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2011-07-26, 09:20 PM
Hey guys,

there is a decent amount of acronyms and slang that we use here and I don't know most of them, but as a lurker of the forums I have picked up on a few.

I'm hoping you guys jump in, ask and/or answer whatever words you see pop up around. I will keep editing the following post and add them in as they come. Maybe this can even become a sticky. If any moderator reads this and moves it to where it really should be, that would be appreciated as well :smallbiggrin:

2011-07-26, 09:22 PM
PEACH = please examine and critique honestly

2011-07-26, 09:23 PM
RESERVED for future use

2011-07-26, 09:24 PM
I'm pretty sure POP is "please only praise", and I know that WIP is "Work in Progress"

2011-07-26, 09:27 PM
I'm pretty sure POP is "please only praise"

Is it actually? Why even bother posting it then?

2011-07-26, 09:30 PM
IIRC- If I Recall Correctly

OP- Original Post

OotS- Order of the Stick

WotC- Wizards of the Coast

Did you want us to help you with all the common book acronyms too?

Roland St. Jude
2011-07-26, 09:34 PM
Most of what you want is probably in this thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18512).

2011-07-27, 10:37 AM
Ninjad'd by Roland. :-) Unfortunately, that thread is only stickied in the Roleplaying forum. Ages ago, I requested that it be stickied in the notable threads here but never got a response.


2011-07-28, 10:57 AM
Well, it does seem to have the ninja treatment. Thats cool, since I seem to have Roland's attention :smallbiggrin:

Roland, any chance we can make it a sticky in other sections of the forums?

I did search the forums under several different terms and did not find it. At least at the top of the homebrew page, since many of these terms come up all the time.:smallredface: