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"From whence you came you shall remain,
Until you are complete again!"

Quick overview in the form of a quote:
"Kill a few devils, slay a demon prince. Hell hath no furry ya know? Now when I'm around at least. Music is a universal language, its always been around. Even as the gods created this plane they were humming the sweet tunes of creation." ~anonymous.

Steelsingers adventure for many things, for one they love challenge and actively seek it. Many Steelsinger's goal is to die in a ring of flame staring down the enemy that would be the one to be they're match.

Steelsingers are capable of a variety of Sealing/Breaking, Defensive, and Offensive magic used through the power of they're charismatic voice and amplified through they're choice instrument of glory.

Steelsingers don't really worship, but metaphorically worship "The Gods of Rock".

Not everyone can become a Steelsinger. Steelsingers are born with it, a deep connection to the music, an eye for it and a talent with one or many instruments. From a very young age they always find themselves zoning out with some new beat they just thought of, they see the world in a fine audio display, the clapping of horses hooves, the roll of a cart, even the sliding of a chair. Everything seems to be raw music to them. This deep connection to the "Tunes" they call it is what enables them to access they're power.

Other Classes:
Steelsingers get along splendidly with most bards and variations there of.. or not so much and spark rivalries. They don't like the lawful much, and often clash with paladins in who gets to solo the next devil.

Steelsingers can encircle a chosen foe with the sacred power of the Rock-off, singling them out for a solo death match. So they may be called Controllers. But they also use they're music to seal demons and devils away, or to call forth blitzing flame and crackling lightning or other various energies.


Steelsinger's have the following game statistics.
Charisma all the way, they're power relies on a powerful force of personality to juice as much power from they're awesome tunes as possible. Next would be dexterity, to keep those fingers flying down the strings, or strength to keep the drums sounding. Next would be Appearance if possible, everyone pays more attention to the lookers.
Any non lawful.
Hit Die:
Starting Age:
As rogue.
Starting Gold:
4d8x10 gp

Class Skills
The Steelsingers's class skills are...
Appraise, Balance, Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge (local, Planes), Listen, Move Silently, Perform (Sing, Dance, ect), Profession (any), Play Instrument, Search, Sense Motive, Slight of Hand, Spot, and Tumble

Skill Points at First Level:
(6 + Int modifier) x 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level:
6 + Int modifier

{table=head]{colsp=6}The Steelsinger |{colsp=4}Tunes Known
Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Least|Lesser|Greater|Greatest

+2|Challenge| 2 | - | - | -

+3| Perfect | 2 | - | - | -

+3| | 2 | - | - | -

+4|Challenge| 2 | - | - | -

+4| Presence | 3 | 1 | - | -

+5| | 3 | 1 | - | -

+5| | 4 | 2 | - | -

+6| Challenge | 4 | 2 | - | -

+6| | 5 | 3 | - | -

+7| Perfect Pitch| 5 | 3 | 1 | -

+7| | 6 | 4 | 1 | -

+8| Challenge| 6 | 4 | 2 | -

+8| | 7 | 5 | 2 | -

+9| | 7 | 5 | 3 | -

+9| Presence | 8 | 6 | 3 | 1

+10|Challenge| 8 | 6 | 4 | 1

+10| | 9 | 7 | 4 | 2

+11| | 9 | 7 | 5 | 2

+11|Perfect Pitch| 10 | 8 | 5 | 3

+12|Challenge| 10 | 8 | 6 | 3

Class Features
All of the following are class features of the Steelsinger.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies:
Steelsingers are proficient with light armor. and with Simple weapons, and with a special Instrument of choice.

Tunes (Sp):
Tunes work exactly like Invocations, however they do not require Somatic Components. Instead, every Tune has a Verbal component. This verbal component is not set in stone, rather, its the Steelsingers voice itself that activates the magic. a Steelsinger could walk up to you saying "Hey there, You, me, tonight?" suddenly under the effects of Eagles Splendor. This verbal component can even be Humming a rock'n tune to Freedom of Movement or the like.
They're tunes are drawn from the Bard's spell list, if they wish, or from the following list of Invocations using Charisma for the Steelsingers primary casting stat.

