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2011-06-26, 11:51 PM
Hi there great tabletop crowd, my name is lockend and Inwas hoping I could inlist your aid a bit here, I'm going to post a few things and I would like your opinions of them, insightful comments are always a bonus.

The first thing is in starships of the galaxy, now in that book is an upgrade called slave systems, it allows you to reduce the crew requirements of a ship by 1/3 for basic and 2/3 for advanced, now what the book does not say is what happens to all that wonderful space that no longer needs crew.

Perhaps I should explain further: you see the space required for each crewman is anywhere from 1 ep (emplacement point) to 5-10 ep for your crew, this means that you could be spending 1 tonne to 5 or (sorry I'll get the right value later) on crew, the 1 tonne of space for shuttle and anything you'll be in for less than a day, the 10 tonnes for spaces youll spend years in. (not this space accounts for living quarters, food, and life support systems to sustaine a living creature). That's alot of space that could be used for so many other goodies.

Now said space becomes available as the slave circuits reduce the need for
crew using droids and automated systems (sorry jetson we got a robot to do
that job for you) and since the rules don't specify anything about said space ( and so long as your game master do sent expect 10 tonnes of robot to take over your job) that space becomes "passenger quarters" which can and offend are ripped out to gain alot of emplacement points or cargo space tonnage!

So agree or disagree? Any comments help!

2011-06-27, 01:08 AM
The assumption, AFAIK, is that the space that would be used for crew is taken up by the systems necessary for the slave circuit. So if you had a 6 crew requirement and up to 16 passengers, then dropping the crew requirement to two people would mean that the four slots that are now being used by the slave circuits need the space the four crew members would use in order to operate.

2011-06-27, 01:15 AM
Slave circuit ships can be run remotely, but it's more designed to pick a person up or guide a ship into a particularly perilous spaceport, like a ship's pilot into a harbour.

You can have entirely droid ships...Han was on one in the Han Solo trilogy. They don't have life support.

And what if something goes wrong? Droids are stupid

2011-06-27, 02:39 AM
And what if something goes wrong? Droids are stupid
Case in point: the Katana fleet.