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2011-07-31, 09:34 PM
So I frequent the ffg forums and the past few weeks was a thread on people who enjoyed the art/idea of the system, but had yet to play a game. I'm currently in Littlebottom's game here, so figured would try my hand at gming. Since a few of the members have read the 1 (good) published adventure I took pathfinders Rise of the Runelords and currently Animatizing it.


Gabriel is the principality best known for its wealth and beauty. Le Drac is the newest city in this ancient principality. Around 80 years ago 4 prominent families decided to leave the busy capital of Gabriel and make their own little town to retire in. The Scarnettis were a family of loggers, The Valdemars known for shipbuilding, The Kaijitsus were famous glassmakers and the Deverins were master brewers and farmers. At first there was a problem acquiring the land the families wanted. There was this rich fertile ground just off the coast of the Inner Sea, which was for some reason owned by the Templars of Tol Rauko. The 4 families petitioned the Arch Chancellor who in turn petitioned the Templars to give up their claim. The Templers sent a crew over to survey the land and eventually agreed to sell the land. With the land bought and paid for construction of the town quickly began. Many workers from Chauville found themselves with good employment building the new city and the small retirement town quickly became a small city. When the town was done many of the workers decided to permanently move to Le Drac, giving it a small city, big town atmosphere.

About a year ago Le Drac suffered its first major hardships. There was the incident were a local wood carver went on a killing spree. A short while later the town suffered from some mysterious fires that burnt down the old cathedral, killing the local priest father Scott (who was with the town since it was finished) and his adopted daughter and many others. A great loss to the town, Father Scott was truly blessed by Abel himself. The younger members of the 4 families decided to take this opportunity to show their wealth and make their own contribution to the city. They pooled their funds together to make a new, bigger, better cathedral than their fathers/grand fathers. Today is Weihnacht and the city is ready to celebrate the appearance of the messiah and the completion of the grand cathedral.

And the party:

Keira Ó Ruaidhín

She was an orphan found wandering the woods of Alberia. Her village had been attacked and the people were slaughtered by the Tuan Dalyr. She was the only survivor. Half-starved she snuck up upon a caravan and stole their food. She almost got away, but unfortunately one of the guards from the camp had caught her. The woman she encountered easily took the girl and decided to bring her with her. After learning of the tale the woman kept the girl by her side for a while, studying her. She had noticed something quite peculiar about the girl. She was able to see things she should not have been capable of. Over time the girl grew fond of the woman, but once she had completed the job of guarding this mysterious caravan (A Samael delivery) she decided to take the girl to the island of Selene, where she would learn to become one of the sisters. This girl is Celsus, standing at 5’ 2” at the age of 16. She has just completed her trial to become an adept. A few years ago a noblewomen from Gabriel contacted the sisterhood requesting they have someone watch the town for any supernatural activites. So far this assignment has had no activites so the sisterhood changes who is in charge every now and then. Now it is '"Keira's" turn to watch.


Agility: 9
Constitution: 7
Dexterity: 8
Strength: 6
Intelligence: 6
Perception: 8
Power: 6
Willpower: 5

Core abiltiies

Class: Acrobatic Warrior
LP: 95 (base) + 10 (class) = 105
Initiative: 20(Base) + 10 (class) + 20 (Unarmed) + 10 (agility) + 10 (dex) = +70
Actions: 3
Fatigue: 7
Movement: 9
Size: 13
Appearance: 9

Advantages: 6
Venomous Essence 1
See Supernatural 1
Martial Knowledge 2
Ki Recovery 1
Natural Armor 1

Disadvantages: 3
Dirty Little Secret 1 (She is a member of selene; an adept in training)
Code of Conduct 1 (Selene’s rules)
Debt 1 (to the order of selene)

Physical Resistance: 30 + 5 (con) = 35
Disease Resistance: 30 + 5 (con) = 35
Venom Resistance: 30 + 5 (con) + 20 (Venomous Essence) = 55
Magic Resistance: 30 + 5 (pow) = 35
Psychic Resistance: 30 + 0 (will) = 30

Primary abilities

Primary Abilities: 360 DP
Attack: 65 (130 DP) + 5 (class) +10 (dex) = +80
Dodge: 55 (110 DP) +5 (class) +10 (agi) +10 (Lama) = +80