Thanks to Dragoon Wraith for the invocation list.
1 Originally printed as a Warlock Invocation in Complete Arcane.
2 Originally printed as a Warlock Invocation in Complete Mage.
3 Originally printed as a Warlock Invocation in Dragon Magic.
4 Originally printed as a Dragonfire Adept Invocation in Dragon Magic.
N New Invocation described below.
Least Invocations
All-Seeing Eyes2 - As Comprehend Languages on written material, plus bonus on Search and Spot checks.
Aquatic Adaptation4 - Breathe underwater; gain swim speed.
Arcane Knowledge4 (as Draconic Knowledge) - Gain bonus on Knowledge and Spellcraft checks.
Baleful Utterance1 - Speak a word and shatter objects as the Shatter spell.
Beguiling Influence1, 4 - Gain bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.
Body AugmentationN - Use Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, or Cat's Grace, as the spells.
Breath of the Night1, 4 - Create a fog cloud as the spell.
Call of the Beast2 - Speak with animals and influence their behavior.
Darkness1, 4 - Use Darkness as the spell.
Deafening Blast4 (as Deafening Roar) - Cone of sound deafens creatures.
Earthen Grasp1 - Use Earthen Grasp as the spell.
Ebon Eyes1 (as Devil's Sight) - See normally in darkness and magical darkness.
Elemental AnimationN - Use Animate Fire, Animate Water, or Animate Wood, as the spells.
Endure Exposure4 - Use Endure Elements as the spell; target gains immunity to your Invocations that deal damage of one energy type.
Entropic Warding1 - Deflect incoming ranged attacks, leave no trail, and prevent being tracked by scent.
Leaps and Bounds1 - Gain bonus on Balance, Jump, and Tumble checks.
Local TremorN - Use Local Tremor, as the spell.
LorecallN - Use Balancing Lorecall or Listening Lorecall, as the spells.
Magic CoatingN - Use Grease or Sticky Floor, as the spells.
Magic Insight4 - Detect magical auras; identify magic items.
Make Your Own Luck1 (as Dark One's Own Luck) - Gain a luck bonus on one type of saves.
Miasmic Cloud1 - Create a cloud of mist that grants concealment and fatigues those who enter.
Mind AugmentationN - Use Eagle's Splendor, Fox's Cunning, or Owl's Wisdom, as the spell.
Mystic MissileN - Use Magic Missile, as the spell, and be able to launch a single missile as an Immediate Action.
OmenN - Use Omen of Peril, as the spell, but without the need for a Focus.
Scalding Dust4 - Use Gust of Wind as the spell; creatures in area take Fire damage equal to your caster level.
Scorn EarthN - Glide above solid surfaces; become immune to caltrops, Grease, and other ground-based dangers, and fall slowly as Feather Fall.
See the Unseen1, 4 - Gain See Invisibility, as the spell, and darkvision.
Spiderwalk1 - Gain Spider Climb as the spell and you are immune to webs.
Summon Swarm1 - Use Summon Swarm, as the spell.
StormcloudN - Use Thunderhead, as the spell.
TranspositionN - Use Baleful Transposition, as the spell.
Wintry EmbraceN - Use Creeping Cold, as the spell, but without the need for a Focus.
Words of Power, LeastN - Use Power Word: Fatigue, Power Word: Pain, or Power Word: Sicken, as the spells.
Lesser Invocations
Charm1, 4 - Cause a single creature to regard you as a friend.
Curse1 (as Curse of Despair) - Curse one creature as the Bestow Curse spell, or hinder their attacks.
The Dead Walk1 - Create undead as the Animate Dead spell.
DefenestrationN - Use Defenestrating Sphere, as the spell.
Dread Seizure3 - Halve a target's movement, and give it a -5 penalty on attacks against those more than 5 ft. away.
Elemental OrbN - Use Orb of Acid, Orb of Cold, Orb of Electricity, Orb of Fire or Orb of Sound, as the spells.
Energy Resistance4 - Gain resistance 10 to acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage.
Enthralling Voice4 - Make nearby creatures fascinated.
Flight4 (as Draconic Flight) - Sprout wings and fly at good maneuverability; fly longer overland.
Falling DreamN - Use Illusory Pit, as the spell.
Flee the Scene1 - Use short-range Dimension Door as the spell, and leave behind a major image.
Frightful Presence4 - Make nearby creatures shaken.
Harkon's BladeN - Use Sword of Deception, as the spell.
Humanoid Shape4 - Take the form of any humanoid creature.
