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2011-07-23, 11:31 AM
Twinworlds is...small but extremely detailed. I need to get these details down on paper, though.

Notable Locations 1: Luftport
Luftport is perhaps the most important city in Binnenland. The largest skyport in the worlds, Luftport is the cultural and economic center of the midlands. In addition to the bustling airship trade, shallow nautical ships frequently venture up the Salzach river, and caravans occasionally depart to the north. The weather is temperate in nature, and the company varied. Despite the few unfortunate incidents in the dockyard district, the city is quite safe, and we eagerly look forward to seeing you in our fine town!
-Luftport Guildmaster Council

Luftport Locations:

Skyport: An impressively massive series of huge, metal and stone wrapped towers with wide docks stretching between them in a giant grid, the Skyport can hold dozens of the most massive airships ever created within it's walls. Captains must pay rather hefty docking fees here, but do so gladly, as throngs of passengers and piles of cargo are available to haul at almost any time. Hundreds of feet below the towers, a spawl of shanties, cheap taverns, and warehouses that comprise the dockyard district can be seen. Dropping anything of value from the Skyport is a guarantee that it'll never be seen again.

The Library Arcanum: It is said that if a spell exists, a copy of it can be found within this giant, marble structure. While this is surely an overstatement, the selection actually here is staggering, and the curators are known to pay handsomely for any new addition to their endless collection. Surrounded by some of the strongest magical security imaginable, and filled with mages, it is doubtless the safest location in the city. They will refuse access only to those with a history of starting trouble within, those known to be declared enemies of the city, or those who fail to pay the required fees.

The Open Market: Stretching across the midst of the city, near the Seaport, all manner of transients buying and selling can be found here. While items of higher value, such as expensive magic items, are traditionally only sold in secure shops behind closed doors, here hawkers and tradesmen sell absolutely everything else. Henchmen, mercenaries, laborers, and thieves prowl the area, looking for work.

Luftport Organizations:

Guildmaster Council: Intensely focused on mutual profit, this council is a collection of the richest and most powerful men in the city. Their concerns are split between promoting the image of the city as safe, and ruthlessly crushing any competition which dares to challenge them. The recent outbreak of violent crime is something they seem unable to deal with, and rumor among those in the know is that they intend to hire mercenaries to solve it.

Dockyard Authority: The strongest of the guilds, led by the notorious Hans Kreitzer, does not participate in the Guildmaster Council. It's official policy is that the rest of the city can go to hell, and not a single damn will be given. So long as you don't start trouble in the ports, the DA doesn't care who you are or what you've done.

Luftport People:

Hans Krietzer Small in stature, and getting on in years, Hans still has a fearless glint in his steely eyes. A continent spanning economic empire is in his hands, and he has no compunctions about doing whatever he needs to keep it there. Invariably accompanied by a bored looking tiefling in robes and a burly orcish warrior, Hans has a small private army under his control, the cash on hand to hire anyone else he needs, and the transportation to deliver them wherever he desires.

Lars Johansson Currently elected leader of the Guildmaster Council, Lars' Guild is the Cobbler's Guild. Crafty and ambitious, the young, pale, blond haired gentleman has his fingers on the social pulse of the city. His current goals include the elimination of a certain pair of troublesome guildmasters to consolidate his power, and he seeks a way to claim the economic might of Hans.