View Full Version : Converting Archons (Dungeon Siege 3)

2011-06-23, 07:30 AM
I've been playing DS3 a lot the last few days, and I've been thinking about converting the Archon race to Pathfinder / 3.x

I want to keep this race balanced, while still maintaining the cool fluff factor.
My main thoughts:

Favorite classes: Sorceror?

Switching between forms. This should be 'free', and each form should be available indefinately.
'Human': +2 Cha
Apart from their unearthly beauty, there are no benefits / restrictions in human form.

'Archon': +2 Cha, +2 Dex, -2 Str
In Archon form, they have access to a power over fire, and hover a foot or two off the floor. They can't 'fly' per se, but certainly don't have to touch the ground - so I was thinking of letting them avoid difficult terrain (and traps that don't have a proximity trigger), but penalizing them in another way by limiting their maximum movement (no running etc).
The 'pyromaniac' gnome racial trait seemed well suited to them in this form.

Any thoughts on other abilities? Beefing up or toning down, based upon standard player races and the race as played in DS3?

2011-07-01, 07:51 AM
Little 'fluff' changes for Archons...

Produce Flame.
When an Archon casts Produce Flame, all of it's hair converts to fire. Apart from that, the actual mechanics remain the same.

Burning Hands.
When an Archon casts Burning hands, instead of the usual cone of flame they can elect to immolate themselves and each adjacent square. Creature(s) in the Archon's square take standard damage, Creatures in each adjacent square take minimum damage - usual reflex save for half.