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Sisters Treacherous

"Heatbreak kills as swift as a blade and silent as winter."

- Order motto

The Sisters Treacherous are a loosely-affiliated order of warrior-women that draw magical power from a metaphysical force they recognize as Treachery. Only somewhat related to one another, the Sister have an odd, uneven reputation; one sows discontent and discord in an evil kingdom, causing chaos more harmful than tyranny ever was, while another patrols the streets of a city tirelessly, ever-hunting for traitors and thieves. They are nervously welcomed in most cities and towns as mercenaries and some even achieve enough to be hailed as heroes, but how can anyone trust someone so intimately related to betrayal?

Becoming a Sister Treacherous
The Sisters Treacherous are always on the lookout for recruitment, possibly because their requirements are so stringent. Female paladins disenchanted with their codes of honor and rogues that want something greater to fight for than money are especially attractive to them, but most often a Sister Treacherous will end up training her own initiates, which are known as Knife Squires. The Sister typically initiates them as paladins first, teaching them how to follow a code of honor and indoctrinating them in belief before slowly opening their worldviews to wider horizons with training in stealth and guile.

Eventually, any given applicant is offered the Initiation. Those that survive swear their vows (see the Traitor's Honor class feature, below) and become full-fledged Sisters. Those that don't are not raised from the dead, and are eventually replaced by their mentors.

Sidebar: The Initiation
The initiation into the Sisters Treacherous is a painful, harrowing affair, and some candidates fail to survive with their bodies or sanities intact. An applicant to the order knows precisely what is going to happen to her, and is free to back out at any time until the rite is finished - no one will force her to suffer through the initiation against her will.

The initiation itself is a seemingly simple affair. The applicant kneels before her mentor at midnight, preferably on the new moon, naked and unarmed. She swears to serve Treachery, using it as a tool to help others and a weapon to defend them, and receives the brand (see Organizations, below) on her stomach. As her power begins to flow through her, her mentor - and her fellow apprentices, if any - begin to torture her, cutting her flesh with blades to ritually scarify her. Her hair is cut short, if it wasn't already, and she is beaten within an inch of her life. Finally, her mentor delivers the Kiss of Sorrow, which finishes the ritual, before tending to her charge's wounds as best she can. If the applicant survives until the morning, she is a full-fledged Sister, with all the rights and priveleges that entails. If not, her mentor buries her and moves on to her next student's training.

Gender: Female only
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Feats: Power Attack, Improved Initiative
Class Features: Detect Evil as a spell-like ability, Smite Evil 1/day, Aura of Courage, Sneak Attack +2d6
Special: The character must be initiated by a Sister of fourth level or higher. (see The Initiation sidebar, above).

Class Skills
The Sister Treacherous's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are as follows: Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str) Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Ride (Dex), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Tumble (Dex)
Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + Intelligence Modifier

Hit Dice: D10

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Sense the Unrighteous, Pitiless Strike 1/Encounter, Traitor's Honor

+3|Aura of Suspicion, Sneak Attack +1d6

+3|Worm-Tongued Guile, Stoicism

+4|Pitiless Strike 2/Encounter, Sneak Attack +2d6

+4|Coward's Glory, Thief's Reprieve

+5|Aura of Malice, Sneak Attack +3d6

+5|Armoring Doubt, Pitiless Strike 3/Encounter

+6|Involuntary Martyr, Sneak Attack +4d6

+6|Traitor's Roar, Shatter Oaths

+7|Pitiless Strike 4/Encounter, Sneak Attack +5d6, Duchess Deceitful[/table]

Weapon Proficiencies: A Sister of Sorrow gains no new weapon or armor proficiencies.

Sense the Unrighteous (Su): Connected and in tune with Treachery, the sister can sense its seeds in others. When a souled creature enters a sixty foot radius of her, it must succeed at a reflexive (read: involuntary and automatic) Will save (DC 10 + the Sister's class level + the Sister's charisma modifier) or the Sister in question becomes immediately aware of their presence, if not their precise location (mechanically, the creature cannot surprise the Sister, but still benefits from concealment, cover, et cetera). The next round, if they are still within sixty feet of the Sister, they must succeed at another reflexive Will save; failure indicates that the Sister knows if they harbor envy, hatred, or anger at one of their companions or loved ones. Failure at a third reflexive Will save the following round indicates that the Sister knows the full details of their malice, including at whom it is directed, its intensity, the reasons behind it, and how long it has festered within the creature's soul. The Sister's perception of any creature and its emotions ends immediately if it leaves a sixty foot radius of her; a creature re-entering the radius is entitled to new saving throws.

