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Kuma Kode
2011-06-24, 01:31 AM
A d20 Past Adventure Log

The town of Bolim, France, is a pleasant place with beautiful stone walls, cobblestone streets, and a majestic river along its eastern border. The people are not particularly prosperous, but they are happy, and the town has earned a reputation for its serenity.

Unknown to the general populace, however, a sinister force is growing within the town in the form of a twisted cult. The three leading officials have requested a group of inquisitors to aid in investigation due to their unusual abilities and skills. As the team tracks the trail of the cult's sordid beliefs, they realize the enemy is far more dangerous than they initially expected, and soon the investigation becomes a race against time to uncover the darkness at the heart of the new religion.

What they find will change their lives forever.

The Sacrament is an adventure run using d20 Modern, d20 Past, and Shadow Theory (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=147142). It takes place in France in the spring of 1214, during the crusades and the inquisition, and involves cosmic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_horror), psychological (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_horror) and organic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_horror) horror.

This log is of a group of adults who are comfortable with each other and interested in the portrayal of deep, realistic characters. As such, this log contains references to mature topics that may disturb sensitive individuals. If you are uncomfortable with homosexuality or fictional representations of real-world religions, or if you have had traumatic sexual experiences, please read no further.

The views expressed in this log are fictional and do not represent the views of the players, not even the player of the character.

The presence of unpleasant acts in the story are in no way representative of real-world desires or beliefs and are depicted for the sake of horror and roleplaying as an art form.

Note that the religion expressed by the player characters is a fictitious interpretation and representation of a real-world religion. Please avoid commentary on the philosophy's real-world counterpart; discussions should focus soley on the in-universe religion possessed by the characters. Even commentary as to the authenticity of the fictional version is forbidden.

This disclaimer in no way circumvents or alters the forum rules. It is intended as a firm reminder only.

The Lions
Each of the five player characters is a church-ordained inquisitor, though not all are actually clergy or knights.

Gabriel Panetierre (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1467555/d20%20Horror/Gabriel.pdf) - Strong Hero 2/Fast Hero 2/Templar 1. Knight Sergeant and leader of the group.
Xavier Chiasson (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1467555/d20%20Horror/Xavier.pdf) - Charismatic Hero 5. Bishop, father figure and cheerleader of the group. Possesses active psionics.
Nora Quinn (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1467555/d20%20Horror/Nora.pdf) - Smart Hero 5. Young and brilliant, Xavier noticed her talents and become her sponsor, as well as her adopted family.
Mary Hastings (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1467555/d20%20Horror/Mary.pdf) - Fast Hero 5. Nun who accompanied Xavier due to her unique abilities. Possesses passive psionics.
Hugo Reynaud (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1467555/d20%20Horror/Hugo.pdf) - Dedicated Hero 5. Archer who serves under Gabriel. Gruff and quiet, but dedicated to his mission.

The Lambs
Most of the town's populace serves as nothing more than window dressing. Instead, the plot focuses on a mere handful of characters to allow depth rather than breadth.

Father Louis Chastel - The Inquisitors are requested directly by Father Chastel, the parish priest and overseer of Bolim's spiritual needs. He is friendly and extremely charismatic, which has proven unsuccessful in rooting out information about the cult growing in the township.
Blaise Gaucher - The sherrif patrols the town with his glaive, clad in a thick leather jerkin at minimum and a full coat of armor when times seem rough. Though he is quite intimidating with his piercing green eyes, bald head, and ox-like musculature, the townsfolk of Bolim feel safe under his watch.
Pierre LaChance - A portly fellow, Pierre is the mayor of Bolim. He has many connections in the aristocracy and knows how to play the social game, but his connections have failed him in researching the cult. He is extremely jovial despite the darkness that hangs over his town, and is capable of getting the party anything they may need to fight off the cult.
Charles Briand - Charles is a strong young man just trying to make his way in the world. He works the land outside Bolim, struggling to provide for his daughter after his wife passed away. While he doesn't seek conflict, and is usually rather agreeable, Charles is a fighter at heart. Everything he has he earned with his own blood and sweat, and he defends it fiercely. This everything for which he fights is named Anne.
Anne Briand - A small girl nine years of age with angelic features, Anne is as adorable as she is innocent. Though her mother is dead, she is happy. Her father loves her and provides for her, and spends as much of his time with her as he can. So far, she has been shielded from disappointment and pain, wrapped in a warm blanket of love.
Renée Beaumont - Not many are comfortable with Renée, whose aging body and encyclopedic knowledge of herbal remedies and pagan rituals reminds many of a witch. She is, however, quite free with her medicinal cures and assures the town her knowledge is purely academic.

Kuma Kode
2011-06-24, 01:32 AM
The Investigation

Session One

The team arrives at the town of Bolim during late morning, and heads directly to the church to speak with Father Chastel, who requested their aid. The inquisitors are welcomed, given rooms and food, while the mayor and sherrif are summoned. The party is courteous, and after they have had their fill, they are directed to the large library in the church, which also serves as a town hall. Waiting for them is Father Louis Chastel, wearing a simple priest vestment and a wooden cross. He and Xavier greet each other as Brothers.

Pierre LaChance, the portly mayor who obviously enjoys his wealth, looks on. He greets the party with a loud, presenter's voice and open arms, though Gabriel is silently disapproving of his obvious indulgence in his wealth. The sheriff, Blaise Gaucher, is also present, in stark contrast to Pierre. Built like a bull, thick muscle covered in a layer of fat, clearly having worked hard in his life. He stands wearing his chainmail and a sash that indicates his status. Initially, the party makes small talk, but eventually gets down to business and acquires a map of the town, though Nora creates a second copy just for the sake of preparedness.

"Not that it wasn't pleasant talking with you gentlemen," Xavier begins, "but the Vatican did send us here for a reason. So, let's get down to business. What's different about this particular cult that makes them so resilient?"

"We haven't been able to find any information." Louis states solemnly.

"What makes you so sure one's here? Whispers among the people?" Xavier asks, genuinely interested.

Louis continues, "There have been signs. There are no particular individuals, but there are clear signs. They exceed my knowledge of the occult."

"Witchcraft." Hugo grunts.

"A kind we haven't encountered before. There are sigils around the town that have begun to appear. I don't understand what they mean, I've never seen such a thing."

"I would like to have a look at them." Xavier replies.

"As would I." Nora chimes in. Xavier smiles at her.

"We've tried to destroy them, but they come back. More and more every night. Mr. Gaucher will show you to one, if you'd like."