Hungry Darkness1 - Create shadows filled with a swarm of bats.
Ignore the Pyre3 - Gain resistance equal to your Caster Level to Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, or Sonic damage.
Make WayN - Use Forcewave, as the spell.
Relentless Dispelling2 - A targeted Dispel Magic, with additional targeted Dispel Magic the next turn.
Stony Grasp1 - Use Stony Grasp as the spell.
Voidsense1, 4 - Gain blindsense 30 feet.
Voracious Dispelling1, 4 - Use Dispel Magic as the spell, causing damage to creatures whose effects are dispelled.
Walk Unseen1, 4 - Use Invisibility (self only) as the spell.
Wall of Gloom1 - Use Wall of Gloom as the spell.
Witchwood Step2 - Walk on water and move through some obstacles unimpeded.
Weighty Utterance3 - Flying target falls 5 ft. per Caster Level; takes falling damage if it hits a surface.
Greater Invocations
Arcane Hide1 (as Draconic Toughness) - Gain temporary hit points equal to your caster level.
Aura of Flame1 - Aura deals Fire damage to creatures that strike you.
Baleful Geas1 - A single creature becomes your servant, but slowly sickens and dies.
CallingN - Use Sending as the spell.
Caustic Mire2 - Acidic sludge slows progress, deals damage.
Chilling Fog1 - Create Solid Fog that deals Cold damage.
Chilling Tentacles4 - Use Black Tentacles as the spell, and deal extra Cold damage to creatures in the area.
Devour Magic4 - Use targeted Greater Dispel Magic with a touch and gain temporary hit points based on the level of spells successfully dispelled.
Dragon Ward3 - Gain resistance to the attacks and special abilities of dragons.
Enervating Shadow4 - Gain total concealment in dark areas and impose a Strength penalty on adjacent living creatures.
FissureN - Create a temporary Wall of Stone, stagger and push aside those who are in its way.
GlaciationN - Freeze target so they cannot move.
Nightmares Made Real2 - Create illusory terrain that damages foes and allows you to hide.
Painful Slumber of Ages2 - Creature falls asleep, takes damage when awakened.
Pulse of Terror1 (as Terrifying Roar) - Use Fear as the spell; creatures shaken by the effect cannot attack you.
Tenacious Plague4 - Use Insect Plague as the spell, but the summoned locust swarm deals damage as a magic weapon.
Voodoo DollN - Immobile construct shares damage with target on death, has no defenses.
Wall of Perilous Flame4 - Create a Wall of Fire as the spell, but half the damage from the wall results from supernatural power.
Windstorm1 (as Wingstorm) - Create powerful gusts of wind.
Words of Power, GreaterN - Use Power Word: Disable, Power Word: Distract, or Power Word: Nauseate, as the spells.
Greatest Invocations
Brewing StormN - Allies within cloud gain 1 AC per round, enemies within cloud lose 1 AC per round.
Discorporation4 (as Dark Discorporation) - Gain many benefits of the Swarm subtype.
Energy Immunity1 - Gain or grant immunity to Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, or Sonic damage.
Flight, Greater4 (as Greater Draconic Flight) - Fly at perfect maneuverability; gain overland speed.
Impenetrable Barrier3 - Use Wall of Force, as the spell, but it is perfectly black and blocks line of sight.
Instill Vulnerability1 - Remove resistances and immunities.
Polyscient1 (as Dark Foresight) - Use Foresight as the spell, and communicate telepathically with a close target of the effect.
Master of PhysicsN - Use Telekinetic Sphere, as the spell.
MeteoN - Use Meteor Swarm, as the spell.
Path of Shadow1 - Use Shadow Walk as the spell and speed up natural healing.
Perilous Veil1 - Use Veil as the spell; anyone succeeding on the Will save to negate the illusion takes damage.
Retributive Invisibility1 - Use Greater Invisibility as the spell (self only) that deals damage in a burst if dispelled.
Spellcaster's BaneN - You may attempt to counterspell an opponent as an Immediate Action, as if casting Greater Dispel Magic.
Steal Summoning2 - Take control of another caster's summoned monster.
Word of Changing1 - Use Baleful Polymorph as the spell, but the effect could become permanent.
Words of Power, GreatestN - Use Power Word: Kill, Power Word: Petrify, or Power Word: Stun, as the spells.
Void MagicN - Use Antimagic Field at range, but only as long as you concentrate.