Martial Arts: 80 DP
Aikido (Basic) 10 DP (first art)
Tai Chi (Advanced) 50 DP
Lama (Basic) 20 DP

Accumulation Multiples x0

Secondary abilities

Athletics: 2 per (70)
Acrobatics: +20 (40 DP) +10 (class) + 10 (Agi) = 40
Jump: +10 (class) + 5 (Str) = 15
Athleticism: +10 (class) + 10 (Agi) = 20
Ride: +5 (10 DP) + 10 (Agi) = 15
Swim: +5 (10 DP) + 10 (Agi) = 15
Climb: +5 (10 DP) + 10 (Agi) = 15

Vigor: 2 per (10)
Composure: +5 (10 DP) + 0 (WP) = 5

Perception: 2 per (20)
Notice: +5 (10 DP) + 10 (Per) = 15
Search: +5 (10 DP) + 10 (Per) = 15

Intellectual: 3 per
*Memorize: +10 (Misc) + 5 (Int) = 15

Social: 2 per (50)
**Sense Motive: + 10 (Natural Bonus) + 10 (Perc) = 20
Etiquette: +10 (20 DP) + 5 (Int) = 15
*Persuasion: +10 (20 DP) + 10 (Misc) + 5 (Int) = 25
*Streetwise: +10 (Misc) + 5 (Int) = 15
Style: +5 (10 DP) +10 (class)) + 5 (Power) = 20

Subterfuge: 2 per (70)
*Disguise: + 20 (40 DP) +10(Misc) + 10 (Dex) = 40
Hide: +5 (10 DP) + 10 (Per) = 15
Poisons: +10 (20 DP) + 5 (Int) = 15
**Stealth: + 10 (Natural Bonus) + 10 (Agi) = 20

Creative: 2 per (20)
Sl. of hand: +10 (class) + 10 (Dex) = 20
*Dance: +5 (10 DP) +10 (Misc) + 10 (Agi) = 25
Music: +5 (10 DP) + 5 (Pow) = 10, 50 (flute*) +40 (Specialization Flute)


Ki MK = 25 (class) + 30 (tai chi) + 80 (Martial Mastery) + 20 (DP) = 155

Abilities: 130 MK Limit: xx
Use of Ki (40 pts)
Ki Control (30 pts)
Energy Armor (10 pts)
Use of Necessary Energy (10 pts)
Presence Extrusion (10 pts)
Physical Shield (10 pts)
Weight Elimination (10 pts)
Increased Damage (10 pts)

Dominion Techniques: (20 MK)
Ghost Dance (20 MK): Level 1 Technique
Main Effect: Intagibility Can be maintained Cost: 3 willpower, 3 power. Costs 2 generic ki to maintain

Ki Pool / Accumulation
Agility: 9 / 1
Constitution: 7 / 1
Dexterity: 8 / 1
Strength: 6 / 1
Power: 6 / 1
Willpower: 5 / 1
Total : 41


Combat Damage:
aikido: (10 + Strength mod. (+10) (20 base damage.) + 2x opponents strength mod for counter)
Tai Chi (20 + 2x Power mod (5) Impact. Damage 30)
Lama: (10 + strength (20 Damage) Impact) Total Damage: 40 (10 increased damage + 30 tai chi.)

A horse
a decorative dagger

A Ball gown (5 GC)
earrings(2 GC)
comb (3 GC)
small metal mirror (1 GC)
soap (1 SC)
oil (5 CC)
Oil Lamp (20 SC)
torch (2 CC)
chalk (5 CC)
2x blankets(2 SC)
backpack(30 SC)
decent perfume (35 SC)
small tent(1 GC)
A Flute (unknown cost)
leather armor(5 GC)
leather hood (40 SC)
large chest(25 SC)
A Decent Lock is on the chest (10 SC)

Mikoto Isumi

Mikoto is a Ninja in training from Shivat and was sent out by his family to see the world and experience many different types of fighting styles so that he could learn a way to combat them. He was given his family Quarter staff and rations of food. He makes his living being a mercenary. His fox like clothing and his inquisitive nature tends to gather a lot of attention.