"What other information do you have? Anything else beyond these sigils, anything we may need to know before we get to work?" Father Chiasson asks.

"Nothing above rumors. I would not want to cloud your perception with the idle chatter of the townsfolk before you get to see things for yourself."

"Anything affecting the populace? Any kidnappings? Livestock?" Gabriel inquires.

"Yes... some people have come to me with concern that their livestock has been... harmed. But it's nothing that... we're very close to forests, and there are animals there. Wolf packs have been a problem before, so we aren't sure if there's anything to actually worry about."

"Do you believe these individuals to be dangerous, sir?" Xavier asks, turning toward Blaise.

Blaise remains silent, thinking throughly before continuing. "Yes."

"Well, if you and your man are ready, we can head out whenever you'd like." Xavier says to Gabriel.

"I'm always ready." The templar states, matter-of-factly.

Xavier pauses for a moment. "Right."

The inquisitors follow Blaise through the town, eyed by the townsfolk. They follow the sheriff, so the townsfolk assume they are important. They find their way to an alley between two buildings. On the wall of the cobbler's place of residence is a large circle, made of a kind of red paint. Inside the circle are shapes and lines. It appears to be one large symbol. Hugo crosses himself, faced with an image he believes to be evil.

Nora sketches the symbol into her sketchbook. Xavier sprinkles holy water and says a prayer on it, making certain to destroy any evil presence the symbol may carry. Nora studies the paint itself, soon discovering it is organic and plant-based. While Xavier inspects the symbol's meaning. After a time, he recognizes it as a Mark of Metatron, the celestial scribe, second only to God himself and believed by some to be the angel who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. The symbol is a bastardized representation of the voice of God, presumably by someone who is ignorant of the exact specifications of the symbol.

Mary steps forward, placing her hand on the paint, and concentrates. She senses the darkness inside the sigil, and realizes that the symbols should be destroyed. Hugo is creeped out by her sudden display. Blaise is likewise suspicious of her occult-like behavior, but stays quiet for fear of being disrespectful. Nora steps in, and asks Gaucher, "Are the symbols the same all over town?"

He nods. "Why would they use that symbol?" The sheriff asks in return.

"I'm not sure." Xavier states.

Gabriel joins the discussion. "Intentional heresy?"

Nora decides to stay practical. "How many symbols are there, would you say?" She asks of Blaise.

"There's more and more every day. Every time we destroy them, they come back."

"Have you posted guards?" Gabriel asks.

"We've thought about that, but we aren't a very military town."

The inquisitors decide to spread out. Xavier is intent on discussing the symbol with Louis, while Gabriel, Nora, Hugo, and Mary dedicate themselves towards clearing the symbols from the town. Blaise suggests a good symbol to set as a trap, positioned in an alley with a single exit, to wait for whoever will come to replace the sigil in the night. Nora plans out the method of attack while the team washes away the symbols. They mark them on their city map, but find no particular pattern. Once the team has their plan, Nora returns to the church to research the symbol with Xavier.

The chosen alley is roughly six feet wide, which the party assumes is more than enough to allow Gabriel to block any escape with his shield. Blaise is designated to covering Gabriel's back should other cultists come to help. Hugo is given roof duty, where his crossbow and keen eyesight serve best. The noncombatants decide to hang back and simply keep watch as the plot unfolds. Quite simply, their job is to run and get help if the plan goes horribly awry.

At the church, Xavier consults with Father Chastel about the Mark. Louis is unaware of who Metatron is, but he is filled with confusion and worry when Father Chiasson explains. The two discuss how obscure Metatron is, and who would be literate enough to discover the references and learn about the archangel. It appears that only Pierre and Renée, the medicine woman, have the intellect and training to understand the books in the church's library. When Nora arrives, the two do research together and fill each other in on their findings. Eventually, they begin to discuss the situation as a whole.

"What are your first impressions of all this business?" Nora inquires of her friend.

"I don't really think it's all that bad." He states. "With it being a symbol of a biblical figure it seems like some misguided followers to be quite honest. I think we're just going to have to get a hold of them, explain to them the error of their ways and then be let them be on their way."

Nora nods. "Hopefully that is all it is. That would be a very simple solution. At least the journey was scenic."

Xavier nods with a smile.

When night falls, the team moves into position outside the alley. Gabriel is concerned that the sigil is an attempt to silence the voice of God by mis-writing the sigil, but Xavier assures him that they are likely just misguided. They also muse that the individual could be obsessed with the symbol because they believe God is talking to them. The group decides to test the number of cultists; should they capture someone and the symbols are back up tomorrow, they will know they are dealing with several individuals.

When the time comes, Gabriel and Blaise hide inside one of the nearby buildings. There is some confusion as to how exactly the group should signal each other. They simply decide on "Hey, you!" because simple is better. Hugo positions himself, loads his crossbow, and watches quietly, thankful that the moon is out and providing decent illumination on the ground below. After several hours of waiting, a dark figure appears, sneaking along the buildings. It ducks into the alley, unaware that Hugo is watching. The figure hurries to the end, where the symbol used to be, and pulls something out of his robe. As soon as that something touches the wall, Hugo yells, and the party moves into position.

The figure, appearing to be a young man, is scared within an inch of his life. He drops his tools, and is soon cornered by Blaise and Gabriel. They inquire as to his identity and his blasphemy, but he doesn't answer. The man runs desperately towards Gabriel, and attempts to duck around him, but is met with Gabriel's shield and his powerful arm. The figure drops like a sack of potatoes as the wind is knocked out of him by the force of the shield-bash.

"Don't hurt me, okay? Okay?" The boy pleads.

"It's not okay. Why do you do this?" Gabriel asks his new prisoner. He refuses to answer, and Gabriel shakes him, demanding answers.

"They need to know! They need to know! It must be done!" The boy screams in response.

"Do you know the symbol you write?"

The boy remains silent, curling up defensively. Gabriel ceases questioning, and drags him by his collar out into the street.

"It seems like you've upset Sir Gabriel, young man." Xavier states matter-of-factly as he walks towards the rest of the party.

"His tongue is rather solid." Gabriel growls.

Xavier kneels down. "Why are you writing the symbol of Metatron around town? Why is it so important to you?"

"It... it must be done."

"Okay, why must it be done?"

The young man, appearing to be only sixteen, huddles in fear of the inquisitors. "They told me to." He mutters.

