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2011-06-18, 02:09 PM
I think the thrall herd is a really cool concept mechanically however this PrC basically requires you to be evil. Unlike leadership you are brain washing innocents to be your red shirt army. A way to avoid this is by replacing the source of you mooks to temporary magical clones of yourself like Naruto does. I would add a BAB prereq and raise the BAB on this class to medium.

As this is clearly not a telepathic class, what class features would you replace with the powers the thrall herd normally gains?

2011-06-18, 10:51 PM
Look at the spell Body Outside of Body from Complete Arcane if you can.

Also... just a sec... AH! Here we are:
That might be a good start, although that is more the decoy jitsu with the log than a clone jitsu equivalent.