View Full Version : Mythic leadership (epic) or evaluating a Dm feat!

2011-07-24, 07:56 AM
Hey guys!
I thought of evaluating a feat my Dm home-brewed for a couple of us in an epic campaign, and see what you thought:

Mythic leadership (Epic)
Prerequisites: leadership, improved cohort, charisma 21
Benefit: you can gain an animal cohort whose HD is equal to your charisma bonus times half your level or a cohort of your level
Normal: your cohort can't be of ECL equalling your level

So.... What do you thing?:smallsmile:

2011-07-24, 11:40 AM
If your Cha is the minimum of 21, this means that your cohort's ECL far exceeds your own. If this feat is taken at 21st level, and at that point you have 21 charisma, then you will already have a cohort with 50 hit-dice.
Furthermore, it is extremely ambiguous: First it defines a maximum HD for your cohort, and then specifies a maximum "level." Is this "level" HD, class levels, or ECL?
In any case, not all 50 HD animals give the same power as an ally, so this should probably not be the deciding factor in maximum power of an animal companion.