"Well, hmm. I think you're slightly misguided, young man. Why don't you come back to the church with me and we can have a discussion about who did this, and also why you're so afraid, we don't mean you any harm. Well, must of us don't." He smiles. The boy does not look reassured. "I'm being quite serious." Xavier continues. "Sir Gabriel was just worried that you were up to blasphemous things. I, however don't think you're very guilty in this act, so why don't you come with me and we can have a discussion."

The boy is complacent, but not talkative, and allows Blaise and Gabriel to escort him to the church. On the way, Xavier takes Mary aside and mentions that he may need to use her abilities should the boy not be cooperative with questioning. Soon, the inquisitors have situated him comfortably in the study. Mary makes him tea in an effort to make him feel more comfortable, but he does not drink it and instead sits in the chair, dejectedly. Xavier speaks with him, alone, and makes certain to make the boy understand that Father Chiasson is a bishop and has a lot of strength in the church. Should the man be manipulated or pressured, Xavier can protect him from retribution for his actions.

"While you think about that, I'd like to ask you a question. A simple question, and I'd like an answer: Do you know who Metatron is?"

"Yes." The boy says softly.

"What about him is so special to you?"

"He's the only one who speaks the truth." Comes the response, sounding saddened. "It's the truth that lets you see the lies. Do you believe in God?"

"Of course I do."

"I mean, really?"

Xavier stares and states the obvious: "Yes. Do you? Really?"

"Yes." Xavier isn't certain as to be truth of the boy's words, since his voice hinted at uncertainties.

"Why did you hesitate?"

"Because I don't want to." The man says with contempt on his tongue.

"And why not?"


"Lies... started by the church, or people, or..."

"God." The boy snaps back.

"Lies started by God. Are you talking about the contradictions that can be found in the Bible? Because I think those are actually metaphors."

"You wouldn't understand!"

"Because you haven't tried."

"Look at you! As you said, you're a bishop. You live the lie."

"You know, talking like that could get you killed. However, you've peeked my interest, and I believe I know what you're talking about. Corruption inside the church and whatnot."

A long pause. "I don't want to talk to you anymore."

"That's not a very wise decision. I urge you to reconsider."

The boy thinks carefully about his words before continuing. "Are you willing to die for what you believe in?"


"Then I have nothing more to say to you."

"Are you willing to die for what you believe in?" Xavier asks.

"Yes." The word comes as a whisper.

They sit in silence, with Father Chiasson slowly mulling over the conversation while the boy sits in the chair, staring at the ground. "I will be back in a moment." Chiasson says calmly. "And I want to apologize ahead of time." He leaves the room and seeks out Mary, knowing well the fact that she is capable of reading the minds of others. They return, and Mary places her hand on the boy's shoulder.

Xavier seats himself across from the prisoner, and focuses all attention on him. "Son, who are your masters?" Mary detects fear, but no surface thoughts. Presumably, he was expecting the question and didn't even let himself consider answering it.

Mary smiles reassuringly. "It's okay, young man, there's nothing to fear here." The boy merely stares mistrustfully at her hand on his shoulder.

"Why did they instruct you to put the symbols around town?"

The boy considers whether or not he should tell them anything, and whether or not they would even understand.

"There are many mysteries in this world of which we do not know yet." Mary states, trying to help the boy become at ease with speaking about the supernatural.

"Alright, if you're not going to answer that question... where are your masters, and where did you leave from before you went out to paint the symbols?"

Mary watches as the boy's mind formulates a lie. He considers whether or not telling them he came from his house would be a safe answer, and reminds himself that he can't tell them about the meeting spot. "My house." The boy answers. "I came from my house."

Xavier nods. "What is it you do for a living?"

"I just help out on the farm." The boy answers immediately, his mind conjuring the idea just as he speaks it.

"Do your parents know of your activities with this, um, cult?"

"No." The boy answers quickly.

"Who introduced you to them?"

The man thinks about a woman, as well as a strong sense of apprehension associated with her. "I don't know what she's called."

"You have to know her name."

The man has trouble recalling it, but eventually decides on Elizabeth. "I... I think it was Elizabeth."

"So you belong to a group of people who you say know the truth, and yet you don't even know each other's names."

"It's not important." The boy states, as if Xavier was missing some essential point.

"It just doesn't seem like the kind of circle in which you'd find honesty."

"Or perhaps it could be more pure?"

"I believe that would depend on your definition of purity."

Mary senses the boy contemplate whether or not he could ask. What he wishes to ask, she cannot discern.

"Alright, son. I think I'm going to have to keep you detained here. For a while." Mary immediately hears the boy's thoughts. She knows he believes they are going to kill him. "If you decide to be more forthcoming with information, I can help you out."

"Or if you have any questions you wish to ask," Mary says. "We may try to answer." Her words get a reaction, and the boy's mind begins to consider whether or not he can save his captors. He eventually decides they could never understand.

"I'm going to have to keep you under lock and key, but I'll get you your own room and I'll try to make sure you have comfortable furnishings." He pauses, somewhat sad that the man is so uncooperative. "We could really help each other out."

"Do you believe that God understands suffering?" The boy asks, suddenly.

"I like to believe so, yes." Mary responds.

"Does God ever suffer?" The prisoner inquires further.

"He did give us his only son."

"The son suffered. God never did."

"It must have been horrible to put a child through that."

"I understand the root of your question." Xavier says thoughtfully. "And I think the answer is: Yes, God has suffered. You seem like the kind of kid who has a decent understanding of other people. You do realize that knowledge comes with a certain amount of pain, right?"


"Imagine if you knew everything." Xavier says, without missing a beat. The room is silent. "Now sorry, I have to get you to your room." The two go upstairs and get the boy situated. The group discusses that the boy may be a pawn, and has been quite cooperative, considering what Xavier believes he's been through. Xavier stresses that the boy is not beyond redemption. Gabriel nods, and decides he wishes to speak with the boy, and tells the others he will deliver his first meal. During the escort to his room, the prisoner is verbally hostile when asked simple questions, and even goes so far as stating that Gabriel will poison him. The templar doesn't make a fuss.

When Gabriel asks about his parents, the boy tells him not to bring them into it. Hugo reminds him that he should treat Gabriel with more respect, but the young man remains forlorn. He appears to have lost hope for himself.

They eventually come back, an hour or two later, with food. Gabriel eats with the boy, from the same large plate, assuring him it's not poisoned.

"Do you believe that God understands what it's like to be human?" The prisoner asks, finally opening up to Gabriel.

"We were all made in his image. That's what he'd understand the most."

"Does God die? Does God suffer?"

"That's two different questions. God is immortal, eternal, He was never born, and He will never die."