Sidebar: When Not to Roll
Sense the Unrighteous easily has the potential to bog down the game with multiple saving throws. It is recommended that Dungeon Masters save the secondary rolls for NPCs that actually have something to hide or for cases where the player characters are being especially paranoid or investigative in order to maintain the smooth running of the game. Dungeon Masters that wish to are, of course, free to roll however so many times they like.

Pitiless Strike (Su): Drawing upon reserves of hatred and their own connection to Treachery, the Sister Treacherous may strike telling blows against her enemies and punish those that have turned against their allies. Once per encounter (and to a maximum of one use per round), the Sister Treacherous may declare one of her attacks with a manufactured weapon to be a Pitiless Strike, dealing Sneak Attack damage in addition to the weapon's normal damage (even against beings that would normally be immune to Sneak Attack and even if they would not normally be able to Sneak Attack the being in question). If the Sister knows that the being has betrayed one of its friends, loved ones, or allies (and this knowledge is true), the being in question must then succeed at a Fortitude save (DC 10 + the Sister's class level + her charisma modifier) or suffer a -6 morale penalty on all attack rolls, saving throws and checks, as well as armor class, for the duration of the encounter.

The Sister Treacherous gains an additional use per encounter of this ability at fourth level, then again at seventh level and tenth level, though she may still only use it up to once per round.

Traitor's Honor: Upon swearing the vow to the Sisterhood, the Sister Treacherous holds herself to a code of honor particular to herself and her peers. She forswears all previous codes (including sacred vows, the Knight's code, and the Paladin's code) in favor of the code described below (the Sister Treacherous retains all features from classes that would require adherence to a vow as long as she continues to cleave to this one):

The Traitor's Code
"I swear, on my trials and suffering and in the name of Vengeance and Betrayal to uphold this sacred vow: that my weapon shall reach for those who harm the innocent, that I will succor and defend the innocent, that I shall never lie to or cheat one of my Sisters, and that I will always pay those who would betray me or my Sisters in kind, with an eye for an eye and blood for blood. Should I prove false, may my Sisters break my sword, shatter my bow, and destroy my name, my honor, and my life. So be it."

This code is open to interpretation, and it should be noted that it does not specifically forbid the Sister from exploiting the innocent or from engaging in treachery herself. A Sister Treacherous that consistently (or unjustifiably) defies this code or intentionally forsakes it loses all supernatural class features from this class, as well as from any class that is newly dependent upon this oath, until she is forgiven by at least three of her fellow Sisters and given an atonement spell by a lawful neutral cleric (breaking her oath is justified only in cases of extreme danger to large number of innocents, such as a nation-destroying apocalypse or a manifest demon lord). This may prove somewhat difficult, as each Sister can sense the presence of one that has broken this oath within six miles, and typically hunts them down with great zeal; getting one to leash her rage and talk is difficult, at best.

Additionally, the Sister Treacherous continues to gain daily uses of her Smite Evil ability as though levels in this prestige class were paladin levels, though she gains no other paladin class features in the process (such as improvements to her special mount, or spells). Sister Treacherous levels count as paladin levels for the purposes of resolving Smite Evil attempts

Sneak Attack (Ex): At second level (and every two levels thereafter), the Sister Treacherous' Sneak Attack damage improves by 1d6. See the rogue class feature.

Aura of Suspicion (Su): Starting at second level, the Sister Treacherous projects an insidious aura of suspicion, distrust, and aggression that worms its way into the minds of her enemies. This aura is always active, except when the Sister is unconscious or dead, and affects all hostile beings that fail a Will save (DC 10 + the Sister's class level + her charisma modifier) within a sixty foot radius of the Sister. Those beings that do fail their saves are filled with suspicion and mistrust towards their allies, certain that they are about to be betrayed, and treat all beings as hostile for the purposes of flanking and movement (though they nominally recognize their allies as such and will not go out of their way to harm or hinder them otherwise), as well as teamwork action such as Aid Another. A creature that leaves a Sister's aura for any reason is no longer affected, but if they later re-enter the aura (or if they succeed their save, leave the aura, and then re-enter it) they must make a new saving throw against it. This is a mind-affecting, compulsion effect (but see Souled Beings and Emotion-Affecting Abilities, below).