New Least Invocations
(Ignore all invocations that are not listed above, just use as a reference if you want an invocation marked with "N")
Body Augmentation
Least; 2nd
AAAAYou can use Bear's EndurancePHB, Bull's StrengthPHB, and Cat's GracePHB, as the spells. Only one may be active at a time; using another, even on a different target, causes the previous effect to be removed. Lasts for 24 hours, during which you can switch active enhancement.

Elemental Animation
Least; 2nd
AAAAYou can use Animate FireSC, Animate WaterSC, and Animate WoodSC, as the spells.

Local Tremor
Least; 2nd
AAAAYou can use Local TremorRotD, as the spell.

Least; 1st
AAAAYou can use Balancing LorecallSC, and Listening LorecallSC, as the spells. Only one of these may be active on your person at a time; using it again replaces any previous uses. Lasts 24 hours.

Magic Coating
Least; 1st
AAAAYou can use GreasePHB and Sticky FloorRotD, as the spells.

Mind Augmentation
Least; 2nd
AAAAYou can use Eagle's SplendorPHB, Fox's CunningPHB, and Owl's WisdomPHB, as the spells. Only one may be active at a time; using another, even on a different target, causes the previous effect to be removed. Lasts for 24 hours, during which you can switch active enhancement.

Mystic Missile
Least; 1st
AAAAYou can use Magic MissilePHB, as the spell. Additionally, you may fire a single missile, as from the spell, as an Immediate Action.

Least; 2nd
AAAAYou can use Omen of PerilSC, as the spell, but you do not require any Focus with the invocation.

Scorn Earth
Least; 2nd
AAAAYou can float a foot above the ground. Instead of walking, you glide along, unconcerned with the hard earth or difficult terrain. While you remain within 1 foot of a flat surface of any solid or liquid, you can take normal actions and make normal attacks, and can move at her normal speed (you can even “run” at four times your normal speed or "jump" from your position 1 foot above a surface). However, you have no ability to maintain any altitude greater than 1 foot due to this invocation. You are also considered to be under the effects of Feather FallPHB, as the spell. In addition, you get +5 to Move Silently, +2 to swim, and +2 to jump. Lasts 24 hours.

Least; 2nd
AAAAYou can use ThunderheadSC, as the spell. Casting this invocation twice on the same target doubles the duration, and continued casting continues to multiply the duration as normal for multiplier addition rules (i.e. double, then triple, then quadruple, etc.).

Least; 2nd
AAAAYou can use Baleful TranspositionSC, as the spell.

Wintry Embrace
Least; 2nd
AAAAYou can use Creeping Cold, as the spell, but without any need for any focus.

Words of Power, Least
Least; 3rd
AAAAYou can use Power Word: FatigueRotD, Power Word: PainRotD, and Power Word: SickenRotD, as the spells.

New Lesser Invocations
Lesser; 4th
AAAAYou can use Defenestrating SphereSC, as the spell.

Lesser Elemental Orb
Lesser; 1st
AAAAYou can use Lesser Orb of AcidSC, Lesser Orb of ColdSC, Lesser Orb of ElectricitySC, Lesser Orb of FireSC, and Lesser Orb of SoundSC, as the spells.

Harkon's Blade
Lesser; 4th
AAAAYou can use Sword of DeceptionSC, as the spell. You may only have one sword at a time; casting this invocation while a sword still exists eliminates that sword in favor of the new one. Sword lasts 24 hours.

Make Way
Lesser; 4th
AAAAYou can use ForcewaveSC, as the spell.

Words of Power, Lesser
Lesser; 4th
AAAAYou can use Power Word: DeafenRotD, Power Word: MaladroitRotD, and Power Word: WeakenRotD, as the spells.

New Greater Invocations
Greater; 5th
AAAAYou can use Sending, as the spell.

Elemental Orb
Greater; 4th
AAAAYou can use Orb of AcidSC, Orb of ColdSC, Orb of ElectricitySC, Orb of FireSC, and Orb of SoundSC, as the spells.

Falling Dream
Greater; 6th
AAAAYou can use Illusory PitSC, as the spell, but it lasts only as long as you concentrate.

Greater; 5th
AAAAYou can create a 5 foot wide stone wall up to 10 feet high along a 60 foot line starting from your position. All creatures within the line take 1d6 bludgeoning/piercing damage per 2 levels (maximum 8d6 damage at 16th), are moved to the nearest square on the side of the wall of your choice, and are staggered, unless they make a Reflex save, which halves the damage, allows them to choose which side of the wall they wish to be on, and prevents the staggering. Squares adjacent to the wall are difficult terrain, and the wall lasts for 1 round plus 1 round per 5 levels.

Greater; 6th
AAAAYou can freeze a target solid for one round, such that they can take only mental actions, unless they make a Will save. A frozen target takes 1d6 Cold damage per 2 levels (maximum 8d6 at 16th); any target who takes no Cold damage due to resistance or immunity to Cold damage is also immune to being frozen. A target who was frozen is slowed, as by the spell SlowPHB, for two rounds after thawing out.