Ability Score

Agility: 9
Con: 7
Dex: 9
Str: 7
Int: 5
Per: 7
Power: 5
Will: 5

Core statistics

Class: Acrobatic Warrior
LP: 95+10(class) = 105
Init: 20+10(agility)+10(dex)+10(class)+25(misc) = 70
Race: Daimah (20dp)
Actions: 3
Fatigue: 7
MOvement: 9
Size: 11

Quick Reflexes(1)
Animal Affinity(1)

Primary Abilities

Attack 60 (120 dp)+10(dex)+5(class)=75
Dodge 65(130 dp)+10(agi)+5(class)=80
Wear Armor 10(10 dp)
Ninja Module (50dp)

Secondary Abilities

Athletics: 2 per [180]
Acrobatics*: 35(70dp) +10(Agi) +10 (class)+10(misc) = 65
Athleticism*: 30(60dp) +10(Agi) +10(class)+10(misc) = 60
Climb*: 10(20dp) +10(Agi)+10(misc) = 30
Jump* : 10(20dp) +5(Str)+10(class)+10(misc) = 35
Ride: +10(Agi) -30(untrained) = -20
Swim: -30(untrained)+5(10dp) +10(Agi) = -15

Creative: 2per [50]
Art: +5(PoW) -30(untrained) = -25
Dance: -30(untrained) = -25
Forging: +10(Dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Music: -30(untrained) = -30
Sleight of Hand*:25(50dp)+10(Dex)+10(class)+10(misc)=55

Perceptive: 2 per [40]
Notice: -30(Untrained) = -30
Search: -30(Untrained) = -30
Track: -30(untrained) = -30
Style=20(40dp) +0(power) +10(Class) =30

Social: 2 per [0]
Intimidate: -30(untrained) = -25
Leadership: -30(untrained) = -25
Persuasion= -30(untrained) = -30

Subterfuge: 2 per [0
Disguise: +10(Dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Hide: -30(untrained) = -30
Lockpicking: +10(dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Poisons: -30(untrained) = -30
Theft: +10(Dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Trap Lore: -30(untrained) = -30
Stealth: +10(Agi) -30(untrained) = -20

Intellectual: 3 per [0]
Animals: -30(untrained) = -30
Appraisal: -30(untrained) = -30
Herbal Lore: -30(untrained)=-30
History: -30(untrained) = -30
Memorise: -30(untrained) = -30
Magic Appraisal: -30(untrained) = -30
Medicine: -30(untrained) = -30
Navigation: -30(untrained) = -30
Occult: -30(untrained) = -30
Sciences: -30(untrained) = -30

Vigour: 2 per [0]
Composure: -30(untrained)= -30
Feats of Strength:-30(untrained)+5(str)=-25
Withstand Pain: -30(untrained)=-30


He has his quarter staff, a backpack, week worth of clothes and 30G

Professor Fredrick Strom

Professor Fredrick Storm was a former professor from Lucrecio. While teaching at the university he discovered he appeared to have psychic powers. This discovery though was also noticed by Wesencraft. Not wanting to join the organization he fled to Gabriel with little more than the clothes on his back. He currently teaches at Le Drac's local school.


Agi 5
Con 5
Dex 8
Str 5
Int 8
Per 7
Pow 6
Wp 12 (+2 from advantages)

Core statistics

Class: Mentalist
Level: 1
Life Points: 75 (70 base + 5 class)
Size: 10 5’8 195lbs
Movement: 5 (55ft)
Fatigue: 5
Init: 20+10(dex)+5(class) = 35

Access to any Psychic Discipline (-2)
Increase Characteristics (Willpower +2) (-2)
Aptitude in a Field (Intellectual) (-2)
Acute Sense (-1)

Bad Luck (+1)
Psychic Exhaustion (+1)
Psychic Consumption (+2)

Psychic abilities: 340dp

Power Points: 22(220dp) +1(class) = 23 PP

Affinities: Telepathy (1pp) Psychokinesis (1pp)= 2pp

Powers: Mind Reading, Mental Research, Alter Memories, Area, minor psychokinesis, Psychokinetic Shield, Shatter= 7pp

Innate Slots: 3 (6pp)

Psychic Potential: +80 (wp) +30 (6pp)= 110

Free Power Points: 2pp

Psychic Projection: 60 (120dp)+10 (Dex)

Secondary abiltiies: 240dp

Athletics: 2 per [0]
Swim: -30 (untrained)= -30
Ride: +10 (misc) = 10
Jump : -30 (untrained)= -30
Climb: -30 (untrained)= -30
Athleticism: -30 (untrained)= -30
Acrobatics: -30 (untrained)= -30

