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2011-07-08, 06:35 PM
ToB maneuvers are very similar to spells. However, unlike spells, they have epic system.
Time to change that.
Examples are included where they are found neccesarry.
The basic mechanics are as follows:
New Epic feat
Epic Initiation[Epic]
You may create and perform epic maneuvers. Epic maneuvers are created by combining two or more lesser maneuvers, in a way that depends on their classification. They take up two readied maneuver slots, are only refreshed when all maneuvers are refreshed, and only one may be readied at a time. To create an epic maneuver, your IL must be equal to (Total level of combined maneuvers)*2


When combined with a counter, strikes allow the usage of that strike as part of that counter, if the usage of that counter is successful. This uses the counter's initiation time.
FOR EXAMPLE: If Zephyr Dance and SSCIES were combined, if that epic maneuver was initiated and the attack in was performed in response to missed, SSCIES could then be used against the target. Other Counters may be "successful" based on something else, the DM should determine this.

When combined with another strike, they will typically allow simultaneous usage of those two strikes. This uses the greater of the two strikes initiation time's. See the Special Combinations for the exceptions.

Typically, strikes do not much benefit from being combined with boosts, only gaining initiation as part of the strike's normal initiation. See Special Combinations for the few exceptions.

When combined with another counter, the benefits of both are obtained. If one offers a numerical bonus or change of calculation to AC, then the creator may instead choose to apply it to a roll or static value used by another maneuver. See Special Combinations for other traits of some maneuvers. All Countrer-Counter maneuvers are initiated as an immediate action.
EXAMPLE: If Zephyr Dance were combined with any counter requiring a roll, such as Manticore Parry, that roll would receive a +4 bonus. If combined with a counter requiring the opponent to miss, the hit or miss would be calculated using the enhanced AC.

See Strikes for Counter-Strike combinations.

Any counter that involves an attack may be combined with a boost. Ts causes that boost to be applied to the counter's attack, even if it is actually delivered by another. See Special Combinations for exceptions.
EXAMPLE: Combining Inferno Blade with Manticore Parry would cause the redirected attack to deal an extra 3d6+IL damage.

Boosts have already been explained.

Developing an Epic Maneuver is a process of highly intense, devastating training. This risks destroying an individual's body. To counteract this, (1000 gp* minimum level to create an Epic maneuver) in special medical substances and meditation-aiding substances are required. The individual must also expend XP equal to the cost/25. The training requires a number of days equal to the minimum level required to create a maneuver.
The amount of money spent may be halved by doubling the training time.
The amount of time spent may be halved by doubling the training time, but this inflicts (total combined level of maneuvers) points of CON damage.

Design notes
The idea for this came from the Exalted combo system. The Special Combinations will be started soon.

2011-07-08, 06:36 PM
Certain maneuvers or maneuver types may have an unusual effect when used as part of an epic maneuver. The following is, in no particular order, a list of these.

Any maneuver which augments a single melee attack(E.G, the Nightmare Blade series) may, when combined with another maneuver which augments a single melee attack, be one strike that gains all involved benefits.
EXAMPLE: Combining Diamond Nightmare blade with Strike of Perfect Clarity would result in an attack that dealt (normal damage * 4)+400.

The Maneuver Time Stands Still, when combined with any maneuver initiated as a standard or full-round action, allows you to perform that maneuver twice with 1 full-round action.

The Nightmare Blade series of maneuvers may be combined with a boost in order to multiply any damage it adds by the appropriate amount.

War master's charge may be combined with another strike or boost, in order to give all benefiting allies the 1/2 the effect of that strike or boost.

When Zephyr Dance is part of an Epic Maneuver, it automatically allows that maneuver, if it is initiated as an immediate action, to be performed between an attack being known to hit and damage calculation, potentially undoing the hit.

The boosts Dancing Mongoose and Raging Mongoose can be combined with strike which involves making a melee attack in order to make the appropriate number of NORMAL ATTACKS in addition to the strike.

Any boost can be combined with a strike which it would not normally affect in order to make it affect it.

Adamantine tornado may be combined with a Strike that uses a single attack in order to cause that strike to affect everyone within reach ONCE.

More will be added to this list as I think of them.

2011-07-08, 07:07 PM
Haven't had the time to read over yours, but I think you should read Demented One's Epic Level Discipline (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134459) if you haven't already.

2011-07-08, 07:42 PM
...Huh. It also draws from Exalted.
Not too surprising, I guess, since Exalted is basically an automatic Epic campaign.

But more importantly, the purpose of this is to create something akin to epic spell casting- something that lets you create custom abilities, which makes more sense at epic levels. Epic characters should be pioneers in their field, rather than just learning more powerful already-known abilities.