"So He doesn't. He doesn't understand what it's like to be human."

"He doesn't understand mortality, no. Not first-hand. But he did create us. And he gave us our mortality. Does the blacksmith not understand the weapons and the tools he makes? Their purpose? Their limits?"

"But the blacksmith doesn't necessarily know what it's like to be in war."

"Doesn't he?"

"The blacksmith doesn't need to fear for his life."

"If the tools he makes fails, he should."

The group sits in silence. "What about you?" The boy asks of Hugo, breaking the stillness.

"I think I've heard quite enough of what you have to say." The archer responded dispassionately. "About God."

Hugo leaves, and finds Blaise outside the door, listening in. The sheriff stands, unable to hide, caught in the act of eavesdropping, and awaits Hugo's disapproval. "That boy needs help." Hugo finally says.

"Can't save everyone." Blaise grunts, his token phrase devoid of any genuine emotion.

"I think we must."

"We can try. There's only so much we can do. The rest is in God's hands. What that boy does is between him and God."

Inside the room, Gabriel hands the boy his cross. "What do you think of when you see this symbol?" He asks, curious.


"Of what?"

"The self." The boy's tone changes. It is still passive and reserved, but there appears to be a bit of reverence, as well.

"How so?"

"Death, and becoming something greater."

"A symbol of torture transformed into a symbol of righteousness?" Gabriel inquires, trying to understand the boy's strange beliefs.

For the first time, the young man smiles, but it quickly fades.

"Why don't you think God understands suffering, though it is He who creates it?"

"Because God... God doesn't know what it's like... to suffer and be reborn. God IS."

"Would you say those who have been betrayed understand suffering? God is victim to the greatest betrayal."

"But what then? Can God cease to be God and become something else?"

"Do you, when you suffer?"

"This isn't something for me to discuss." The prisoners states quickly, seemingly unsure of his own qualifications to do his beliefs justice. "Why did you become what you are?"

"What am I? In your eyes, what am I?"

"A warrior for your God. Why did you choose to be?"

"If we can unite a people, to protect them, it will alleviate suffering widespread. We unite under one God, and all His tenants, goodness will spread over the world. People will be happy with themselves." Gabriel smiles, finally connecting with the boy.

"I believe we can make a better world, too. But I don't feel that God understands us."

"Do you believe Metatron understands us?"

"No. I don't think anything understands us but us."

"Then why use his symbol?"

"Because I believe we need a god who understands us. We need a god that can speak to us."

Gabriel nods. "You want a god of the old days, who walks the streets?"

"I want a god that knows... what it's like to suffer and die."

"No god has ever died. It's part of being a god. Even the Greeks, great Zeus..."

"What would you do..." The boy asks, channeling an energy of his beliefs and seeming desperate to connect meaningfully with the templar. "If you could save everyone. But you had to do something you didn't want to. How far would you go to save everyone?"

"That is a question that defines all men. To kill an innocent, to save many, is it worth it?"

"I believe so." The boy states, nodding solemnly.

"Then you do. What are you going to do to save everyone?"

"I can't tell you that. I can't risk you and your misguided friends... I can't let you stop it. Just please know that what is about to happen... is worth it."

"Will it cause a lot of suffering to prevent much more?"

"Self transformation is never easy." The boy says slowly.

Humorous Quotes for This Session
Kody -> DM
Nick -> Xavier's player
Amanda -> Mary's player
Andrea -> Nora's player
Tryston -> Gabriel's player
David -> Hugo's player

Kody: They need inquisitors primarily because there appears to be a cult brewing. And...
Nick: Oh, so we're actually going to be doing something besides burning innocent people.
Amanda: Sweet!
*group laughs*
Nick: Who knew?

Kody: Oh god, so much French. I will coop-dee-gracey your names.

During an off-topic discussion of Bioshock.
Kody: It's marketed as a survival horror.
Andrea: That's retarded.
Nick: You never run out of resources...
Andrea: Unless you're horrified by Ayn Rand.
David: Yeah, if you're a communist it's horrifying.

Nick: I've actually been holding off on saying a lot of things. Like when you were describing the town and said it was up on a hill so "it could see" I thought, "Well that's your problem right there. That's what's messed up: The town is ALIVE."

Andrea: She plans a trap. With her plan powers.

Nick: He'd think it would be odd that you'd want him to tag along, but whatever.
Kody: Well, you do have that telepathy thing.
Nick: Xavier is operating under the assumption that it's pretty harmless.
Tryston: From what I think it's just a different sect of Christianity.
Nick: I'm sure it's actually quite horrible in reality, but right now he's just like, "Yeah, okay, whatever."
Kody: No, I actually just tricked you into thinking this was survival horror.

David: Do I need to roll a spot check?
Kody: I'll roll it for you. What's your bonus?
David: Fifteen.
Kody (immediately): That's disgusting.

Kody (Reading the information on Empathy): If your target has the Entity subtype, you suffer Sanity loss.
Amanda: Please don't have the Entity subtype.
Tryston: He didn't put up the Entity fight, did he?
Nick (Miming a shield bash): RONK!

About Xavier and Mary's inquisition tactics
David: Nice cop, nicer cop.

Kody (Playing Florian): I believe we can make a better world, too. But I don't feel that God understands us.
Tryston (Mispeaking while playing Gabriel): Do you believe Megatron understands us?
David: M-E-T-A.

Kuma Kode
2011-06-24, 01:33 AM
The Investigation

Session Two

When morning comes, the party collects in the study to compare notes and discuss their plans for the day. They mull over the kid's beliefs about suffering and how divinity does not understand the human condition, but that he is, in fact, religious in a conventional sense. There does appear to be a meeting spot, but its nature is currently unknown, making it nearly impossible to find.

Mary suggests investigating Elizabeth, but Nora remarks that it's a common name. Gabriel suggests she may be a prominent figure, but Nora wonders that Elizabeth may have risen in the cult due to her obscurity. Hugo, however, sides with Gabriel, noting that if the kid knows her, Elizabeth is likely some kind of face for the cult and not a core member.

Gabriel decides to take Hugo and speak with Blaise Gaucher about any possible meeting places in the woods, like abandoned buildings, clearings, ruins, or caves. Xavier replies that he will speak with the boy again. He doesn't expect anything concrete, but he just wants to learn more. They decide to meet at Renée's house.

Nora asks, somewhat sheepishly, if she could speak with the boy herself. Xavier agrees and remarks that it could be a good idea, as the young man appears to be less trusting the more faithful the individual speaking with him. He quickly adds that he's not questioning Nora's faith, but just that she is the only one who is not a crusader or priest, and the boy may view her as more sympathetic to his beliefs.

She leaves her options open, and decides to join Gabriel and Hugo for the time being, as her mapping skills may be useful.

The squad arrives at the sheriff's house. Blaise answers promptly, clad in his patrol uniform with his halberd next to the door. The group exchanges pleasantries, and Blaise invites them inside. The party notices shelves with little wooden dolls, appearing to be crude and unfinished. Hugo admires them quietly.

"We were talking to the boy last night. He mentioned a name, and that there was a meeting place. I assume it to be nearby. The name is a woman's name, Elizabeth, but that's all we got out of him." Gabriel tells Blaise. "Possibly a figurehead."

"Elizabeth is a common name." Blaise grunts.

"Anyone prominent?" Gabriel asks, but the sheriff merely shakes his bald head, nothing coming to mind.

"Are there..." Nora begins, but is suddenly aware of the social stigma of a woman speaking directly to a man of authority like Blaise. He doesn't seem to mind too much, likely due to her own position of authority, so she continues. "You know this area very well... are there any geographic areas nearby that could be used as a meeting place outside of town?"

"The woods have a lot of places like that. You'd have to ask some of the hunters."

"Where can we find these hunters?" Hugo asks.

"Most live outside of town, on the edge of the woods."

"On the other side of the river?" Gabriel asks.


"Are there any who you would suggest, anyone particularly knowledgeable about the area or who have been here longest?" Nora inquires.

"The hunters live outside my typical jurisdiction. I spend most of my time dealing with the city. They come in, they peddle their wares, and head back out."

"I'm sure the lady Renée has a lot of business with hunters." Gabriel muses. "She probably has them gather and forage and she pays them."

Blaise shakes his head. "I try to stay away from that woman. She has beliefs that make her very unpopular in the town."

"Is she pagan?"

"She says she's not." Blaise growls. "But for not being pagan she knows a lot about them."

"Is she a witch?" Hugo asks accusingly.

"I don't think so." Blaise says. Hugo looks confused. "But the parents tell their children stories... whatever keeps the kids from running around town at night."

"Perhaps she's weak of faith and believes both." Gabriel adds, contributing a middle ground.

Blaise stares blankly. "That still makes her wrong."

The group decides to head out. Blaise informs them that he intends to go door to door, asking the townsfolk personally about anything they may have heard. Gabriel tells him to check on how many sigils came back in the night.

Back at the church, Xavier has finished his preparations and enters the prisoner's chamber after a gentle knock. "Young man, can I speak with you for a bit? I don't really want to ask you about your fellows or what not. I'm actually just curious about your faith. I'd like you to explain some of it to me if you don't mind."

"We've already talked about this. You won't understand."

"You've said that before but you've never actually tried. As a priest, I'm actually required to study several different faiths to determine if my faith is aligned with that of the church. You could perhaps try me."

"What do you want to know?" The young man asks after a moment, seeming to be willing.

"I'm curious about one thing. There's really only one question I have for you: You worship Metatron, or at least think he speaks the truth, from what I've gathered. I'm sure you're aware that angels don't actually have free will, so how can he speak the truth if he's so close to God and doesn't have the willpower or ability to do other than that which God has commanded him to do?"

"We don't worship Metatron. He's like Jesus; he's a symbol."

"Alright. And in the faith you follow he is a symbol of truth, correct?"

"A symbol of... truth." The kid agrees.

Feeling that he's getting somewhere, Xavier continues. "What attracted you to this faith, or, what made you un-attracted to the faith of those around you?"

The kid thinks long and hard. Finally, he begins. "When Louis talks, have you listened to any of his sermons?"

"No, I have not."

"It's sick." The kid hisses.

Xavier nods. "Is that so. He seems like a nice enough fellow to me. I don't know him very well."

The young cultist's voice is filled with disdain. "Everything he says is a lie."

"You feel that he uses his influence as a priest to manipulate the people here?"

"It keeps them happy." The kid says. Xavier repeats his words, indicating his attempts to listen and understand. "He promises things for them... but nothing is done. Bad things still happen to people. But it's been proven to me otherwise. There are things... beings... who can actually make a difference."

Xavier is taken aback a bit, and chooses his words carefully. "Through ritual, or... Let me ask something else. Do you have any gifts? Do you know what I mean?"

"I don't really understand."

"I could probably show you. I don't think it's fit to show you now, so... forget the question, I suppose." Xavier says, pulling back. "Do any of your friends, the people that you associate with, have any gifts, or powers that could be considered supernatural?"

"Yes." The man answers with conviction. "That's what I mean. They proved that there are... they prove that they are right."

"Alright. I suppose that I will show you this, but only so that you might trust me more. I believe that God has given me some gifts, some abilities, and I suppose I'll show you one of them." Xavier then focuses his energy, causing a small object on the table to rise several inches above the wooden surface.

Disturbingly, the young man is unimpressed by the clear display of the supernatural.

"So you have seen things like that before." Xavier states.

"Never before outside our beliefs."

"These abilities do exist. Everywhere. A lot of times people who have them will be forced to keep them secret because ignorant people will see it as witchcraft or something else. I see them as gifts from God. You may want to rethink who you've allied yourself with because they could be manipulating you with these powers that aren't shown to many. I'm not saying that's what's happening, it's just a suggestion."

"Or maybe there are plans for you?" The child asks, somewhat diabolically.

"Maybe. I think there are. I don't think me being with you in this room right now is a coincidence."

"I don't think there's anything left for me, now." The boy states solemnly, suddenly reminded of his own uselessness to his fellows and the fate he awaits at the hands of the inquisition.

"I really wish you wouldn't think that way. I wish you would help me. I do mean you no harm. If we wanted to hurt you we would have done so by now." The boy simply stares at the ground. "Well, I'm going to leave you be. Are you hungry or thirsty?"

The boy shakes his head.

"Can I ask you one last question before I leave?" The kid does not respond. "I'll take that as a yes. What do you think is going to happen to you?"

"You're going to kill me."

Xavier sighs. "I'm sorry you feel that way." He rises, and leaves.

The group swings by the church to pick of Xavier, since Renée Beamont's Apothecary is merely a block away from it. When they arrive, Xavier pulls Gabriel aside, and informs him that the cult is much more threatening they originally believed. Xavier explains that they appear to possess overt supernatural powers, and that they may be very dangerous. He does remark that they could also be psychologically manipulated by the powers, and that the cultists may, in fact, be victims. Gabriel agrees, and tells Xavier about the hunters and the forest, and that he wanted to speak with Renée about her dealings with them in the hopes of discovering a likely meeting place.

