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2011-07-28, 07:15 PM
Flavour feats are spllt up into groups. Minor and Major. A charecter may take one minor flavour feat for every two class levels he has, but may only take major feats at creation and when transitioning into a new tier.

The idea is to add a level of creativity to 4E without granting unfair advantages. The minor feats should grant the advantage of a cantrip level spell, whereas a major should be just a bit more powerful than a normal feat.

I have a rough Idea for seven different "schools" which each have around ten feats. I have another 30-40 misc feats sort out.




Your always patching up your friends. Fixing a few swords wounds is nothing compared to taking splinter out of them.

You may spend a healing surge to allow any ally adjacent to you to gain half a healing surges worth of health.

Outside of combat you gain a +2 bonus to heal checks relating to fixing wounds.

Rockskipper: At will power

You are really good at throwing rocks. Your mother should be so proud of you.
As a standard action you may throw a rock.
The range you can throw a rock is equal to your strength value.
You may bounce the rock off of a number of walls equal to your dexterity modifier.
If a rock hits a creature roll a d20. A natural one or twenty damages for 1d6. This increases to 2d6 at level 11, and 3d6 at level 21.

Pyromaniac Encounter power.

Everyone knows you as the crazy pyromaniac. Your reputation is well deserved. At least you don't have a smoking habit.

You can create a fire instantly from mudane materials. Anything that is flammable can be lit by you as if you used flint or a torch.

Once per encounter you may choose to set an opponent on fire. Once per encounter, to an enemy you hit with a melee attack you may apply 1d6 fire damage. The opponent become dazed if he does not make a DC 10 fortitude save.

Desperation Daily Power

Your lack of willpower when It comes to your addictions is legendary. Your need for a fix is so strong you can actually summon the item, once a day from the plane of chaos.

Once per day you may summon an item of value no more than 25gp, and which could fit in the palm of ones hand. However, the item being make of pure chaos will explode in the presence of lawful, causing 1d4 damage per lb of material. To establish when the material will expload roll a 1d2. On a roll of 1 the material explodes. You may not take 2 on this roll.

Tavern Brawler Passive

The amount of tavern brawls you have attended is mindbogglingly large. You can incapitate a man in twenty diferent ways with a spoon, and you mastery of the battle saucepan is legendary.

Whilst wielding furnishings or cutlery you no longer suffer the -4 to attack these weapons normally incur.

Sprinter At will power.

You could have become a professional runner. But your so clumbesy you'd be better off just walking.

You may choose to sprint and move an extra two squares for your move. Roll a d6.
On a roll of one: You get a stitch and become exhausted for a round.
two to four: You become prone, and must spend a standard action to : return to standing
five and six: Nothing.

Proforming: Irritating Artist Daily Power
Your ability to murder your art is either from years of intensive study, or extraplanar intervention. People don't just play you to stop, they pay
clerics to remove any memory of you that has burned it's way into their minds.

Roll a [1d20+Proform[X]] You gain Gp equal to the roll. At level 11 this increases to [1d20+Proform[X]] in Pp, and at level 21 it increases to [1d20+Proform[X]]*10 Pp

Fire Eater At will

Some people become fire eaters as a proffesion. You choose to become one because It was a challenge. You may consume an amount of flammable liquids equal to your cobstitutional modifier. You may then belch out a cloud of flame for every bottle granting you a +1 bonus to intimidate, and a -1 to diplomacy. The opposite applies to creatures with natural breath weapons.

Raindancer At will.

You have finally mastered the art of the raindancer, taught to you in the space of an afternoon by a drunk half-orc monk. You may summon a personal raincloud, who will constantly shower you, dousing all natural flames.

Overcoming a DC10 Will check allows you to change the raincloud into a tornado, stormcloud, hailstorm or snowcloud.

Stormcloud: Zaps you for 1d2 lightning damage. Allows you to deal 1d2 lighting damage per round.

Hailstorm: Deals 1 damage to all enemies adjacent to you.

Tornado: Picks up 1d4 objects, which deals 1 damage per object to a random enemy or ally.

Snowcloud: Allows you to throw a snowball every 1d6 rounds as a swift action, allowing you to make an AOO against an adjacent enemy.

Mosh Pit At will power.