Beings that harbor genuine hatred, anger, jealousy or resentment towards themselves or their friends, allies, or loved ones suffer a -4 penalty on saving throws made against this ability.

Worm-Tongued Guile (Ex): The Sisters Treacherous deal with liars, cheats, and traitors every day, and engage in quite the bit of duplicity themselves; starting at third level, the Sister Treacherous adds her Intelligence modifier (minimum +1) to her Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks.

Stoicism (Ex): The Sisters Treacherous also train themselves to shrug off pain; the pain of loss, the pain of the body, and even magically induced pain. They are immune to magical and non-magical pain effects and never suffer from morale penalties (a pain effect is any effect originating from a spell or ability with "Pain" in its name or that levies a pain penalty).

Coward's Glory (Su): Starting at fifth level, the Sister Treacherous gains the ability to manipulate one of the most basic motivators for betrayal - fear. Up to three times per encounter, as a swift action, she may designate a souled being as the target for this ability, who is entitled to a Will save (DC 10 + the Sister's class level + her charisma modifier), though this effect is not always harmful. The effect depends on the being's condition:

- If the being is currently not suffering from a fear effect or morale penalty, then they are hit by paralyzing fear and doubt, inflicting a morale penalty on all rolls (as well as armor class, strength, and wisdom) equal to the Sister's charisma modifier for one round per class level. This is a mind-affecting, fear effect (but see Souled Beings and Emotion-Affecting Abilities, below).

- If the being is suffering from a fear effect, they are entitled to a new save to rid themselves of the effect. If they succeed, they gain a morale bonus on all attack rolls, saves, and checks (as well as armor class, strength, and wisdom) equal to the Sister's charisma modifier for one round per class level.

- If the being is suffering from morale penalties, those penalties instead become equivalent bonuses for one round per class level.

Bonuses and/or penalties levied by this ability increase by four when it is used on a being that is fighting to aid or defend beings that it hates or for which it feels anger or jealousy.

Thief's Reprieve (Su): Also starting at fifth level, the Sister Treacherous can steal a portion of luck from her foes, channeling it into a protective force. Whenever she deals Sneak Attack damage to a being (such as with her Sneak Attack or Pitiless Strike class features), that creature suffers a luck penalty to its armor class equal to the Sister's charisma modifier, and the Sister gains an equivalent luck bonus to her armor class. These bonuses and penalties last for one round per class level.

Aura of Malice (Su): As the Sister Treacherous grows increasingly powerful, her connection to betrayal and heartbreak begins to manifest as a palpable force that saps at the will of her foes. Starting at sixth level, the Sister Treacherous may choose to project her Aura of Malice in place of her Aura of Suspicion (changing Auras is a free action that can only be done once per round on her turn, and her Aura of Courage continues to function regardless of which other Aura she is using). When she is projecting this Aura, all hostile beings within a sixty foot radius of her must succeed at a Will save (DC 10 + the Sister's class level + her charisma modifier) or be wracked by terrible fear and guilt, suffering a -4 morale penalty on all rolls. Additionally, upon being affected (and once every three rounds thereafter) they must immediately succeed at an additional Will save or take an action immediately harmful to themselves and/or their allies, such as using an ill-placed fireball or attacking themselves with their weapons. A creature that leaves a Sister's aura for any reason is no longer affected, but if they later re-enter the aura (or if they succeed their save, leave the aura, and then re-enter it) they must make a new saving throw against it. This is a mind-affecting, compulsion effect (but see Souled Beings and Emotion-Affecting Abilities, below).

Beings that harbor genuine hatred, anger, jealousy or resentment towards themselves or their friends, allies, or loved ones suffer a -4 penalty on saving throws made against this ability.

Armoring Doubt (Su): Steeped in suspicion and betrayal, a Sister of seventh level or higher finds that her doubt and mistrust works to guard her from both betrayal and blows. She adds her wisdom modifier as a insight bonus to her armor class (minimum +1), and her charisma modifier as an insight bonus to all Sense Motive checks (minimum +1).