Creative: 2per [0]
Art: +5(PoW) -30(untrained) = -25
Dance: -30(untrained) = -30
Forging: +10(Dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Music: +5(PoW) -30(untrained) = -25
Sleight of Hand: +10(Dex)-30 (untrained)=-20

Perceptive: 2 per [20]
Notice: 5(10dp) +5 (Per) +30 (Ac. Sense)+10 (misc)= 50
Search: 5(10dp) +5 (Per) +30 (Ac. Sense)+10 (misc)= 50
Track: -30(untrained) +5 (Per)= -25

Social: 2 per [60]
Intimidate: +20(WP) +10 (20dp) = 30
Leadership: +5(PoW) -30(untrained) = -25
Persuasion= +20(40dp) +10 (INT) = 30
Style=+5(power) -30 (untrained)= -25

Subterfuge: 2 per [30]
Disguise: +10(Dex) +15(30dp)+10(nat) = 35
Hide: +5 (Per) -30(untrained) = -25
Lockpicking: +10(dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Poisons: +10 (int) -30(untrained) = -20
Theft: +10(Dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Trap Lore: +5 (Per) -30(untrained) = -25
Stealth: -30(untrained) = -30

Intellectual: 1 (Aptitude in field) per [150]
Animals: -30 (untrained) +10 (Int)= -20
Appraisal: +10 (10dp) +10 (Int) = 20
Herbal Lore: +10 (10dp) +10 (Int) = 20
History:+10 (10dp) +10 (Int) = 20
Memorise: +20 (20dp) +10 (misc) +10 (Int) = 40
Magic Appraisal: -30 (untrained) +5(pow) = -25
Medicine:+40 (40dp) +10 (Int) = 50
Navigation: +10 (10dp) +10 (Int) = 20
Occult: +10 (10dp) +10 (Int) = 20
Sciences: +40 (40dp) +10 (Nat) +10 (Int) = 60

Vigour: 2 per [0]
Composure: +20(WP) +10(Misc) = 30
Feats of Strength: -30 (untrained)= -30
Withstand Pain: -30 (untrained) +20(WP)= -10


Shiroichi Takeshi, 17. A young Ryuan boy born in the capital city of Phaion, Markushias, to a relatively wealthy family. Takeshi hold himself to strict beliefs rising from how he was raised, and also because he was bullied due of his small stature and inherant inability to protect himself. He has sworn that he will never hit a woman, he will never turn a blind eye to evil, he will always help the innocent who are in danger, and he will never take the life of another man. In order to uphold his beliefs Takeshi took to the study of martial arts, however he is prone to misfortune and had little luck in finding a suitable dojo or master to train him. In a strange turn of misfortune to fortune, he ran into an unpleasant situation which lead him to his masters.* He joined a dojo which housed 6 different masters of a variety of different martial arts, who were at first hesitant to train Takeshi. However, seeing as he held much the same beliefs as themselves they changed their minds. Unfortunately for Takeshi his masters were truly powerful, and had rather insane ideas about what training was. He usually ended the day dead tired, half dead you might say, and every muscle aflame. Altogether another issue with this dojo was that his masters had made enemies of pretty much the entire criminal underworld with their tendency to meddle and apprehend them. This led Takeshi to be a natural target for them as well. After only a year of training his masters disappeared, leaving a note that said "We'll be back later, keep up the work on your basics." They had been gone for over a month when he decided rather than waiting around he would go out and search for them. Hearing a rumour the local mob was paid from those in Gabriel Takeshi finds himself in the small city of Le Drac

Ability Score

Agility: 7
Constitution: 8
Dexterity: 8
Strength: 8
Intelligence: 5
Perception: 5
Power: 7
Willpower: 7

Core Statistics

Class: Tao
LP: 110 +10 (class) +20 (Hard to Kill) = 140
Initiative: 20(Base) +5(agility) +10(dex) +20(Unarmed) +5(class) = 60
Actions: 3
Fatigue: 8
Movement: 7
Size: 16

Physical Resistance: 30 +10 = 40
Disease Resistance: 30 +10 = 40
Venom Resistance: 30 +10 = 40
Magic Resistance: 30 +5 = 35
Psychic Resistance: 30 +5 = 35