This is my angry face. This is my angry dance.

As a swift action you can begin a Mosh Pit. Every round you switch places with a random, adjacent enemy. To end a mosh pit takes a standard action.

Sissy Dancing Daily Power.

To you it is the fine dance of the ages, the most important ritual of your people. To everyone one else it is the funniest thing they have ever seen, watching a fully grown man dancing around in a skirt.

Once per day you may proform your sissy dance as a swift or immediate action. Everyone who can see you, freind or foe, must make a DC10 Will save, or give up their next turn because they are laughing so hard.


Hadoukant At will power.

After years of intensive training, you can focus your ki through your hands to produce intense flames tempered with good/evil.

When the flames are active they produce bright illmination to 2 squares. They also grant a +1 to attack when facing good/evil enemies,

Tepid Glare Encounter Power

Your glare is the pinnicle of lukewarm. Neither hostile or inviting, many men have stumbed to it's nonchalence.

Once per encounter, you may use this power in order to make an enemy move one square less than normal.

You may also use this power to re-roll any social check but must take the second roll as their result.

Hammerspace Passive

You dreamt about a rabbit once. He gave you a working knowledge of quantum physics, and a crippling fear of docters.

You have the ability to pull items out of thin air. You may store 20lbs of items, and an extra 30lbs of hammers, but you may not interact with these during combat.

Arcana Shield Encounter Power.

Years of narrowly escaping danger has left its mark on you. metaphorically speaking.

When an attack would reduce you to negative health roll a d20. A roll of 20 means you avoided the attack completely.

Vengance! At will power.

When you get angry your hair sticks up and you crackle with energy. Your living proof why kites and keys are a winning combination.

You may spend two turns in order to call down a lightning bolt on any enemy. This has the same effect as the spell "Lightning Bolt"


Summon Hat. At will power.

Perhaps your hair is awful. Perhaps you just really love that hat. Either way your obsession for your headpiece allows you to always have it on hand for when its needed. You hat can store any items, up to a total of 10lbs in weight, and you may store or remove these items as a free action.

Unique disquise At will power

The superhero in you begs to be released. By putting on a pair of glasses
no one will know you to be who you were before.

When these glasses are placed on you gain a +4 bonus to disguise self checks. However your allies gain a -1 penality to all rolls as they cannot believe anyone would fall for your transparent disguise.

Gurner At will power.

You can gurn your face in all sorts of horrible ways. Your a several time winner of ugliest face in the village.

You may use your strength or constitution for charisma checks while gurning. However you take a -2 penalty to any social rolls.

Super Manga Hair Passive

Your hair is unique. Very unique. So unique in fact, everyone knows you by your hair.

You hair grants you a +1 bonus on social rolls. If your ever lose your hair, you take a -1 penality to social and will checks.



Ultimate Dwarf

You shine brightest when the light is darkest, and have become the Dwarfiest Dwarf the world will ever see.

You gain a +2 attack bonus and a +2 perception bonus. These increase to a total of a +5 at level 11 and a total of a +8 at level 21.
You also gain +2 to CON. This increases to a total of a +4 at level 11 and a total of a +6 at level 21.

Master of all Trades.

Humans are good at anything, if they put their mind to it. You've put your mind to being good at everything.

You become trained in all skills, and may take any additional eligiable power of your choice from your lowest level class.

Half-Elf Heroics

Most half-elfs are resigned to being outcasts. Your determined to be welcome in any situation, and plan to achieve this through your heroics.
You may pick an at-will power from any other class, of half the level you are. You may change this power every level. You gain an additional at will at levels 11 and 21.
You also gain +2 to all social rolls, an additional +3 at level 11 and an additional +3 at level 21.

Hulking Halfling

Your freakishly tall and strong for a halfling, whilst being extreamely graceful and dexterious for a human.

You gain all the benefits of being a medium and small type creature, and have none of the penalties that normally would apply.

You also gain +1 to your strength and dexterity scores, an additional +2 at level 11 and an additional +2 at level 21.

Orcish Solutions

You may be as intelligent as your human parent, but orc blood still runs thickly through you.