Involuntary Martyr (Su): A Sister of eighth level or higher can volunteer a hostile being to sacrifice itself for the glorious cause of her continued existence; once per encounter, as an immediate action in response to being targeted by an attack or ability (or being caught within the area of an attack or ability), the Sister may cause herself to exchange places with one hostile being within one hundred feet of her that she can perceive in any fashion (even if it's just smell). This being is entitled to a Will save (DC 10 + the Sister's class level + her charisma modifier) to avoid the effect, but is otherwise transported into the Sister's space (the Sister is likewise transferred to the space the being was formerly occupying), receiving the full effect of whatever attack(s), spell(s), power(s), or abilities that were about to affect the Sister during that round, gaining a saving throw where appropriate but not otherwise entitled to any kind of defense (including armor class).

Traitor's Roar (Su): As her connection to her Treachery flares to new heights, a Sister Treacherous of ninth level or higher can force its touch upon others; once per encounter, as a free action, the Sister may activate this ability upon striking a being with any manufactured weapon. That being must succeed at a reflexive (read: involuntary and automatic) Will save (DC 10 + the Sister's class level + her Charisma modifier) or immediately take any swift or standard action they are capable of as a free action in order to attack, maim, or otherwise hinder their allies (the exact action is determined by the Dungeon Master). The creature acts as though it was possessed of real hatred and malice for its allies, seeking the most efficient method by which to do the greatest harm to them. Immediately after taking its action, the creature returns to its normal frame of mind, with no idea whatsoever why it acted the way it did. This is a mind-affecting, compulsion effect (but see Souled Beings and Emotion-Affecting Abilities, below).

When used against a creature that harbors real hatred, envy, or malice against one of its allies, the save DC for Traitor's Roar increases by four.

Shatter Oaths (Su): A Sister of ninth level or higher is truly a terrible foe to face, because she can call down Treachery itself to sink its tendrils into a being, shattering their sworn oaths and divesting them of any power gained thereby. Once per week, as a standard action, the Sister may use this ability on any being she can see. This being must succeed at a Will save (DC 10 + the Sister's class level + her charisma modifier) or instantly be treated as though it had willfully broken every code of conduct and/or vow it labors under (as an incidental side benefit of this ability, all magical compulsions, as well as geas/quest spells affecting the creature are suppressed) for a number of hours equal to the Sister's charisma modifier. This means, amongst other things, that paladins, druids, and clerics lose their class features, beings under magically-enforced contracts are treated as having violated them, et cetera. At the end of this time period they are returned to the good graces of their vows and contracts (assuming they have survived) despite any additional violations thereof that may have taken place while their oaths were shattered, though they may still break their vows themselves afterward (such as a paladin or cleric changing alignment while under the effects of this ability).

A being that has previously broken any of its vows, magical contracts, or codes of conduct, regardless of whether or not they have received an atonement spell, suffers a -4 morale penalty to saving throws against this ability.

Duchess Deceitful: At tenth level, the Sister Treacherous is fully claimed by her patron, Treachery, and becomes a magical being; her type changes to Outsider (Native). Furthermore, she gains a +2 inherent bonus to both wisdom and charisma, and the range of her Sense the Unrighteous ability extends out to one hundred and twenty feet. Finally, it should be noted that as a Duchess Deceitful, the character is given much respect and status amongst her fellow Sisters, and is treated as a wise leader-figure to be turned to for advice and aid.

Sidebar: "Souled" Beings and Emotion Affecting Abilities
A "Souled" being is any being that possesses an intelligence score of 3 or higher as well as wisdom and charisma scores that is not a construct or otherwise indicated as distinctly soul-less (such as a creature whose soul is trapped in a magic mirror, but not including Outsiders and other beings whose soul and body form one unit).

Many spells (and abilities of this class) tug on hearstrings and emotions rather than affecting the conscious mind directly. Some Dungeon Masters may want to edit spells that create a fear effect, as well as spells and abilities that provide moral bonuses or penalties (or otherwise seem to affect emotions) into emotion affecting abilities, described below.