Words of Power, Greater
Greater; 6th
AAAAYou can use Power Word: DisableRotD, Power Word: DistractRotD, and Power Word: NauseateRotD, as the spells.

Voodoo Doll
Greater; 6th
AAAAYou can create a voodoo doll of any target within 60 feet; the doll begins in any free square adjacent to you. The doll lasts one round per level, or until the target moves more than 60 feet from the doll. The doll may have up to 8 HP per caster level, but you lose HP equal to one quarter the HP given to the doll. If the effect ends without the Doll dying, you regain one quarter of the HP it had remaining.
Further more, Any Condition the Doll is subject to is transfered to the being the Doll is mimicking, This includes Dazing, Stunning, Petrification, but not other things such as Ability Damage/Drain, or Death effects for example. Damage dealt to the Doll goes both to the doll and to the doll's mimic.
AAAAThe doll is a construct, but does not have immunity to poison, necromancy effects, critical hits, nonlethal damage, or effects that require Fortitude saves, though all nonlethal damage dealt to the doll is treated as lethal damage. However, it is immune to any and all status effects, conditions, etc; only HP damage can be applied to it. It cannot be healed or repaired by any means. The doll has no actions and furthermore cannot be moved. The doll has an Armor Class of 0 (and is always treated as flat-footed), no Damage Reduction, no Spell Resistance, a Hardness of 0, and a +0 bonus to all saving throws. Any other defenses the target may have had do not apply to the doll.

New Greatest Invocations
Brewing Storm
Greatest; 8th
AAAAThis invocation creates an ephemeral cloud at a Range of Medium (100 feet + 10 feet per caster level), and the cloud immediately spreads in a radius equal to Close range (25 feet + 5 feet per 2 caster levels). The cloud itself is short-lived - it is gone moments after casting, having no effect on the sight or movement of those within it. Those who were within it when cast, however, gain some of the cloud clinging to to their bodies, and this cloud effects them for one round per level.
AAAAEach round, every creature that was within the cloud at the time it was cast either gains a +1 bonus to AC, or takes a -1 penalty to AC, chosen by you when you cast it. Any creature who does not want to accept these changes is entitled to a Will save each round to prevent that round's changes, though the DC for this save goes up by 1 for every consecutive save the creature has made previously; failing the save resets the DC to its usual value for the next round.
AAAANo creature can be reduced below 10 AC, or below 10 touch AC or 10 AC when flat-footed (though a creature with 10 touch AC or 10 flat-footed AC continues to take penalties to its AC for other situations until all three values are 10). By the same token, this effect can no more than double a creature's AC; once this effect has added as much AC as the creature had without it, it simply maintains that much AC until it wears off.

Master of Physics
Greatest; 8th
AAAAYou can use Telekinetic Sphere, as the spell, except that you must always be within the sphere, and the sphere can only move you with respect to other objects within the sphere. Effectively, it needs to be touching something solid in order to maintain its height, and will otherwise fall, so it can only lift you into the air a distance equal to its own diameter. It can, however, move upwards with you if you have other means of flight, in which case it can move relative to you and more things with respect to you; you are, essentially, the solid surface against which everything else is being moved.

Greatest; 9th
AAAAYou can use Meteor Swarm, as the spell.

Spellcaster's Bane
Greatest; 7th
AAAAYou may attempt to counterspell a spellcaster as an Immediate Action, as if you had cast Greater Dispel Magic. The spellcaster gains a +2 bonus on his opposed Caster Level check for every consecutive round you have successfully counterspelled him; this bonus reverts to +0 if you fail to counterspell him (either because you did not try or because he succeeded on the check).

Words of Power, Greatest
Greatest; 9th
AAAAYou can use Power Word: KillPHB, Power Word: PetrifyRotD, and Power Word: StunPHB, as the spells.

Void Magic
Greatest; 9th
AAAAYou can use Antimagic Field, but with a Range of Close (25 ft. + 5 ft. per two caster levels), and with a Duration of Concentration.