You may add your strength bonus to any Will rolls alongside your wisdom bonus. You also gain an extra trained skill at levels 1,11,21.
You orcish blood also makes you stronger than most. You gain +2 to your strength score at level an additional +2 at level 11 and an additional +3 at level 21.

Gnomeish Genius.

Gnomes are know for being pranksters and mad inverters. You are the archtypical gnome being gifted at ctafting and resisting illusions.

You may ignore illusion spells equal to a third of your level.
You may also remove half or 100gp worth of materials from any crafting. This increase to 100pp at level 11 and 1000pp at level 21.

Au Natural

As an eldarian you have a deep, primal bond with nature. As such you may befreind any magic creature of compatable alignment to you as it you had the Wild Cohort feat. If you had the Wild Cohort feat you may retrain it.
You may pick one at will, utility and encounter spells from the druid list, as if you were an equal level druid, and use your main classes primary stat to cast those spells.

Green Cloaked Warrior

As an elf you have a deep connection to magic, and may focus your will through your weapons.
If you are of a class which uses implements you may turn your impliment into one of pure energy. It grants all it's usual benefits but is now consideres to always be weilded. This frees up a slot you can use to wield a weapon or shield.
If your class does not use impliments then you may focus your will through the weapon, dealing 2[W] damage for a number of rounds equal to your class level. This increase to 3[W] at level 11 and 4[W] at level 21.
You may also bind a demon to your service with HD of half your level, with the same effects as the Wild Cohort feat.

Draconic Destroyer

Being a dragonborn means you are just better than everyone else. Fact.

You may wield weapons as if they were a size catagery smaller.
You gain a + 1 bonus to AC at level 1, an addition +2 bonus at level 11 and another +2 bonus at level 21.
You also gain a fly speed equal to half your base land speed.


Apprentice Passive

Your fired. Or on fire. Either way your early training means you have an extra trick or two up your sleve.

You may pick an extra power for which you are eligable.

Pointings' Rude Encounter Power.

Pointing is very rude in polite society. Pointing and laughing at someone on te battlefield is just mean.

Once per encounter you can mark any foe to who you have line of sight as a free action until the start of your next turn. If you attack the targeted foe before the start of your next turn you gain a bonus to a single damage roll against them. You deal an extra 1d6 damage at first level, and an addition 1d6 is added at levels 11 and 21.

For Glory! At will power.

You battle cry is so glorious it inspires your companions to shrug off the deadliest wounds in order to stand and fight with you.

You spend a healing surge, but regain no hit points. Instead, the target regains hit points as if it had spent a healing surge. You must have a healing surge remaining to use this power. You can use this power a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1).

Lay waste [/Passive]

You cut down men like so many strands of wheat. Highly fortified wheat.

When you make a critical whilst wielding a weapon twohandedly you may apply the damage to all enemies adjacent to you.

Conan Special Passive

You may not draw blood with every attack but you do drive you enemies in front of you.

When you miss an attack whilst wielding a shield, you may choose to push the enemy back one square.

Face Breaker Passive

Sometimes you deflect blows and arrows with you shield. Other times you break noses.

You may swap your shields bonus to ac for an equivilant bonus to your attack or damage roll.

Death from Afar Encounter Power.

You know how to stalk the battlefield like a ghost. For a while.

nce per encounter, when you are hidden and make a ranged attack, you may make a stealth check to remain hidden.

Defender Passive

You act as a wingman, leaving yourself open to protect a friend.

You may take up to a -5 penalty to AC, in order to grant a friend the same amount of bonus AC.

Nemesidical Fighting Passive

Choose a single race or creature (such as elf, drow, dragon, spider etc.). You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls against that race or creature, and can re-roll one attack roll against that race or creature per encounter. This feat may be taken multiple times and each tims applies to a different race or creature.

Fists of Steel Passive

You really good with your hands. And so good at fisting.

Your unarmed attacks do 2d4 damage.

Healthy Glow Passive

You get this nice healthy glow from narrowly avoiding being poisoned to death.

When a Poison fails to hit you, or you pass a save made to end one or more of the effects of a poison, you heal a number of hit points equal to your constitution score.

Whiplash Passive

If your going to lose blood, then someone else is going to be bleed dry.

When first bloodied in an encounter, you may immediately make a basic melee or basic ranged attack against the enemy who bloodied you.