View Full Version : Ina's Quick and Dirty Exalted fix.

2011-06-24, 02:49 AM
Okay, so this is meant to fix my issues with Exalted. It does -not- exist to solve all issues you may or may not have.

In particular, it's not going to fix that some Exalt types are stronger than others. It's not going to touch individual charms, and it's not going to be more than a quick and dirty fix.

That said, here's my changes. Please assume they're built on top of the current errata.

An exalt can never be dealt more than two health levels worth of damage in a single attack, and only one health level worth of damage when the attack was reduced to minimum damage.
When using a perfect defense as part of a combo, the first use of the perfect defense costs one willpower. This does not stack with the willpower costs for using a perfect defense in combination with a form charm.

Basically, the first provision prevents people from one-shotting all over the place (which is anti-climactic and stuff, especially for a game like Exalted.) The second provision prevents people from perfect defending against all attacks.