Emotion affecting abilities tug directly on heart-strings and old feelings, not affecting the mind but rather the heart; any spell or ability that grants a morale bonus or penalty is emotion affecting, as well as any spell or ability specifically designated as such and any spell or ability the Dungeon Master wishes to revise as such. Beings that are immune to mind-affecting abilities are not necessarily immune to emotion-affecting abilities; instead, any being that cannot feel emotions (such as mindless beings, or most constructs, but not most undead) is immune to the effects of emotion affecting abilities.

Playing a Sister Treacherous
The Sisters Treacherous are, first and foremost, warriors, but beyond that they make decent social powerhouses and investigators of crimes and sources of corruption (for very often it is evil beings that commit treachery against others). Because of their above-average Charisma scores, Sisters Treacherous can often end up in leadership roles, though their skill therein can be...questionable, depending on exactly how traitorous they are themselves.
Combat: Most Sisters Treacherous believe that the only fair fight is the one you lose, and act accordingly; they attack from ambush, make liberal use of poisons and cheap shots, and generally do what they must to get ahead in a life or death situation. Thanks to their Aura of Suspicion they almost always have the opportunity to use their Sneak Attack ability, and a bit of social maneuvering (coupled with deft use of their abilities) can wreak unholy havoc in the enemy's ranks, turning brother against brother and letting the Sister mop them up after they're done slaughtering each other.
Advancement: Most Sisters Treacherous continue advancing as rogues, though some advance instead as paladins, fighters, barbarians or bards to advance their physical, supernatural, or social prowess. Because their oath compels them to defend the innocent and punish those that harm them, the Sisters Treacherous are often adventurers and thus tend to advance fairly swiftly.
Resources: The Sisters are almost always willing to aid one of their own, especially in the fulfillment of their oath, but otherwise do not possess especial reserves of wealth or access to mystic resources.

Sisters Treacherous in the World
"I mean, yes, she and her companions brought down those hill giants but...they couldn't stay here. After seeing what they did, we'd never be able to trust them."

- Jack Runestaff, town wizard, after seeing a group of Sisters turn hill giant clans against each other to their mutual destruction

The Sisters Treacherous have an uneven reputation. On the one hand, it is widely known that a Sister in good standing defends and protects the innocent, the helpless, and the weak. On the other hand, their methods are often underhanded, cruel, and in many cases downright evil, and it is difficult for them to be seen in a positive light as a result. Very often the Sisters end up feeling - or being - used as tools, allowed in long enough to end a crisis and then driven out of town for fear of their traitorous ways.
Daily Life: How a Sister lives her daily life revolves mostly on how they choose to fulfill their oath. One might spend her days and nights patrolling the streets of a city, looking for criminals and scum that take the helpless for all they're worth; another might ride forth on a one-woman quest to crush the churches of evil gods, burning down temple after temple in her half-mad need to scorch evil from the face of the world. Many Sisters join with adventuring parties, and use their friends and allies to further their oath.
Notables: Those Sisters that survive their duties tend to gather reputations simply by virtue of what it is that they do, but two in particular stand out as representative of the extremes that they tend towards:

Mialla Ashenharp
Mialla Ashenharp has, against all odds, managed to garner a positive reputation for herself. She joined the Sisters after a blackguard posing as a noble paladin betrayed her family and burned their estate (and some three hundred friends, relatives, and servants) to the ground and has lead a crusade across eight different kingdoms and thirty years to exterminate hidden evils and, specifically, to undo the influence of fiendish cults and demon-worshippers. Those that know her say Mialla is very sad, and it's true - her crusade, though noble, is just a cover for her quest for vengeance. The Lady Ashenharp has every intention of ending her own life the moment that blackguard dies on the end of her blade.

Jillian Hart
Jillian Hart might have had noble intentions at one point in her life and in a twisted way, she still does. Jillian spends her time in various major cities, rooting out corrupt organizations and crime lords - and then forcing them to swear fealty to herself and her patron, Glasya. Those that refuse to surrender before her might are crushed and their leader's souls are sacrificed to Glasya, who rewards Jillian with a steady supply of magical items and eternal youth. Jillian's agents worm their way into local power structures, enacting harsher punishments in the legal system and secreting convicted prisoners to her altars that run red with the blood of the guilty. Eventually, Jillian hopes to be able to crush chaos - and the influence of the Abyss - from her world entirely and be able to join her patron as a lover and participate in the Blood War directly.
Organizations: The Sisters Treacherous themselves have a loose organizational setup, but it by no means claims the exclusive participation of its members, who often join adventuring parties, mercenary companies, churches of justice, and assassin's guilds.