Her apothecary is clearly marked, both with words and symbols. It appears to be a small cottage, with a loving garden filled with herbs and flowers. Her apothecary looks like a mini paradise.

Gabriel heads inside, with Hugo behind. He finds himself in a small room lined with incense, art, and herbs drying on strings. It smells strong, like a walk-in spice cabinet. An elderly lady, with gray hair, greets him. She looks at each of them in turn, but appears to take particular interest in the presence of the two women in the group.

"Sir Gabriel, at your service." The templar introduces himself.

"What can I help you all with?" The old woman asks in a friendly voice.

"We were actually inquiring as to whether you knew any hunters who would be familiar with the woods? I'm also low on frankincense."

"Yes, I do." She says, nodding, and begins to gather up some some of the yellow resin for the templar.

"If I may," Xavier steps in, "I understand you've studied different faiths. I'd like to ask you some questions. It's nothing to worry about, I'd like to ask you some questions about the interesting things about the cult-like activities we've seen around the town..."

"Oh yes, that's quite dreadful." She interrupts.

"I was wondering, maybe we could put our heads together and come up with something. I've studied many different faiths myself and I'd like to get a clear sense of their motives."

Renée looks sheepishly at the group. "Well, I don't know how useful I'd be, but I can always try and help." She retreats to a dark side room that appears to be a kind of storage room. She returns with various herbs.

"I'd appreciate that, madame."

"Any hunters that you know that are particularly familiar with the woods?" Gabriel asks.

"They're all very good people," Renée says warmly, "All very good Christians, but... Charles. He comes in a lot."

"Would it be alright if I mentioned your name when..." Gabriel's question is interrupted by the woman's approving nod.

"He may be busy."

"The hunter's life is a busy life. Where does he live?" Nora pulls out her map and hands it to Renée, who marks Charles' house on it to the best of her ability, as well as directions and landmarks.

"You're very young." Renée says to Nora as they work on the map.

"Oh, um. Yes." Nora responds, unsure of how to proceed. Thankfully, Xavier steps in.

"Nora here is a craftsperson extraordinaire."

"Really?" The woman adopts a grandma-like demeanor.

"You have a nice selection of herbs and wares here." Nora states, changing the subject.

"What do you do?" Renée asks, changing it back.

"Oh, just a little of everything, honestly."

Xavier continues in more depth, like a father who is proud of his child's accomplishments. "She's an weaponsmith, armorsmith, metallurgist, engineer..."

"That's quite the skill set."

"Yeah, you name it, I can pretty much cobble something together." Nora says, acting as if it's not a really big deal. Xavier smiles warmly.

"And what do you do?" Renée asks, turning to Mary.

"I'm an initiate into the Sisterhood."

"That's a very noble goal."

"Bishop Chiasson." Xavier says, realizing he's the last to make a formal introduction. "We took a personal interest in this matter. Me, in particular, because this is the area I preside over."

"Yes, it is something... different.... I do feel that."

"I agree completely. In fact, we've made a breakthrough that shows this may actually be rather serious."

"This is my marksman." Gabriel says, introducing his quiet companion.

"The Hawk, is it?" Renée asks, apparently having heard the nickname Gabriel started for Hugo among the militia. "A little girl came in talking about the Hawk. I thought she was talking about a bird for a moment."

"I started a rumor about you." Gabriel says to Hugo with a friendly smile. Hugo nods awkwardly as the rest of the group chuckles.

Gabriel asks Xavier, Mary, and Nora if they'd like to stay and speak with Renée while he and Hugo speak with Charles. They agree and decide to sit down and chat while the crusaders continue their investigation elsewhere.

Hugo calms down once he's in his element in the forest. Gabriel remarks that she was nice, and that she appears to be quite knowledgeable about the people of the town and what is going on with them. The lodge is small, and sits on the edge of the forest. The crusaders can still see Bolim from where they stand, though it is on a hill and concealed by trees.

The home seems to be bare-bones and unattended. The windows are shuttered. Hugo stalks around it, trying to see if anyone is home, but finds no one. Gabriel knocks. Something moves inside, but no one comes to the door.

Hugo moves to the window and tries to peek in, while Gabriel calls out to Charles. Hugo spies a larger bed and a smaller bed in the darkened lodge, as well as a multitude of dolls and toys near the smaller bed.

"A child might be home." Hugo states to his commander.

They call out again. A small girl peeks her head up through the window, revealing only her eyes and nose. The crusaders smile and approach her.

"Is your daddy home?" Gabriel asks.

"I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." The girl states innocently.

"We're members of the Church." Gabriel's charming smile and knightly garb appears to convince the girl, and she opens the door for them. The templar kneels down. "What is your name?" He asks in a kid-friendly tone.


"I'm Gabriel."

"Hi Gabe." She says nicely. Gabriel, who hates being called Gabe, lets it slide for such an angelic little girl.

"Do you know where daddy is?"

"He's working."

"Does he leave you here alone?"

"Mmm hmmm."

"Is he usually gone long?"


"When did he leave?"

"When the sun came up. He does that every day."

"Does he bring you lunch?" Gabriel asks. The girl nods.

"You tell him that some nice crusaders came from the church, and that he should come into town to talk to us. Can you do that for me?"

Anne smiles and nods. Gabriel takes out one of his wooden rosaries and holds it out to her. She happily takes the gift and puts it on, letting it hang down to her stomach. Her eyes light up, and it appears that she immediately cherishes the cross forever, which the crusaders find adorable. They leave, and she waves goodbye, holding the necklace.

Nora walks about the apothecary, noting herbs and generally admiring the lady's collection. Xavier and Mary sit at a table with Renée.

"What have you heard about the cult and their activities, how long they've been active and what not?"

"Well," the medicine woman begins, "No one's really quite sure when they began, but they've started leaving terrible things around town. You've seen the marks, I'm sure."

"The symbols. Are you familiar with what those symbols are supposed to be?" Renée shakes her head. "They're actually a symbol of Metatron, who is essentially the first-in-command angel, the voice of God."

"The symbol's not right, though." Nora chimes in from across the room.

"No, the symbol isn't perfect." Xavier confirms.

Renée grabs some of her notes, and draws a small, branch-like symbol. "Do you know what this means?" While Xavier ponders it, Nora approaches and copies the symbol into her own notes.

"No," Xavier states. "What is it?"

"Small stones with this mark have been left on certain people's doorsteps."

