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2011-07-05, 08:49 AM
Hi all,

I'm playing a succubus in a gestalt game (actually a redeemed* succubus/spellthief), i'm soon enough going to get the Alternate Form ability, which as specified for the succubus is humanoids only.

Problem is, i'm not finding anything that could improve on this ability.

So i'm in need of a feat, an ACF, magical item, additional racial levels (i'm using the revised savage species progression) or whatever to allow me to gradually add more creature types to my Alternate Form power.

The ones i'm most interested of are Fey, Monstrous Humanoids, Outsiders, and Aberrations.
(Why in the Abyss can't a succubus turn into a dryad, siren, ghaele or female minotaur, while a phasm can ? Lord Demorgorgon pray for me !!)

I know there are balance issues with the Alternate Form Ability, and I'm biased since this is my character, so would any of you brilliant Homebrewers cook something up for me ?

* : Redeemed is a template from book of templates, deluxe edition, aimed at evil outsiders. You lose summoning, energy drain, 2 points of LA, and all evil spell likes and characteristic are replaced with good-aligned equivalents (so i got DR/evil, lucky me) ;-)
Also comes with some flavorful aura and touch effects, my choice was friendship aura and minor charm touch.

2011-07-11, 04:00 AM

Please ?

2011-07-11, 01:22 PM
Have you looked around? Zaydos' shapeshifting class, which if I remember correctly, is called the Formshifter, gives you not only multiple alternate forms, but also some other shapeshifting goodness as well. Hope this helps.

2011-07-11, 01:49 PM
Just take Warshaper, from Complete Warrior. Gives you some cool immunities, bonuses, etc. for any shapeshifter (+swift action shapeshifting, I think).

2011-07-12, 04:36 AM
Hi guys,

Thanks for the advices, but the formshifter gives wild shape, and is a 20lvl base class. IE : not what i'm looking for, sorry.

About the warshaper, i'm stinted by this phrase :

The alternate form ability (possessed by quasits, vampires,
and others) is insufficient to become a warshaper.

So i don't qualify, until i get to cast polymorph...

Lonely Tylenol
2011-07-12, 06:56 AM

Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but I created a 10-level prestige class called the Trophy Hunter (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=205394) which has the ability to shape into any favored enemy which it has made a trophy out of. The capstone allows you the ability to shape into any favored enemy type for which you have a trophy (as long as the CR isn't greater than the creature you made the trophy out of). That is to say, if you make a trophy out of a CR16 animal, and you're a Trophy Hunter 10, you can use alternate form to shift into any animal CR16 or less! Since 10 levels in the class grants you five different favored enemies, you can take five that aren't humanoid (since you already have alternate shape for humanoids) and extend your range by five creature types.

Again, I'm sure it's not exactly what you were looking for, but hopefully it's a start in the right direction. :smallsmile:

2011-07-12, 08:43 AM
Hi Lonely_tylenol,

Yeah, this is basically what i'm trying to achieve, what bothers me the most with your class are the first 5 "dead" levels, and the fact that i would need the capstone (another 5 levels) to truely get what i'm looking for...

RAW, i have to take the first 5 levels BEFORE adding anything to my current alternate forms, but by then i would get 3 types but only from the trophies i'd make, mmmm...

Also, this would add a lot of number crunching to my already overwhelmed sheet (favored ennemies, list of trophies, bunch of trophy bonuses with associated occupied body slots, plus all your class abilities, that's a lot !)

I'd say it's an interesting possibility, but not perfect what i'm looking for.

Thanks for the idea though.

I've moved my request to the appropriate thread, so for further advices or propositions, please see R642 and associated Q/C642s in this thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72870&page=44). Mods should feel free to close this thread. Thanks to all three of you for your time and ideas.

2011-07-12, 02:38 PM
Sounds like the Master of Many Forms PrC.