Challenge (Su):
The Steelsinger has the supernatural ability to initiate a Rock-off. Works against Outsiders, All manner of Devils/Demons, and Angels/Celestials, who do not get a save against this effect as long as they are in direct conflict with the Steelsinger. Anyone else gets a will save DC= 10 + Challenge level + Cha mod.
Once the Challenge is initiated the two are trapped together, enclosed in a ring of all consuming flame thats only visible from the inside. This ring of flame does not damage, but prevents all means of movement from leaving the circle, and those who try to enter the circle simply find themselves on the other side. The looser (first to be rendered unconscious, dead, or to forfeit) in this ring permanently gains a negative level and is compelled to leave all conflict with the Steelsinger for 24 hours.
Alternatively, less deadly challenges can be agreed upon by both parties. Examples could include playing for some item either carries. Steelsingers often challenge each other Steelsingers for they're Instruments, or even just a few coins for fun.
At next levels, there are more stakes on the line.

4: x1.5 XP gain for encounters in the ring, to be shared with party.
8: Looser under the effect of Banishment, Steelsinger instead must obey one nonlethal command of the winner.
12: Looser under the effect of Imprisonment. Steelsinger instead under the effect of a permanent Dominate to the winner, but is easily broken if a close friend or ally touches them.
16: Looser is Sealed, Reduced to level 1 as long as the seal is unbroken and rendered memory-less, and becomes True Neutral. Seal can be broken with a Break Enchantment spell, Wish, Miracle, Reality Revision, or deity intervention (unless deity is the one sealed (somehow)) Steelsinger instead looses all memory and becomes True Neutral.
20: Looser is Enslaved to the Steelsinger, and must obey her every command. Steelsinger if lost, is altered to believe she is perfectly loyal to the winner for some reason. This is perfectly natural and cannot be stopped by Break Enchantment. But can be cured with Wish and the like.

Perfect Pitch (Ex):
The Steelsinger has perfect Pitch, they hear the slightest variations in sound. +5 Perform with musical skills, such as sing, or any instrument. +5 Listen, and +5 Sense Motive checks to penetrate bluffs and the like.
10: The steelsinger also develops perfect voice control from constantly hearing her own voice she may or may not think is flawed. She can mimic nearly any sound and gains benefits accordingly.
19: The Steelsinger gains Blindsense (Hearing) for as far as she can hear.

Presence (Ex):
The presence of a Steelsinger is quite stunning. +2 Charisma. Allies gain a +2 moral bonus to AC, Saves, and Skills when within Cha mod x10ft of you.
14: You gain a Frightful presence (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#frightfulPresence) that effects whoever you wish within range, and allied bonuses increase to a +6 moral bonus. +3 Charisma.

feat: Music at a Thought.
requirements: Stilled spell, Silent spell, quickened spell even if you normally did not benefit from them. caster level 21+
Benefit: without even lifting a finger or parting your lips you are swarmed with the music you envisioned.
Your Tunes are all stilled and silent for effects relating to if you can cast or not.


Instruments are to be decided upon depending on your personal game, there are nearly limitless instruments in the world. So I will not convert them myself, just work with your DM to convert an instrument to the appropriate statistics. You could even add features, like a battle ax mod to a guitar to use it for melee when your not jam'n out.
Instruments vary in power, and can be found or imbued with enhancements as normal weapons, and special enhancements to be written at a later date that effect your Tunes.

Cipher Stars
2011-06-19, 06:59 PM
Still need to add quite a few things.. The Instruments should be named, for one.

2011-06-19, 07:16 PM
You should note that as a music-based spellcaster, the steelsinger's spells all have verbal components regardless of their normal entry, and the steelsinger cannot make use of the Silent Spell feat.

Cipher Stars
2011-08-05, 11:49 PM
changed a lot...

2011-08-06, 12:16 AM
Dude... This looks sweet. I've always loved the idea of a sort of Metal Bard, and this is just nice.

2011-08-06, 12:21 AM
I'm dismayed to see that Challenge cannot be used to force your opponent to give you their instrument should they fail. You know, fiddles made of gold and all that.

2011-08-06, 12:23 AM
Verbal invocations huh? But you get a free Still, and you get to make up your own verbal components? That's pretty cool. And Humanoid Shape is a lot more dangerous in the hands of a steelsinger than it was in the hands of a dragonfire adept...I like it.

As a quick sidenote, you forgot to mention that their invocations are based on Charisma. Just thought I'd point it out before someone else did. After all, you tend to be a lot less upset when I criticize you than others for some reason.

Fiddles made of gold, and all that

This. It needs to happen.

Cipher Stars
2011-08-06, 02:16 AM
It can now happen.
mentioned they use Charisma.
Its not so much who says it but what or How it is said. You could be rude about it and I'd still wanna crack you over the head with a frying pan.