Advantages: 6
Total Accumulation : 2
Martial Mastery 2: 2
Hard to Kill 2: 2

Disadvantages: 3
Powerful Enemy 1: 1
Unfortunate: 1
Code of Conduct: 1

Primary Abilities: 360 DP

Attack: 80(160dp) +10(dex) = 90
Block: 60(120dp) +10(dex) = 70

Martial Arts: 35 DP
Kempo (basic): 5dp
Kung Fu (basic) :10dp
Grappling (basic) :10dp
Muay Thai (basic) :10dp

Accumulation Multiples 3: 45dp

Secondary Abiltiies: 240dp

Athletics: 2 per [120]
Athleticism: 15(30dp) +5(Agi) +10(Misc) = 30
Acrobatics: 20(30dp) +5(Agi) +10 (Misc) = 35
Climb: 10(20dp) +5(Agi) = 15
Jump : 10(20dp) +10(Str) = 20
Ride: 5(10dp) +5(Agi) = 15
Swim: 5(10dp) +5(Agi) = 10

Creative: 2per [0]
Art: +5(PoW) -30(untrained) = -25
Dance: -30(untrained) = -25
Forging: +10(Dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Music: +5(PoW) -30(untrained) = -25
Sleight of Hand:10(20dp)+10(Dex)+10(Misc)=20

Perceptive: 2 per [40]
Notice: 10(20dp) = 10
Search: 10(20dp) = 10
Track: -30(untrained) = -30

Social: 2 per [10]
Intimidate: +5(WP) -30(untrained) = -25
Leadership: +5(PoW) -30(untrained) = -25
Style= 5(10dp) +5(power) +5 (Class) = 15
Persuasion= -30(untrained) = -30

Subterfuge: 2 per [0]
Disguise: +10(Dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Hide: -30(untrained) = -30
Lockpicking: +10(dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Poisons: -30(untrained) = -30
Theft: +10(Dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Trap Lore: -30(untrained) = -30
Stealth: +5(Agi) -30(untrained) = -25

Intellectual: 3 per [0]
Memorise: -30(untrained) = -30

Vigour: 2 per [80]
Composure: +5(WP) +10(Misc) +5(Nat) = 20
Feats of Strength: 20(40dp) +10(Str) +10(Natt) = 40
Withstand Pain: 20(40dp) +5(WP) = 25


MK = 30(class) +80(martial mastery) = 110

Limit: 10
Custodium: Limit of Protection

Abiltiies: 70
Use of Ki: 40
Ki Control: 30

Techniques: 20
Strongest Combo #1: +40 Attack, +40 Damage
-Ki Cost: 4 Dex, 5 Str
-MK Cost: 20

Ki Pool / Acuumulation
Agility: 7 / 1
Constitution: 8/ 1
Dexterity: 8 / 2
Strength: 8 / 3
Power: 7 / 1
Willpower: 7 / 1
Total : 45


Finances: 39 GC, 90 SC, 100 CC

A horse
Clothes: Pants x 3, Shirt x 5, Jacket x 2, Coat, Scarf, Gloves, Belt, Handkerchief x 2, Man's Kimono,
Martial Arts Dougi*, Hand Wraps
Footwear: Walking Boots, Shoes
Miscellaneous: Backpack, Blanket x 2, Decent Rope (30 ft), Soap, Flint and Tinder, Small
Blank-pagrd Book, Ink, Feather Pen, Torch x 3, Field Rations (Good), Small Metal
Mirror, Small Bag
Weapon and Armour: Staff, Armguards (treat as Buckler), Padded +5*
Weight: Clothing 15 lbs, Misc 17 lbs, Weapons and Armour 11 lbs, Food 20 lbs
-Total Weight, 63 lbs

Leina "Lenneth" de Clare

Leina was a 3rd daughter to a minor noble family from Dupois in Gabriel. She was born with strange tattoos that worried her parents. They decided that she was blessed, but kept her out of sight just be safe. Being the youngest child she was able to get away with far more than her siblings. Instead of learning business like her older brother or etiquette like her sister, she perfered to learn fencing. Still her tutoris were insist she learn how to function in society. When Leina turned 18 though tragedy struck. Some deal went bad and her family quickly fell out of favour at court. A few days later assassins struck killing everyone but Leina who was out of the house that night. The town guard held an investigation but the assassins or their employers could not be found. Leina used her inheritance though to try and find her family's killers herself. She eventually found the assassins were called The Raven Wood band under the employee of Count Mikeal Eldridge. Leina seduced Mikeal during a dance and killed the count. Unfortunately a lot of people saw him leave with Leina and the town guard were quickly after her. Having no choice she fled the city and headed to the smaller city of Le Drac taking the name Lenneth.

