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2011-06-20, 10:09 PM
The Metabolist is a warrior of guts, strength, guts, and stomach. They are the competitive speed-eaters of the fighting world, able to turn the vast amounts of food they eat into pure power.

Requirements: Greater Fortitude Feat, wxyz

The Metabolist
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Food to Fuel

+0|Superior Fortitude, Digest Wood, 1d6 bite attack |X

+0|Poison Burn, Boost Healing|X
+1|Flesh-eater, Digest Stone|X
+1|Liquid Fuel, Poison Immunity|X
+2|Digest Metal, You Are What You Eat|X[/table]

Special abilities:

Food To Fuel -You may roll a 1d4 whenever you have a Strength check or a Strength-based Skill check. This uses up one of the Food To Fuel uses per day on your chart. If you roll a 1, 2, or 3 while you have yet to use all your Food To Fuel uses for the day, or a 4 if you have, you may add your CON bonus to your check. If you roll a 4 when you have not used up all of your Food To Fuel uses, add DOUBLE your CON bonus to your check. You may attempt to use Food To Fuel when out of uses. If so, you cannot get the double bonus on a 4. Also, if you roll a 1, your check is considered a Natural 1, and you are (treated as carrying a heavy load/strength is reduced by 2 points/strength bonus becomes 0 or less) until the next time you eat. (eating may also get back a/some uses per day, unsure...)

Bite attack - Metabolists need strong teeth and jaws to devour tough food. This also gives them another way of attacking. Metabolists gain a 1d6 bite attack, or Improved Natural Attack (bite) if he already has one before entering this class.

Superior Fortitude -Immunity to ingested poisons, and (Situational Fortitude bonus/add 1d4/1d6 to fort roll)

Digest X - Metabolists have the amazing ability to eat almost anything. At level 1, you are able to eat wooden objects, and treat them as food. At level 3, they are able to eat stones as if they were meals. Finally, at level 5, metal can become part of your diet.

Flesh-eater - Successful bite attacks heal equal to the damage it deals.

Poison Burn - (first saving throw negates primary AND secondary effects/can trigger secondary effect Fort Saving Throw whenever, and get a bonus to the Fort Saving Throw)

Boost Healing - Starting at level 2, Metabolists can accelerate their metabolism to heal faster. They may use Food To Fuel to heal XdY damage.

Liquid Fuel - Metabolists at their best can out-drink any poor soul that challenges them, without getting tipsy or hung-over - even from the strongest of ales! At level 5, they become immune to the negative effects of alcohol, and can treat it as if it was a solid food.

2011-06-21, 12:25 AM
Why the chintzy wizard BAB? This simulates the incredible gluttony fueled powers of your average anime protagonist. I say man it up! :smallamused:
You might consider involving diamond hard teeth and corrosive saliva in there as well.
Lastly, shouldn't Will have priority over Ref? I'd think it'd be the other way around so they might endure any spice have the strength of character to hold down, just, one... more... steak!

2011-06-21, 09:59 AM
Thanks for the advice. I'll get right on fixing the BAB and saves.

2011-06-21, 05:49 PM
My God its gluttony from FMA!? (goes and grabs character sheet)
Seriously though this looks like a pretty solid class

2011-06-21, 06:09 PM
Okay, I'm a bit stuck on this... can someone look it over and help me decide things a little better? I've gotten options for what certain things do, but I need to know which options work.

2011-06-23, 02:35 AM
Ok just a small thing. I see this a great deal when people are just starting to home brew. BAB and Base saves follow a very set progression. Always, save for a few select instances where people think they are being clever by inventing a "medium save" or "BAB greater than Hit Dice".

Bab may be "Poor" using the following progression:


or "Good"

Saves only have two options "Good" or "Poor"
"Poor": +0/+0/+1/+1/+1/+2/+2/+2/+3/+3

"Good": +2/+3/+3/+4/+4/+5/+5/+6/+6/+7

These are the same for every class ever produced. I have yet to hear a good reason to break from this hard rule (save for realistically prcs *should* start at +1 instead of +2 to prevent save stacking). Messing up the base progression serves no function other than screwing up the rough semblance of math that goes into making an appropriate challenge rating, skewing players too far ahead or behind, and more importantly making the pattern nigh impossible to predict.

Judging from your class I would suggest that a Full "good" Bab is what you are looking for, and saves of "Good" Fortitude, "Poor" Reflex, and "Poor" Will. Thus, you should end your class with +5 Bab, +4 Fort, +1 Reflex, and +1 Will.

2011-06-23, 01:47 PM
Agreed, you'd do well to copy the standard base attack and save progressions.

I recommend granting a 1d6 bite attack, or granting Improved Natural Attack (bite) if the character already has a bite attack.

I'd suggest total immunity to consumed poisons -- you just metabolize them. Resistance to injected and contact poisons would be appropriate, and your Poison Burn could apply here.

Digest X needs to come with some sort of ability to bypass hardness and eventually DR/adamantine, otherwise it's merely a flavor ability (and you'll lack the ability to chew your ultra-hard meals).

Food to Fuel needs to be buffed substantially. Use barbarian rage as a baseline, but make F2F better - after all, you have to get into a prestige class to get this.

2011-06-23, 02:36 PM
Thanks for the advice. I'm adding a bite attack, definitely. The whole Digest X is mostly in the guideline stage, it purposefully doesn't say how it works until I myself can figure it out! :smalltongue: Fixing BAB/Saves. I'm not sure exactly how to improve Food to Fuel without making it too much like Barbarian's Rage ability. Finally, immunity to digested poisons - of course. That's part of what Superior Fortitude will do, but I forgot to write that. What else should it do?

EDIT: Also, Digest X isn't just a flavor ability. When needing food (like when starving... or in conjunction with Food to Fuel!), it treats X as food.

2011-06-23, 06:55 PM
Well, how about every time you deal damage with a bite attack, you heal 5 hp -- sort of like how undead heal when they drain your levels or ability score points.

Likewise, you could gain fast healing while you eat, as your super-fast metabolism rapidly breaks down the food and uses it to repair injuries to your body. At a higher level, you might have limited fast healing all the time, since, like everyone else, your body stores energy for later use.

Perhaps your metabolic efficiency could allow you to gain improved results from consuming magical potions (say, a free extend, empower, or maximize applied to the effect of any potion you drink).

For Food to Fuel, the bonuses are kind of small - frankly, ability checks don't come up all that often in games. I'd suggest you expend the ability to also benefit Strength- or Constitution-based skill checks, and increase the bonus to 1d4+class level.

2011-06-23, 07:10 PM
... dang it. I meant to include skill checks. Thanks.