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2011-07-03, 04:32 PM
The Brawler

He stood in the arena as the crowd chanted 'Micky!' over and over again. He loved that sound. He knew he was their champion in and out of the ring. Giants have found themselves in pain over the bone crushing haymaker he could deliver. He seemed perfectly indestructible. He was a force of nature many would say. No, but Micky was something. He was their Brawler. And this, was just another match to add to his legend and glory.

Many monks devote themselves to monasteries, dojos, temples, or places to completely devote themselves to the art. Some pick up weapons there, or continue just to use their fists. But, then there are some monks who found themselves being thrown out of the temple, or not even able to get into one. These rare few who still wish to ply their craft, tend to take to the streets, or the rings and develop many different ways to use their bare hands to inflect pain. Theses few, are called Brawlers.

Requirements: Any non-lawful.

Combat Reflexes: The brawler gains this feat at level three regardless of prerequisites, this replaces Still mind.

Diehard: The brawler gains this feat at level 13 regardless of prerequisites, this replaces Diamond soul.

Haymaker: At level 15, the brawler gets a 18-20 crit rate, and x3 damage on critical hits. Replaces quivering palm.

To the Victor goes the Spoils: At level 17, the brawler gains wealth equal to 880,000 gold pieces. This replaces timeless body.

Glory to the Winner: At level 17, the brawler gains a +6 to all Charisma skills, additionally he gains a + 2 modifier to Intimidate, Preform, Bluff And Profession. This replaces tongue of sun and moon.

Juggernaut: At level 19, a brawler gains the ability to enter into a superhumanly strong state. He gains +4 strength modifier, adding the usual benefits of the strength modify to all scores (to hit, to damage). This state lasts only one minute and costs three ki points replaces empty body.

Champion: At Level 20, a brawler gives off an aura according to his alignment (Good, Evil, or chaotic) if true neutral, he gives off no aura, and gets a damage reduction of 10/lawful. This replaces Perfect Self.

If a Brawler Monk becomes Lawful, he cannot continue as a Brawler archetype, but retains all Brawler traits

2011-07-03, 05:16 PM
The idea of just getting money on level-up out of nowhere seems somewhat difficult storywise...it'd probably be better to give him an earlier-on gradual bonus to earned money.

2011-07-03, 07:12 PM
Combat Reflexes for Still Mind is fair enough...probably a bit of a better deal, but not huge.

Diehard for Diamond Soul sounds like a bad deal to me, but that might be a good thing to balance out the other features.

Does Haymaker stack with Improved Critical or the like? If so, it's pretty darn strong. I don't think it's strictly overpowered, but it's probably better than Quivering Palm overall, since crit immunity blocks Quivering Palm anyway and QP is only 1/day. Makes monks an excellent crit-fisher. If it doesn't stack, it's solid, but nothing amazing.

Did Pathfinder increase WBL significantly? Because if not, extra wealth greater than a 20th level character at 17th is...tremendously powerful. Even if it didn't, 880,000 gold is leagues better than Timeless Body.

Glory to the Winner is probably more useful than Tongue of the Sun and Moon, but it's far from overpowered.

Juggernaut is worded a bit oddly. It means...you get +4 to your actual Strength modifier, as if you had gained +8 Strength, right? That's pretty solid, at least competitive with Empty Body, maybe even a touch less powerful, although certainly better in combat.

And Champion is pretty much par with Perfect Self in all meaningful ways.

So overall, I'd say it's a solid alternate option, with the exception of To the Victor Go the Spoils. That ability is really out of place.