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2011-07-20, 12:04 AM
Hi GitP! Just want to say first the the effort put behind the Avatar: the last Airbender homebrew is so nice to have access to, and saves time for fans like me.

Now that I have that mess out of the way... I've looked back at me campaign and came across a stump.
With how I set up the setting so far, (listed here in the spoiler box)
I've set it to take place 400 years before Aang defeated the firelord, so still many years before many of the known Avatars in the show, before firebenders wanted to take over the world... and, most importantly, before most canon events happen so I can GM and not screw up the canon world, (at least, not too badly and can be fix'd if anything goes wrong), and still have many of the main foundations that make the setting so cool, (benders, weird monsters, and eastern overtones).

The premises of this campaign is having the spirit world very close to the material world. People commune with the spirits regularly, and, thus, it is more likely, (still rare), to see spirits.

I've set up that the Earth Kingdom to be split into two countries, right now just calling them the Northern Earth Kingdom, (Gold), and the Southern Earth Kingdom, (Green). Each side, though separated, get along enough to stop fighting and co-exist... Until events of the Spirit world start to bombard both sides of the country, Spirits entering the Material world and start to cause havoc. Now both countries are blaming each other for the events, and will be taking up arms with a great war on the horizon.

With the imbalance of both the Material and the Spirit worlds causing such rampant destruction, the PC's need to find the Avatar and bring balance to the world.

note: I do not know the history of that far back. I have yet to find information to tell me otherwise, but it still remains that this mock history of mine might conflict with canon timeline and events. If so, please inform me and, more importantly, how I can fit my campaign into it without conflicting to 'real' timeline.

So, with this being so far back, with the Earth kingdom at edge, and the Spirit world on the edge... I need some cool creatures from the spirit world, (I'm happy with my first homebrew design on some of the spirit creatures they fought, purple hairy turtle-shelled bipedal spirit creatures that had two jaws, two pig noses and a ruby implanted on their foreheads). But I need more 'out-of-this-world' creatures... Avatar spirit creature style, not call of cthulu outsider style creatures.
I also need some villians, and a few antagonists to throw at them. I have a few ideas, but not enough to keep them occupied for as long as I need. I also really need early level encounters, (the purple creatures described above are CR 1/2 to 1 creatures, easy to hit, low-ish hitpoints, their bite deals a nice amount of damage though)

I was thinking of having one of the villains, (probably a reoccurring villain, later to be known as the BBEG's Dragon), to have the ability to summon these feral spirits, possibly be divinely powered. But would a divine power source be good for an eastern campaign, or should I try to refluff Arcane to fit in better with the eastern theme, (basically when reading the PrC's and fluff of OA for 3.0/3.5). I'm not really sure how to build said villain in game terms, and am still working on the main BBEG.

tl;dr : I'm idea fishing for eastern-styled spirit monsters, and oriental human villains, (benders or otherwise). Any help with new encounters or even adventures that would fit in a Avatar: the last Airbender setting would be most helpful.