NPC Reaction
The Sisters often display their heraldry (the most common symbol of their presence being two eyes weeping blood) on their armor, shields (if any) and personal flags or tokens; as such, they are very recognizable, especially to NPCs with ranks in Knowledge (Arcana) or Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty). Those NPCs that recognize the Sisters are unlikely to be particularly easy about their presence, but they are generally tolerated, if somewhat ostracized. Because the Sisters generally do positive work, they are given the benefit of the doubt when they first move into a region, but witnessing their modus operandi is typically enough for nervous militia captains to request that they move on to other locales. At least, until the next crisis comes and a Sister answers the call.

Sisters Treacherous in the Game
The Sisters Treacherous bring an additional social and roleplaying aspect to the party that is somewhat different than the average party 'face'; that of the mistrusted tool. Like a cursed knight, the Sisters are tolerated but not loved, allowed to pass through but never permitted to stay. This gives the player the chance to explore what being an outcast is like and to take the opportunity to do something about it; the Dungeon Master is fully encouraged to enable this kind of character growth whenever they can.
Adaptation: The easiest ways to adapt this class to your campaign setting revolve around the source of their abilities and their organization; perhaps they are cursed knights, or servants of a devil prince, or even the closest thing a dark and unwholesome world has to paladins. The crux of any such change will involve edits made to the vow found in Traitor's Honor, which should be considered carefully before implementation.
Encounters: Player Characters are likely to encounter a Sister on a personal mission or crusade, or perhaps see her in action defending the innocent or punishing someone that has dared to betray her. Most good aligned characters won't end up on the Sisters' hit list, though one of the Sisters might end up on theirs if her conduct is sufficiently heinous. In fact, a party paladin may end up hearing of the Sisters and seeking one out, trying to learn how beings that seem so evil maintain their powers; discovering their secret may lead to an intense roleplaying encounter or to a furious paladin drawing steel and finding himself sorely out-matched.

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This is very similar to one of my favorite Paladin prestige classes, the Shadowbane Inquisitor, though with quite a bit more abilities. A bit less combat oriented, though I enjoy the social focus this has. Nice work.

2011-07-29, 12:45 AM
This is very similar to one of my favorite Paladin prestige classes, the Shadowbane Inquisitor, though with quite a bit more abilities. A bit less combat oriented, though I enjoy the social focus this has. Nice work.

It was suggested to me that I permit ex-paladins into the class, and given the fact that Paladins of Tyranny also have a revenge and betrayal theme going I was considering altering the pre-reqs. Thoughts on this?

2011-07-29, 07:42 AM
Weapon Proficiencies: A Sister of Sorrow gains no new weapon or armor proficiencies.

Shouldn't that be a Sister Treacherous? :-)

Interesting class.

the BAB +5 require makes sense but, "a paladin who ceases to be lawful good, who willfully commits an evil act, or who grossly violates the code of conduct loses all paladin spells and abilities." See Paladin entry under Ex Paladin.

Ex-Paladins do not have the special abilities necessary to enter this class.


2011-07-29, 10:34 AM
I realize that; that's why I'm asking if I should alter the pre-reqs to let them in.

2011-07-29, 01:37 PM
The requirements are a bit shoehorned at present, as you have to be exactly a Paladin 3/Rogue 3 to get in at the earliest. I think leaving the BAB at +5 and requiring Sneak Attack +1d6 and the feats should be flexible enough for alternate entries, as well as letting the player choose what mix of levels they want to have, whether Paladin 1/Rogue 5, Paladin of Tyranny 5/Rogue 1 or something else entirely. You'll have to generic the Sneak Attack and the Smite, as well as put in text about already fallen characters, as they could fit right in for reasons to go Sister Treacherous, having fallen due to Treachery being exacted on them.

Hmm, I actually kinda want to see how this would play with either Shadowbane Inquisitor or Blackguard in the mix...