View Full Version : Trondel, Throne of the Gods (BW setting)

The Oakenshield
2011-06-28, 02:09 PM
This is just an opening paragraph/blurb/intro to give the players the very general feel of the setting for an upcoming Burning Wheel game. Most of the details are still blurry, so this is all I have.

Just posting it to see what the mighty Playground thinks! (i.e.: cool, not cool, original, boring, etc...)

Trondel is a world beset by winter. For years at a time snow blankets the tundra, ice grips the trees, and storms batter the coast. A pale sun shines weakly on the peoples battling for survival against their foes and the very elements. And then, for a few months, the snow recedes, the seas calm and the sun shines bright and golden. Treaties are signed, grudges put aside, as farmers rush to their fields to sow and plant, hunters bring in fresh meat, and the world knows peace for a while. But, inevitably, winter returns, and so does war. Swords are sharpened, shields polished and spells recited. As resources once again become scarce, competition flares, and ancient hatreds once again burn strong.

Thanks for reading!