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2011-06-29, 02:18 PM
The Inspirational Performer

Cunning Defense class feature
Inspire Competence class feature
Cross-Training† feat
†New feat, see below.

Hit Die: d8

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells|Inspiration Points
+2|Bardic Music, Factotum Abilities, Bardic Knowledge||1
+3|Inspired Song|+1 level of existing spellcasting class|1
+3|Song Recovery|+1 level of existing spellcasting class|1
+4|Enhanced Inspiration||2
+4|Song of Utter Clarity|+1 level of existing spellcasting class|2[/table]

Skill Points per Level: 6+Int modifier
Class Skills: An inspirational singer treats any skill as a class skill.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An inspired performer does not gain any proficiency with weapons or armor.

Bardic Music: Your inspired performer levels stack with your bard levels to determine which types of music you have access to, as well as for the effects of each type of music.

Factotum Abilities: Your inspired performer levels stack with your factotum levels for determining the number of uses per day and maximum spell level of your Arcane Dilettante class feature, as well as for the amount you heal with your Opportunistic Piety and effective cleric level when using it to turn undead.

Bardic Knowledge: Your inspirational performer levels stack with your bard levels for determining your bonus to bardic knowledge checks.

Inspiration Points: An inspiring performer gains inspiration points, as according to the table. These are added to their inspiration pool from the factotum class.

Spellcasting: At all levels except 1st and 4th an inspirational performer's caster level increases and she gains new spells per day and spells known as if she had taken another level of the bard class.

Inspiring Music: An inspirational performer can sing(or otherwise perform) to create several magic effects, described below.

Song of Utter Clarity(Su): An inspirational performer of 5th level with 14 or more ranks in a Perform skill can clear the minds of his allies, allowing them to benefit from sporadic bursts of insight. While the inspirational performer is playing, she can add 1 to the inspiration point cost of any factotum ability she can use to allow an ally to benefit from it, instead of the inspirational performer herself. If the ability requires that the user specify something(for example, which enemy to gain a dodge bonus against or whether to turn undead or heal with cunning defense and opportunistic piety, respectively), the ally does, but the ability is treated as being used by the inspirational performer for all other purposes(for example, factotum level and intelligence modifier for determining the healing from opportunistic piety).

For example, Lezz(bard 3/factotum 3/inspirational performer 5) uses cunning defense while playing a song of utter clarity, paying 2(1 base+1) inspiration points to allow an ally to gain the benefits of the ability. The ally chooses an enemy, as if he had used the ability himself, and gains a dodge bonus to AC equal to Lezz's intelligence modifier rather than his own.

Starting a song of utter clarity costs two uses of bardic music, and requires a move action each round to concentrate on. It lasts for as long as the inspirational performer concentrates+1 round.

Inspired Song(Su): An inspirational performer of 2nd level or higher gains sudden, sporadic insight into how to make her music more powerful. By spending 1 inspiration point as a free action, an inspirational performer can treat herself as high enough level to gain the next level-dependent benefit of a type of bardic music.

For example, a 3rd level bard/3rd level factotum/2nd level inspirational performer could, while playing inspire courage, pay an inspiration point to treat herself as 8th level(when the bonus given by the song increases to +2) for the duration of that encounter.

Song Recovery(Ex): An inspirational performer of 3rd level or higher can use the remains of one song to begin another. By spending 2 inspiration points as a swift action, an inspirational performer can, if she had used a bardic music ability within the last two rounds, begin another bardic music ability without using up another use of bardic music

Enhanced Inspiration(Ex): At 4th level an inspirational performer can enhance the strength of a surge of inspiration with her force of personality. A number of times per day equal to her inspirational performer level, the inspirational performer can add her charisma modifier to her intelligence modifier for the purpose of calculating the effects of her factotum abilities.

New Feats

You've found that the inspiration of a performer and that which you use are one and the same.
Benefits: Your factotum levels stack with your bard levels to determine bardic knowledge bonus, and your bard levels stack with your factotum levels to determine how many inspiration points you have.
Normal: Only your bard levels are counted when determining your bardic knowledge bonus, and only your factotum levels are counted when determining your inspiration point pool.

Inspired Music
You are driven to perform by flashes of inspiration.
Prerequisites: Bardic Music class feature, Inspiration class feature
Benefits: You gain one additional use of bardic music, as well as one inspiration point.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.