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2011-07-15, 12:19 AM
So, this is for one of the games someone is hosting on GitP, and my general concept for this god is basically the creator of the maddening abberations and eldritch horrors that we all know and love.

My actual question: What domain do you think would fit best for this sort of God? Abberations? Madness? What?

2011-07-15, 12:34 AM
Madness, horror, aberrations. Bleh, those are all boring. Give it some flavor.

Let me tell you a story, child. A story of the Creator.

Long ago, when the universe was void, the Creator became. Out of nothingness, she appeared. And she was perfect. First, she brought physicality, the worlds and stars and sun and sky. Life blossomed around her feet, and at her whim they grew sentient. All was good for the Creator.

But, the Creator was as she did. While life was good for that which was made, the Creator continued to create. Every thought spawned a new being, every breath saw new life. This was not in and of itself a bad thing, but soon her otherworldly beauty turned to other things.

While the Creator had first made the universe, she had made horrifying monsters, abominations to those of us. But she loved them all, as she loved every creation. Just because we were not made first does not mean we are loved any less. Even though we see them as horrors does not mean they are any less loved, either.

The problem came when her creations began to exceed the bounds of her original creation, that of physicality. When beings which tore time, bent space and shredded causality began to form, the lives of all others were threatened. The Creator became the greatest destroyer at that moment, even in the process of her creation.

The realization of this led to her creating powerful beings, beings we might call gods. The gods banded together, using their might to chain the Creator, to force her into a chamber of her own design, the only cage which had a chance to contain her. It was there they sealed it, and with it they ended the abominations.

The gods, knowing that they existed only to capture and torture the one being which made them, grew to hate themselves. They joined the lesser beings, ruling over them as was so easy for them, and they diluted their memories until the Creator was simply an echo of a fantasy.

But, even the Creator could not stop herself. Loopholes had been made, and the Creator still existed. While the cage she had made had locked her out of the physical world, even out of time itself, she could not be held at bay, for it is impossible to completely separate the creations from the Creator.

Even now, her creations leak back in, horrors beyond our imaginings, because they should not have been for us. We let her back in, for without her we could not be. But, as she comes, she brings with her these threats. And so, we wait, balancing on a knife point, waiting for her to fully break out of the cage she made, and for her to begin creating once more.

Now, sleep, child, for the night will soon be done, and we have work we must do tomorrow.

I give you The Creator, god of creation. Her domains are Creation, Life, and Love. She is also the mother of all the eldritch abominations, with a few plot points thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

2011-07-15, 12:49 AM
o_O That's... wow... I am humbled yet again by my lack of... well, what you just did. Thank you. I don't know if I can use this, but thank you regardless.

2011-07-15, 12:53 AM
Not a problem. It was fun to stretch the creative muscles.

2011-07-15, 01:04 AM
That was beyond awesome.

Dragon Star
2011-07-15, 06:10 PM
Hell, /forum.
Have you published a book yet?

2011-07-15, 11:55 PM
...Has who published a book yet?

2011-07-16, 01:13 AM
...Has who published a book yet?

You, good sir.

2011-07-16, 01:24 AM
I have not, unfortunately. Still need to actually accomplish that whole "finish a book" thing. It has been on my mind, however (though, really, that's not too rare).

2011-07-16, 01:32 AM
Dude. Flipping sweet. Great fluff dere. Going to use this, actually.

2011-07-16, 01:04 PM
Holy crap, screw Tharizan.this is epic!

2011-07-16, 10:40 PM
Okay, so, I've been thinking, trying to come up with a god that is not cliche, but also is more abomination-y for you. What about this?

Alright, alright, calm down you bunch of liver-moths, I've got a story to top you all. You ever heard of the Spectrum? It be a rare tale, one from my homeland, where I ain't been for quite some time. But, this story be fresh in my mind, fresh as the day I was told.

It began on a dark, starry night, no wind at all, just the sky, the stars, and a man, standing on a hill, a bunch of stones all about him. The crystal he waved about soaks up the starlight, glowing a light blue, and then he smashed it on the ground in front of him.

In an instant, the stars went out. The man looked about, confused, but a shape welled up in front of him. It was... insane. Words cannot aptly describe its shape, but one thing can be said of it. It wasn't natural. In a moment of lesser fluidity, it reached out an appendage, though whether it was a hand or a beak or a tentacle, few could say, in any case the man, who by this point was nearly out of his mind with fear, tried to move away, but as he did, he noticed that a darkness was swallowing the surroundings, moving slowly, but perceptibly, closer.

When he turned back, the creature had again changed, and this time it was larger, though its other features stayed inconstant. This time, as the being reached out an appendage, the man fearfully reached out and touched it. In a flash of light which may have been brighter than a thousand suns, the creature vanished, and the stars reappeared.

