View Full Version : Making a spread sheet based creature/NPC creator?

2011-06-28, 05:11 AM
I'm doing a lot of custom creatures for my campaign, and it really gets quite a bit of work to calculate all the stats and write the numbers in by hand for each and every stat block.

Wouldn't it be possible to make a spread sheet based creature sheet that allows you to select creature type, hit dice, and ability scores (in the case of 3.5e creatures) and it automatically fills in BAB, grapple modifiers, saving throws, ability modifiers to skills, and so on?
I think I've seen something very similar as character sheets (though not neccessarily based on a spread sheet). Problem is, I have no idea how you'd do that. :smallannoyed:

2011-06-28, 07:39 AM
Very possible. Look up HeroForge and MonsterForge as starting points.

Actually, vanilla HeroForge might meet your needs as is. Just use the Custom Race tab extensively.

2011-06-28, 09:31 AM
Oh wow...

I think that is a bit overkill for me. :smallbiggrin:
And I don't think HeroForge can be used to create custom monsters. I'll try to find a DL of MonsterForge, though.

2011-07-04, 02:46 AM
Pretty sure it can, actually. It has a tab for Custom Race wherein you can define type, number of HD, and so forth just fine.

2011-07-04, 04:57 PM
You could also presumably use a spread sheet program. Excel would do, though every creature type would need its own page, file, or area on a page.

2011-07-04, 06:22 PM
Ya it could be done and I've been thinking of doing it in Excel for a long time. It's a lot of work that's all. I might make a PC creator first as for now I only have time to be a PC not a DM, since I notice it takes a long time to make and level up a PC too. Though not nearly as much as 10 monsters. That may actually save me time overall even after I spend time inputting in 15 different classes. And I can springboard it into monsters/NPCs later if I ever magically get free time.