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Lord Loss
2011-06-22, 04:50 PM
I'm looking for out of the usual, particularily memorable or otherwise remarkeable villains for a supernatural horror campaign.

I also need to come up with a reason for the characters to continue dealing with supernatural horrors, following this premise:

The characters as cops that recently moved to Wyoming. There they encountered a mostly harmless cult of Leviathan-worshippers. Amongst them, only three were actively attempting to bring their dark god to earth - one trying to make the world a better place, one wanting to destroy humanity and one wanting to gain dark powers. The characters are unaware that the cultists are trying to summon the Leviathan and are currently carrying an item that is instrumental to its summoning, which also allows the cult to track them.

The ghost of a dead cultist was driven mad with rage by a sinister organization of quasi-immortal and evil doctors known as the Practice and commited mass murder before coming to its senses and begging the characters to free it, which they did. In doing so, they attracted the attention of the Practice and made an ally of a Doctor called Dr.Drake who knows quite a bit about the supernatural and is terrified of it (he nearly joined the practice but backed out at the last second).

I don't want to involve the cult or the practice again just yet, although I have a scenario involving the practice planned in the near future. How can I involve the characters in another supernatural adventure without making the amount of evil creatures they're running into implausible.

There's another character I forgot to mention, a reporter called Iris Periwinkle that's been getting on the nerves of the PCs and is unaware of the existence of the supernatural, but constantly documents their escapades and is going to run into something bad sooner or later.

2011-06-22, 06:41 PM
Perhaps an individual occult investigator who accidentally allowed some minor dark power into the world and is trying to rectify the situation, but can't do it without help? Maybe said dark power is roaming the streets, performing Jack the Ripper style killings?