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Howler Dagger
2011-07-05, 10:43 PM
Ok, this is a project im developing, it is a new RPG system. criticism and comments are welcome.
So, there are three skills Power(measuring you physical strength) Mental(Measuring will power, inelligence, wisdom and charisma) and Agility(Measuring your speed and dexterity). You Start out with 2 in each, plus whatever bonus you get from your class. Whenever you need to make a check:
{table]Rank | Probability of success
1. 3D12 | 23,6%
2. 3D8 | 34,4%
3. 4D12 | 42,7%

4. 3D4 | 62,5%
5. 4D8 | 59,0%
6. 4D4 | 90,6%[/table] thanks to Zejety for providing the probabilities
You can't increase a stat to six(see specialized skills)
To suceed, you need to roll a pair or three of a kind, ie 3 fours, 2 eights and 2 sixes would work, but not 1 two or 1 ten.
There are 2 kinds of bonuses to a check. Forced(F) and Voluntary(V). When you apply a voluntary bonus, add the bonus to a number you roll.. Example: if you roll 5 6 and 8, and you have a +1 bonus, you can add that to the 5 to make it a 6. You do not have to apply a voluntary bonus. The Specialized skill focus is an example of a voluntary bonus. A Forced bonus is a penalty, because you add it to one in a pair or three of a kind. example: you roll a 1 2 and 2, if you hadd a forced penalty of 1, you would have to apply it to one of the 2s, so you would have a 1 2 and 3. this can also make win if you say rolled a 7 7 and 8, with a forced bonus of 1 you would add it to the 7, making an 8, meaning you would still win.
The only difference between 3 of a kind and a pair is in combat.
The World:
This game is set in a modern world, but not in a society that exists today. None of the common people have acsess to weapons.
The plan is to have 9 classes, each one tied to a stat.
Power Classes: Brawler, Forger
Mental Classes: Politician, Scientist, Private Investigator.
Agility Classes: Scout, Jail Bird
At the beggining of a game when you create your character, you choose a class, and you get a +1 bonus to whatever stat it is tied to. each class also has a Specialized Skill Focus,(see specialized skills)
Specialized Skills
Specialized skills represent more than a normal skill check. each class gets a specialized skill focus, which gives them a +1(see below) to that check, and you treat the stat tied to it as being 1 point higher when you make a check. So far, the one i have are: Nature(Scout), Persuasion(Politician), Fight (Brawler), Knowledge (Scientist), Escape (Jail Bird), Investigate (PI).
To make a fight check against an enemy, the you and the enemy roll an agility check. If you both fail you miss, if you fail and the enemy wins, ypu miss. if you both win, you hit, and if you win and the enemy doesnt you hit. Then Make A fight check. Pair does 1 damage and three of a kind does 2 damage. If you dont get a pair or three of a kind, you may roll, but if you treat your power stat to be 1 lower(example: brawler doesnt get any with 3d4, so he can try again with 3d8) Hit points and order of combat are to be determined later
More to come later

Epsilon Rose
2011-07-06, 12:59 AM
Few things Mr. Disguise:

You might be better off if you could provide some more context (and more material in general). Is this meant as a fix for 3.5 or some other system or is it's own stand alone thing? A clear statement of your goals would be a good idea.
How/will the value of the pair or weather it's a pair or three of a kind affect things?
How do you intend to advance after rank 3? Do you intend to advance beyond that?
Do you know the odds distrabutions for these combinations and goals (I do not, but I'm worried failure might be to common at rank 1 and to rare at rank 3).
Have you looked at Cthulhutech's Framewerk system? It uses an increasing pool of d10s and a players "score" is determined by the highest of high roll, sum of a run or sum of a straight.

2011-07-06, 04:20 AM
Are there more ranks to come?
At rank 3, the chances for success are merely 10/16 = 62,5%

What are the DM's options to simulate tasks of varying difficulty? A bonus/malus to your skill ranks? You will run into a problem here when you reach D1s. ;)

This system also has the problem that players will have a hard time to intuitively grasp the probabilities of success, something that I really like about the D20 and D% systems.

If you want my honest opinion, I personally feel like this system will not work as a core mechanic for a Pen&Paper because it lacks flexibility. But I do like the mechanic when viewed out of context.
You could try to use it for specific situations (e.g.: "If your damage roll shows two of a kind, it's a critical") or make something entirely else out of it, maybe a board game.

Edit: I just realised that there IS a nice way to make rolls easier (either by default or to simulate easy tasks): Increasing the number of dice rolled. Maybe I was a bit hasty in my first opinion.
Still, this needs work if it's to persuade me.

Edit 2: Adding dice won't work too well eith, though. Every die added will increase probability of success tremendously (especially on rank 3) and rank 3 skills can not fail with 5 dice. :/

Edit 3: For completeness' sake:
{table]Roll | Probability of success
3D12 | 23,6%
3D8 | 34,4%
3D4 | 62,5%

4D12 | 42,7%
4D8 | 59,0%
4D4 | 90,6%[/table]