The man later described touching the creature as if he had found the mind of the multiverse and had had a conversation with it. He said that he had seen the multiverse be born, grow, and die, only to be born again from the ashes. Though the creature asked for no worship, asked for nothing at all really, the man felt compelled to share what he had seen. He said this was not out of fear, not out of duty, but out of the compassion.

From his own mouth, the man said that the being was lonely. It had been the most powerful creature in the last universe, and he had survived its demise, but without that multiverse, he had become estranged. His very presence spawned creatures that were the bane of this world, and his form could not be maintained under the rules of this world. He had the choice of attempting to experience this new multiverse, and risk destroying it, or else to remain outside it, to be forever isolated. He chose, instead, to briefly enter, every once in a while, just for a little companionship. He knows so much, and has so much to tell, but even staying for a few moments could be disastrous. So, he hides, hoping that one day he can stay in the world for longer.

Anyway, I heard that story from the man himself. I thought it was a tad fantastical, myself, but the man then jumped from the cliff face, sprouted wings of silver, and flew away. As he flew, he called back to us to beware the creatures of the mound, but no one had any idea what he meant.

That night, the most horrifying creatures I've ever seen, before and since, razed our home. They destroyed everything. I lost both my parents and my dog. I ran from that place and never went back. Maybe some things just should be left alone.

The god has no name, as he is barely understandable in this world. His followers call him "The Survivor," a reference to his being the only creature to have survived from the previous multiverse. His followers seek for ways to bring him into the real world, but without spawning horrible monsters which disobey the laws of our world. They constantly seek ways of speaking to him, and to watch those speaking to him, so as to find a way to let him exist.

In addition, an elite group of his followers call themselves the Seekers of the Furthest Source. The Seekers capture and keep the abominations, studying them, trying to find how they tick. Their belief is that, if he creates these beings, perhaps the reason is because it is the laws of his world converging on this world. Thus, perhaps the way to allow him to join this world is to find out what is different between the worlds.

However, many other religions decry these beliefs, claiming that this creature is a master of subterfuge and was banished for a reason. While their gods remain silent on the reality of the Survivor, many clerics seek to destroy both his followers and the creatures he spawns. Some particular clerics believe that perhaps this creature is from another multiverse, and that he is the destroyer of said multiverse. They believe that he is attempting to get access to this world so as to destroy it. The Sisterhood of the Living Planes actively seeks to destroy all such abominations, and all of the Survivor's followers. They are one of the largest multi-faith organizations, accepting anyone who wishes to fight against the cosmic horrors of the Survivor.

His domains are Knowledge, Secrets, and Suffering.

Hope that's maybe closer to what you wanted!

2011-07-17, 01:43 AM
...alas, another terrific being, but unfortunately I still can't use him as he's written. But you've done this twice with amazing fruit to bear for each instance, so I feel obliged to... well, help you help me sort of speak. The actual game itself is here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=207284), but the gist of it is that we're the sons and daughters of the Creator God, and we are all half human since our mother was one. In the actual plot, as per how we start on the track from childhood to deity, we're all on a ship with the Creator when a leviathan comes and overturns it. Then, we are given free reign to describe exactly how our character goes from child to deity.

My idea: since the leviathan appeared, and my main domain is madness and eldritch abominations of the sort, I wake up in the stomach of the leviathan in the remains of the ship, only to discover the remains of the Creator, aka, my father. That, would be how I go mad. How I show that I've ascended from childhood to godhood is I transform the leviathan which swallowed us and the ship whole into the first of the Aboleths, and make it my minion.

Erm, yeah, that's my two cents. Feedback!

2011-07-17, 01:53 AM
...Aha, so I was going at this the wrong way. I thought you were trying to make a god to fit into a campaign setting and needed help fleshing out the domains. Right.

Okay, since your idea is behind eldritch horrors and madness, either of those could work. However, to give yourself something more to work with, and based on how you're approaching turning the Leviathan into the first Aboleth, what about going with Corruption? One could say that madness is the corruption of a healthy mind, and also that the corruption of the natural world results in aberrations. You could also take it into a variety of other routes, but that's the beauty of an open-ended domain.

Anyway, I hope I actually was able to help this time around. Let me know how it works out for you!

2011-07-17, 02:02 AM
Hm... that would actually work, but I think the DM that be wants our particular domain to be more specific, so, if we're shooting for your eldritch horror monstrosity, then I would pick Madness (unless there's another domain which actually fits better or just as well, which you have proven true). Honestly though, I think madness is just an overall better fit for the god concept in my head... I think.

2011-07-17, 02:05 AM
Well, definitely go for what your concept is over anything I throw at you (it'll always feel better to go with what you want over someone else's design).

In any case, I wish you luck on your god-mongering!

2011-07-17, 02:06 AM
Many thanks. And I hope you keep up the creativity. It was really, really well written.