Day|+1 existing divine

+5|Runic Metamagic II|+1 existing divine

+6|Advanced Runescribe|+1 existing divine

+6|Dismiss Rune|+1 existing divine

+6|Runephrase(3)|+1 existing divine

+7|Master Runescribe, Runic Metamagic III|+1 existing divine[/table]

Runic Casting (Ex): Gain the benefit of the Runesmith Feat (Races of Faerun p168). Craft Runes that take the place of material components for spells. Cost 1gp each and have a Craft DC of 15. Unlike material components, runes don't disappear effectively becoming a focus. Runespells are more difficult to counter. Other spell casters who observe you suffer -4 penalty to Spellcraft checks to determine which spell you are casting, unless they also have the Runesmith feat. Spells with costly material components are unaffected by this feat.

Runecrafting Specialization (Ex): Gain Benefit of Skill Focus(Craft:Rune) Feat. Gain a +3 Bonus to Craft:Rune. At 10 ranks in Craft: Rune the bonus becomes +6.

Runic Metamagic(Ex): As a Runetheurge learns more about runes, he begins to grasp the knowledge of slightly altering his/her runes to produce metamagic effects. Not only can the Runetheurge attach metamagic effects to runes and runephrases but he also increases the efficiency at which he does so, reducing the spell level cost of the Metamagic effect. Starting a 2st level any metamagic effect cost attached to a runed spell or runephrase is reduced by 1. This reduction becomes 2 @ 6th and 3 @ 10th. If multiple spells in a Runephrase are modified by metamagic feats, this reduction is applied individually and each application counts against your total reduction. No spell may be reduced to a spell level below that of the original spell level.

Augury X/Day (Sp): The Runetheurge may use Augury as a Spell-like Ability two times per day at 2nd level and three times per day at 5th level.

Improved Runescribe (Ex): At 3rd Level the Runetheurge learns how to alter his/her crafted runes according to Table 1-2. Additionally his Runes are harder to dispel gaining +1 to DC's vs Dispel.

Table 1-2
{table=head]Number of Uses/Trigger|Base Price|Level
One|~SL x ~CL x 50gp|
When Touched|Base Cost|
Improved Runescribe|Add +1 to DC's vs Dispel|
Charges|~SL x ~CL x Charges x 50gp|
When Read/Passed|Base Cost x2|
Runephrase - (2 Spell)|(SL+SL/2) x (CL+CL/2) = ~SL x ~CL|
Advanced Runescribe|Add +3 to DC's vs Dispel|
Charges/Day|~SL x ~CL x Charges x 400gp|
Permanent| ~SL x ~CL x 2000gp|
Runephrase - (3 Spell)|(SL+SL+SL/3) x (CL+CL+CL/3) = ~SL x ~CL|
Master Runescribe|Add +5 to DCs vs Dispel|
Conditional Trigger|Base Cost x3|

Suppress Rune (Su): At 4th Level, a Runetheurge develops suppressive power over written magic. As a standard action, a Runetheurge may make a Craft Rune check vs. the DC of the spell to temporarily suppress any magic that is either a symbol, written, glyphed, or runed. The Runetheurge must be within 5 ft of the magic and must concentrate on suppressing the magic, making a a craft check every round he/she intends to Suppress the magic. The Runetheurge may not take 10 or 20 on this check. The Runetheurge may use this 3 times per day. The use counts until the Runetheurge ends concentration.

Rune-phrases(Sp): The Runetheurge learns how to combine multiple spell effects into a single Rune-phrase. The Runetheurge may combine 2 spells at 4th and 3 spells at 8th into a single Rune-phrase. The combined average spell level of the Primary, Secondary or Tertiary spells may not exceed 2 at 5th Level and 5 at 9th Level. The Runephrase is treated as a single Rune and as such consumes a single rune location when scribed. DC's for Crafting a Runephrase are 20 + Primary Spell Level + Secondary Spell Level + Tertiary Spell Level. Example: A Rune-phrase II consisting of a 5th and 2rd level spell would be crafted at DC 27.

Each Spell within the Rune-phrase must be cast at the minimum caster level for casting the spell up to a maximum of the casters level, effects of the spells are resolved at the given Caster Level for each spell. For purposes of determining duration, the Rune-Phrase adopts the lowest duration entry of all the spells included. Example: If one spell's duration entry is 1 round/level. The entire Rune-phrase effects last for 1 round/caster level. As an amalgam of spell energy and as a crafted item, a Runephrase AND/OR it's included spells may be affected by metamagic. Metamagic effects may be applied to individual spells at the normal cost, this will affect the average Spell Level of the Runephrase. The only exception to this rule is Extend Spell, as the duration on the Runephrase is fixed by the lowest duration spell, Extend Spell may be applied to the entire Runephrase adjusting the average spell level accordingly.

Advanced Runescribe (Ex): At 7th Level the Runetheurge further masters his craft of Runes by learning additional methods of triggering and how to make the magic last. Additionally, his/her runes become harder yet to dispel gaining +3 to DC vs Dispels. Table 1-2 shows this.

Dismiss Rune (Su): At 8th level the Runetheurge gains absolute mastery of written magic, so much so that he can Dismiss it on his command. As a standard action, 2 times per day, the a Runetheurge may use Dispel Magic as a Spell-like Ability with a caster level equal his character level on Runes/Symbols/Sigils/Magical Writings.

Divination X/Day (Sp): The Runetheurge may use Divination as a Spell-like Ability one time per day at 9th level.

