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2011-07-26, 12:32 AM
Hey all. I'm a lurker and a first time poster on a mission: to create a tabletop RPG based on the Megaman Battle Network games. I know what I want for sure: specifically, a rules-light system that allows for a lot of player input, a character creation system that allows players to fully customize their characters/navis, and a combat system that uses decks of cards to randomly draw hands of battlechips.

What I need is a system that can let me do all that (perhaps with some minor alterations). As it stands, I need a good combat system, a way of judging non-combat actions, and a list of Attributes and Skills. I would rather avoid Skills as much as possible and not include Mind-based Attributes, but I am open to ideas. I have been looking into Fudge and Fate as options, but am not sure how to make them work. Can anyone help me?

2011-07-26, 12:55 AM
Your criteria somewhat puts it out, but I've always been a fan of BESM (thats Big Eyes, Small Mouth) for anime games.

2011-07-26, 12:57 AM
Tell me how a rules light system ends up going. If you can't figure anything out, I could help you using the D&D (3.5) system by creating some megaman base classes and some modifications to the standard combat system. But it won't cut down on or simplify rules. Or I could whip something up based on the world of darkness campaign (which is the simplest system I know (at least until you try adding stuff)).
I have tried to simplify D&D and failed horribly (more than once).

2011-07-26, 01:54 PM
The thing about roleplaying games is that they are a delicate balance of "roleplaying" and "game". A rules-heavy system like DnD has a lot of "game", by listing all the playable classes and attacks and spells and such, but as a result relatively limits the freedom of the players to breath life into their character and freely dictate what they do and why, or "roleplay". A rules-light swings the opposite direction, forgoing strict class systems and intricate rules to allow for more freedom in taking on the role of your character.

As a quick side note, I actually looked into BESM for the exact reasons that you gave, Domriso. But, while a simplified stat system is what I'm looking for, I found that Tri-Stat was almost too simplified, especially since I don't really find the Soul stat to be very thematically appropriate. For systems, Fudge and Fate are the only ones that I've found that rules-light and freeform enough to scupt to what I want, but even so I may have to make something from scratch.

So, here's the checklist:
-I need a character creation system. This system should be very freeform, essentially letting the player design whatever they want, from appearance to weapons, limited only by what the GM deems as balanced. I should also mention that players will make two characters, one for the NetOp and one for the NetNavi.
-I need a list of Attributes that I can tie to the characters, specifically the netnavis. Right now, I know I want Strength, Durability, and Speed to be stats, but I need another stat (maybe Dexterity) to use when rolling to hit. I am hesitant to use any Mind-based attributes but I am open to the possibility.
-I also need a list of Skills that would be appropriate for the setting. I am inclined to forgo this step altogether, as I have difficulty thinking of skills that would be appropriate for a Netnavi and would almost rather make rolls on just the Attributes.
-I am also inclined to leave the Attributes and Skills out of designing Netops since most of the actual skill-tests will be done on the Net through Netnavis and most of the real-world challenges can be handled by simple roleplaying.
-I need a system for determining success for non-combat actions. This should include a basic dice-rolling mechanic (roll a d20, roll 4 fudge dice, etc.). Where this gets tricky is how to do this without any Skills (see above).
-Lastly, I need a combat system. Pretty much any existing system can be used. My only stipulation is that it be modified to include Battlechips. However, I would need to decide whether the action is simultaneous or turn-based and, if turn-based, how to determine initiative.

Any thoughts? Any input you can give would be helpful.

2011-07-26, 02:07 PM
High-DEX Robot Masters have always been a stable of the series, and you'd be remiss to not include a way to build robots who relied purely on their speed and agility.
The Mutants and Masterminds combat system would work well for what you're trying to achieve I think. The more damage you take, the harder it becomes to effectively 'control' your netnavi and the more likely it will become that they get destroyed by one powerful cinematic attack, but it doesn't use the overdone hit point system. M&M would also allow you the customization through point buy for both human and robot characters, allow for robot masters to have their standard weaknesses without it being brokenly exploitable, and generally meet most of your specifications. There's no Mecha and Manga for the 3e version yet, but I'd recommend using that system as a base and building from there.

2011-07-26, 02:11 PM
Have you looked at the world of darkness campaign? It is pretty simple. I can describe the structure of the game in 3 sentences. It consists of 3 things, buying your attributes and skills, tagged on with merits. Your attributes set your advantages (mostly combat capabilities). You get a point buy system and can buy anything you like from merits as long as you meet their attribute or skill requirements.
It might take some work to balance in some of the features you want, but would be less game and more roleplay. One thing I would suggest though, if you use it, is each failed roll subtracts one from your roll total towards success instead of automatic failure.

2011-07-26, 05:17 PM
Storyteller is pretty complex for what I have in mind.

2011-07-27, 05:31 AM
An attempt that is sleeping until november because of lack on ability to commit for now http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=155873

2011-07-27, 10:52 AM
Thanks! I'll need to have a look at that