"Hmmm." Xavier ponders the possible meanings. "We'll have to look into that. I wonder why the sheriff didn't mention this? Perhaps he didn't know?"

"I don't think he's aware. He doesn't... deal with people. He's a good man, but..."

Xavier smiles. "I understand. Thank you, that may actually be a very important lead."

Nora inspects the symbol. "How large are these rocks that these appear on? Are they small?"

"Very small. Most of the people who have them don't really notice them. It's actually the children who notice them. A small stone, they pick it up, a pretty rock."

Xavier and Nora nod. "How did you find out about them?" The inventor asks. "Did the children tell you?"

"I saw one of the children playing with the rocks. They've made some kind of game out of them. When I found they had some kind of strange symbol on them I decided to keep one."

"Good idea." Xavier says, genuinely thankful for Renée's personal investigation. "You're obviously literate, and that's very admirable. Where did you learn your information about different faiths?"

"Well, I was just a farmer's daughter, originally. When I was young, there was an accident. I fell into the river. The mill's wheel pinned me under water. I nearly died. I saw what I believe to be the whole of creation when I died, and it changed me. I wanted to learn everything about such a thing."

"Where do you get your literature?"

"Louis. Father Chastel and I are close friends."

"I'm glad to hear that. He seems like a very nice fellow."

"He's one of the few people who will actually talk to me about... alternative faiths."

"You're safe to talk in this room. Everyone here is fairly open-minded."

"It's not that we don't believe. I just don't believe that there's nothing to learn from other faiths."

"Have you seen anyone in this town who does, should I say, strange things. Very strange things, things that perhaps hint at something metaphysical?" Renée shakes her head. "Well, we detained one of the followers and we believe that the leaders may have some unusual powers."

"Well..." Renée takes a moment to think. "It's not without precident. Satan has been known to give gifts to his followers."

"I've seen these sorts of powers before... they're not... you'd be surprised who holds some of these powers. Members of the church and whatnot. I think that they are gifts from God. I think that these people are using their powers to manipulate their followers."

"What do you plan to do with them?"

"I don't know, I'm just very happy I'm working with two crusaders. To be quite honest, my entire life until ten, fifteen years ago was mostly dedicated to politics, and study, of course."

Renée looks upon Xavier sympathetically. "I'm glad you've changed your mind."

"Me too."

Xavier remarks that the crusaders will know what to do, and that research will need to be done about what they've recently learned. More questions, however, come to his mind.

"Have you noticed any pattern to the doorsteps these stones have been left on? The children? Their parents? Anything in common? Particularly faithful or particularly faithless?"

"Well, I don't know how many people simply didn't notice. I'm sorry that I can be more useful."

"You're fine." Xavier says.

Nora muses. "I wonder if there's a correlation between the symbols on the walls and the rocks left on the doorsteps."

"Perhaps we should let the captain of the guard know..." Xavier replies. "Hmmm, that might show our hand."

The group decides that research is the priority, and says their goodbyes. Renée tells them they all have very important things to do, seemingly speaking both about the immediate actions and future potential. Nora tells her that she intends to stop by later for supplies, which makes Renée happy. She tells the group that she will help in any way she can.

Nora and Xavier head to the library, and spend hours scouring the library and its tomes for the symbol. They are surprised to find it, buried in texts about Babylon and ancient Sumeria. The arcane sigil means "Innocence." Xavier tells Nora that he believes that it was intended for the children to pick the stones up. Nora agrees, and considers that the stones may only appear on the doorsteps of families with children. They are unable to decide why the houses are marked, and theorize that the symbol could be some kind of protection against whatever horrible thing the cult believes will happen, akin to Passover.

When the crusaders arrive, the group sits down and discusses the new symbol and its meaning, as well as its relation to the children. Eventually, the fact that Nora is the only one who has not had a personal chat with the boy comes up, and the team decides that she might be the best to bring up the symbol of innocence. Gabriel decides to go with her and wait outside the door, in case the cultist attempts anything.

"Do me a favor," Gabriel says to Nora. "Find out his name."

A long silence precede's the inevitable response, "You mean you haven't done that yet?"

"We didn't think to." Xavier says. Hugo just chuckles at the oversight.

Louis inquires as to Renée's wellbeing, and is reassured that she is doing well, and that she spoke very highly of Louis. "She flatters me." Louis responds, sheepish. Hugo grunts in agreement, and Louis glances over at him. Nora continues upstairs while the group discusses the deepening threat with Father Chastel. She knocks gently, then opens the door, presenting a small meal for the boy.

"Hello." She says.

"I haven't seen you before. What do you want?"

"There's a first meeting for everything. I brought you some food. I'm Nora, and I guess my first question is what is your name?"

"Florian. You're the first one to ask my name."

"I'm afraid that was a terrible oversight on the part of my comrades, I suppose. I was rather suprised myself." She sets the food down in front of him, and nudges it toward him. "Would you like any?" He refuses indifferently. "They said you haven't really been eating before."

"I don't really see much of a point anymore. Are you faithful?"

"I'd say so. Although perhaps... not necessarily in the way the others are, I don't know. Do you consider yourself faithful?"

"Yes. And that's why your friends are going to kill me."

"That's not surprising. Faith has ended the lives of many of the saints."

Florian smiles. "What have you heard from the others? What have they told you about me?"

"There's been a few small discussions, particularly the topic of suffering and whether or not God understands it."

"Do you believe God understands what it's like to be human?"

"No, I don't. God created us in his image, but we are not God. God is omniscient, he is everywhere, he is benevolent to us. I believe there's a certain, perhaps, understand of the concept of suffering. It is like if I were to see a woman who had been severely beaten, I could understand and I could have compassion for her. I am not experiencing what she experiencing. I do not feel it as she feels it. That does not mean that I cannot be kind to her. I feel that is how God and humans are. God offers us salvation, but he does not understand suffering the way we feel it."

"But is it valuable? If you had something horrible happen to you, would you want to talk to someone who had never been through that? Who had always lived happy? Would it have any meaning to talk to them? Even if they were kind... if they had never been through what you had, would it have any value?"

"I think so. Because compassion between people is the most important thing. If it wouldn't matter, we could all live our daily lives and be horribly cruel to each other, and what meaning would our lives have, at all? What would be the point of existing? Our compassion for others makes us human. It makes our interactions valuable. That understand, that ability to empathize with others... I view it as so important. It's what makes us... we cannot be God, we cannot never reach the state of his greatness, but that is the closest we can be to Him."