Master Runescribe (Ex): At 10th Level the Runetheurge realizes the fruits of the labor and learns how to employ Conditional Triggers on his/her Runes. The trigger may be anything, triggers are usually events that happen to an individual, possibly including death, exposure to poisons, exposure to dangerous environments, contracting disease. Additionally, his Runes are the most difficult erase gaining a +5 vs DC's to Dispel.

Playing a RunetheurgePlaying a Runetheurge is all about prep work. Going the distance to make sure you and your party are prepared for many situations. It's about group synergy and making sure your party has the fastest, most potent buffs up at the beginning of combat. Using Revised Extend Spell and Runic Metamagic to extend potent buff spells is a valid option. Utilizing Runephrases to expedite mid combat rebuffing if necessary. Eventually getting Conditional Runes allows you to effect Contingency like spells giving you more defenses. OF COURSE you COULD make a Cleric-zilla out of him quite easily. My GM is allowing DMM Metamagic using Channel Energy instead of Turn Undead, so it's quite possible, but the reduced number of attempts per Extra Channel feat, makes it quite difficult. My intent is to provide my party members with the best buffs I can provide as quickly as I can and for as long as I can. The flavor is fun too!

AdvancementHonestly Pathfinder isn't really about the PrCs. There are a few, but honestly more cleric is never a bad thing. A few metamagic feats would be nice. Using Maximize Spell and Twin Spell on Runes could give some punch for Cure Spells. Twined Heal Spells for later. Stack up on Extra Channels until you can Extend Spells in a pinch. Pretty much a Divine Metamagic Gish.

Resources used: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Players Guide to Faerun, Pathfinder PHB, Complete Arcane, Complete Divine

I'm not going to go into all the fluff for NPC's and the Sample Encounter since it's not a competition build. Down below is a rebuild of Extend Spell taken from the mouth of Seerow. Thanks again. This is my first PrC 'Homebrew' posted. I hope the wording in the Rune-phrase heading isn't too confusing, I did the best I could to make it concise. Tried to keep things in balance as best I could. The original class had some things I wanted to carry over but be more versatile, like the Maximize Rune feature. I wanted to be able to apply that as several feats and not just one. I was unsure whether to go with a full casting progression or to go with a 7/10 casting progression due to the class features. Any feedback will be helpful and thanks again for viewing! Sorry I don't have a pretty picture. :smalleek:

Metamagic Feat
{Revised}Extend Spell[Metamagic] (Thanks Seerow for this Idea!)
Prerequisites: None
Benefits: An Extended Spells Duration is increased one category: 1 Round > 1 Round/Level > 1 Min/Level > 10 Min/Level > 1 Hour/Level > 24 hours. A Spell Duration of Concentration, Instantaneous or Permanent is not affected by this feat. An Extended Spell uses up a spell slot 1 level higher that normal.
Normal: Spell Duration as Normal
Special: Extend Spell may be applied to a spell more than once. Applying it a second time and any number of subsequent applications increases the spell's slot usage by 2 levels per application.


2011-06-15, 04:12 PM
The concept in nice, but the class itself is horribly overpowered (unless i midunderstood some abilities).

Reducing the metamagic cost of spell is one of the strongest (if not THE strongest) trick a full caster can get (PRCs with this ability in 3.5 are considered very strong even if they have taxing entry requirements), reducing it by 3 levels is just wrong.

Ignoring non-costly material component is ok, ignoring costly ones is not, expecially in pathfinder where XP component is replaced by cosly material components.

Now, onto the pricing of your runes:
Single use: Can be compared to a scroll, why it does cost 1/25 of it?
Charges: Can be compared to a wand, why it does cost more than 3x of it?
Charges/day: Seems ok
Permanent: Cost should increase for short duration spell as for the 3.5/PF creation rules

Rune-phrases break the action economy. You should be VERY careful when doing it. Casting one level 7 and 2 level 6 spells in a single action should be material for epic levels.

2011-06-15, 07:45 PM
The costs of the baseline Runes save for the Runephrases and the Conditional Trigger, are directly a pull from the Runecaster PrC, I didn't make up the costs except for the Phrases and Conditional. The effects in that table, are in regards to the rune, and does not affect the spell. The Rune becomes Permanent, can be used any number of times per day. The Spell itself does not become permanent.

The Wording on Runic Casting is verbatim from the Runesmith Feat. If a spell requires a costly component it is still required to cast the spell.

Runic Metamagic - The original class effectively granted a Metamagic feat for free treating all Runes as Maximized. I figured my created ability was broken, but I'd like to see another way to include an MM feat for free or reduced cost. Maximize spell uses up a slot 3 levels higher, so I factored that in with this ability but usable on any MM feat.

Rune-phrases - I agree they are slightly broken and that's why I posted this up to PEACH this. I'd like to see this go. Maybe reduce the spell levels allowed.

2011-06-16, 07:36 AM
Anyone else care to evaluate this? Any suggestions would be alright. I'll tone down the average spell level of Rune-phrase to 2 and 5 respectively, but I can't make the change until after I get back from work. Any suggestions on wording or possibly changing the syntax or the formula to determine spell casting level of the Rune-phrase?


2011-06-17, 12:03 AM
Since people are viewing and no one seems interested in helping I'm just gonna start throwing more ideas out, so it seems like I'm talking to myself.

What would help balance the Rune-phrases?

1) Making it a full round action concentrating on an individual Rune-phrase completing it and triggering the spells contained with in?

2) Make each individual spell require activation thus making the Runephrase...just a way to carry multiple spells in a single Rune on an item?

What would be a good substitute for the 'Maximized Rune' effect since Runic Metamagic appears overpowered?