Florian pauses, nodding slowly. "I agree that being kind to each other is important. In fact, I do care.... If you could make everyone happy... Forever.... what would you do to make that happen? Would you do something terrible? Would that compassion drive you to do something evil?"

Nora considers his idea carefully. A long time passes while she thinks, assimilates, and dissects the concept and how it relates to her. Florian takes a bit of the fruit and eats while she does so. "That's a very difficult question to answer. I feel that without knowing what the act was and without being in that situation, it's hard to say what I would do in any given, dramatic, drastic situation without actually experiencing it. I'd like to think I would have, perhaps, the courage, we could say, to essentially sacrifice my soul for the betterment of others, but at the same time, I would have to know for sure that it would, in fact, save everyone. Although I don't know if that's possible, honestly, I don't know if there's any evil act that offers the salvation that God offers people."

"So... perhaps you might understand why I'm so reluctant to help you all. Because I know you want to stop us."

"This group... it wants to commit an evil act, to save everyone? You believe that you can save everyone?"

"Yes." Florian responds. "I just wish I could make everyone understand, that what we're doing, we're doing for everyone."

"How can you be sure? How can you be sure it will work?" Nora inquires.

"How can you be sure of anything? You have to have faith."

"True. There's something I was wondering..." Nora pulls the paper with the branch-like symbol on it. "The significance of this, to you... Some of the children have been seen playing with stones with this symbol on it. Are they safe from this event?"

Florian doesn't answer, and instead stares at the ground, intentionally avoiding looking at the symbol. "They will benefit from it just like everyone else... but change is required to turn from our evil ways.... and change hurts."

"The symbol is important to this change."


Nora nods. "Is there anything that you want to talk about?"

"I'm just waiting."

"Will this happen soon?"

"Yes. I don't have much time to make you understand."

"Are there many people who believe as you do?"

"More than you think."

"Well, I'll think more about what you said, Florian. I'll leave you be. In the mean time, please, try to eat some more fruit." Nora says in a sympathetic tone. She places a hand on his shoulder. Florian looks her in the eye, the turns away. Nora gets up to leave.

"Thank you." Florian's voice calls to her as she passes through the doorway. "For speaking with me."

"My pleasure." She closes the door behind her. She looks up at Gabriel, obviously troubled, and he hugs her.

"I can see why Father appreciates you." Gabriel says.

"I would like to gather everyone and speak. Whatever this group is planning, it's going to happen soon." Nora warns. The group assembles in the study, and she stands before them to share her findings.

"I managed to get a little bit more information. His name is Florian. He and his group seem to have this belief that through an act of evil, they can save everyone. They can make everyone happy forever."

"That's actually very disturbing," Xavier points out. "That sounds like some sort of satanic trickery, don't you think?"

"It's a classic dillemma." Gabriel notes.

"Whatever is going to happen is going to happen very soon. When I showed him the symbol on the stones, he acted as if it were very important, but he began to talk about change, and that particularly when I asked if the children would be safe, that change is necessary but the transformation would be painful, but that it would be for the best."

"Nice way of saying 'no.'" Gabriel grunts.

"What kind of transformation?" Hugo asks.

"I'm not sure, but he seemed to think that since we're trying to stop him, he won't give any more plans, because he truly believes that it is ultimately best for everyone. He highly values kindness and compassion and all of these things, but it's almost as if he feels as if he's making a great sacrifice."

"It seems like their beliefs are some kind of... mirror of Christ." Louis says. "An evil act that ultimately saves everyone."

"In the same way that Christ was crucified." Hugo clarifies. Father Chastel nods. "Milord, I think that it might be time to advance this a little further. Perhaps we might use some more... unusual techniques to extract information from the boy."

Silence falls over the group.

"I think I know what you're getting at..." Xavier says. Nora and Mary, however, begin to look very uncomfortable.

"This is starting to get dangerous." Hugo reminds them.

Xavier continues. "We have tried some things that are already rather unorthodox and got nowhere. Perhaps your methods would work, however, I think it's important to keep in mind that even though this particular person appears to be rather faithless, they don't view themselves as very different from us. He is a confused young man."

"I would describe him as being incredibly faithful." Nora adds. "His beliefs are different from ours, though. I mean, if you were put to a test..."

"Nora." Xavier interrupts her. She stops. "Thank you."

"I believe it would be best if we let Nora talk to him again tomorrow morning, and then perhaps try more aggressive action." Gabriel states with an authoritative tone.

"What would you want for me to extract from him, though?"

"I heard a lot of what you said. Maybe try to convince him that you could help him? That we could help each other, even in getting this done, without the evil means?"

Xavier steps in. "I think that's hard. I think he has you're staying power, your willpower. If I tried to convince you that by giving up on the Crusades I could help you win the Crusades, you wouldn't have done it, right? Do you see what I mean? We're not dealing with someone who is willing to bargain. It's already all or nothing."

"It's like he's making his own crusade." The templar states.

"It is." Father Chiasson agrees. "He is ready to die for this right now. We can't even offer him life and have it mean anything. We don't have any cards."

"I think we should let him go."

"That's what I was thinking. You let him go, he'll expect us to be tailing him, but eventually he's going to get around to doing something. Maybe you guys could tail him after we release him, since he's useless?"

Hugo nods. "I could do that."

"It's better than nothing."

"I agree." says Gabriel. "I don't much appreciate torture as a method."

"And I don't think beating him is going to help, either. It would be better that we don't do that stuff inside the church."

Nora breathes a sigh of relief as the moral crisis is averted. The group decides that this is likely their best course of action. Mary and Hugo will be the ones to tail Florian, and Nora will be the one to release him, claiming to have talked the others into letting him go.

Father Chastel decides to visit Renée and have discussions with her before the day is out, but then remarks that Pierre has been curiously absent. He decides to check on him as well.

Kody: Is this music too happy?
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Kody: That's actually remarkably appropriate considering the song is about transformation through suffering.

Talking about the possibility that Renée is a witch
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Nick opens a dice container and spills several onto the floor
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Nick: Yeah, I'm dropping these things everywhere.
Andrea: Are you going to lose my dice?
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Andrea: Good, that's what I hoped you were doing.

Debating about whether Nora will stay and talk with Renée or head with Gabriel and Hugo to Charles' house
Andrea: Well, I always want to talk to people, but at the same time Nora would know that she would be useful elsewhere.
Nick: Well, I'm sure they'll get through the woods just fine.
Kody: I dunno, no one else bought Navigate.
Nick: But they're going to be around hunters!

About the encounter with Anne and the cross gift
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