A few times a night Leina is visted by nightmares in her sleep. She keeps finding herself in some old ruin, that oddly looks very futuristic and alien. She has the feeling she is looking for something/someone and its very important. A voice keeps telling her "this is your destiny". After that the dream becomes odd images, there is some symbol but she can never remember it the next day


STR: 6
DEX: 9
AGI: 8
CON: 6
INT: 5
POW: 5
WIL: 10
PER: 5

Core Statistics

class: Warrior Mentalist
Race: Ebudan (10dp since she hasn't finished her quest)

Size: 12
App: 9
Initiative: 20 +5 (Class) +10(Dex)+10(Agi) +45 (Quick Reflexes) = 90
LP: 85+10(class) = 95
Mov: 8
Fatigue: 6
Regeneration: 1

PhR: 30 +5 (Constitution) =35
VR: 30 +5 (Constitution) = 35
DR: 30 +5 (Constitution) = 35
MR: 30 +0 (Power) = 30
PsR: 30 +15 (Willpower) = 45
HP: 85 +10 (Class) = 95

Powerful Enemy (1)
Psychic Consumption (2)
Adverse Destiny (2)

Access to a Psychic Discipline (1)
Psychic Inclination (2)
Quick Reflexes (2)
Martial Mastery 1 (1)
Jack of All Trades (2)

Primary abilities: 300dp

Attack (Spear): 75 (150) +5 (Class) +10 (Dex) = 82
Block (Full Shield): 75 (150) +5 (Class) +10 (Dex) +10 (Buckler) = 90/100
Wear Armor: 0 (0) +5 (Str) = 5

Psychic abilities: 270

Mind Sets (30DP):

Psychic Points: 1 (Class) +16 (240DP) = 17
Access to Physical Increase (1): Increase Ability (1), Increase Strength (1), Increase Reaction (1).
Innate Slots = 3 (6).
+30 Psychic Potential = 6
Free Psychic Points: 1.

ki - 60MK

Use of Ki 40
Presence Estrusion 10
Aura Extension 10

Secondary Abilities: 20dp

Acrobatics: 10 (Jack) +10 (Agi) +10 (Natural) = 30
Athleticism: 10 (Jack) +10 (Agi) = 20
Climb: 10 (Jack) +10 (Agi) = 20
Jump: 10 (Jack) +5 (Str) = 15
Ride: 10 (Jack) +10 (Agi) +10 (Bonus) = 20
Swim: 10 (Jack) +10 (Agi) -5 (Armor) = 15

Intimidate: 10 (Jack) +15 (Wil)-40 = -15
Leadership: 10 (Jack) +0 (Pow)-40 = -30
Persuasion: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) +10 (Bonus)-40 = -20
Style: 10 (Jack) +0 (Pow) = 10
Sense Motive: 10 (Jack) +0 (Per) = 10
Trading: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int)-40 = -30
Streetwise: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int)-40 = -30
Etiquette: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int)-40 = -30

Notice: 10 (Jack) +0 (Per) = 10
Search: 10 (Jack) +0 (Per) = 10
Track: 10 (Jack) +0 (Per) = 10

Animals: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 10
Appraisal: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 10
Herbal Lore: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 10
History: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 10
Medicine: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) +10 (Bonus) = 20
Memorize: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 10
Navigation: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 10
Occult: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 10
Science: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 10
Law: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 10
Tactics: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 10

Withstand Pain: 10 (Jack) +10 (20DP) +10 (Bonus) = 30
Composure: 10 (Jack) +15 (Wil) +10 (Bonus) +15 natural = 50
Feats of Strength: 10 (Jack) +5 (Str) = 15

Disguise: 10 (Jack) +10 (Dex) = 20
Hide: 10 (Jack) +0 (Per) = 10
Lock Picking: 10 (Jack) +10 (Dex) = 20
Poison: 10 (Jack) +0 (Int) = 0
Stealth: 10 (Jack) +10 (Agi) -5 (Armor) = 15
Theft: 10 (Jack) +10 (Dex) = 20
Trap Lore: 10 (Jack) +0 (Per) = 10

Art: 10 (Jack) +0 (Pow) = 10
Dance: 10 (Jack) +10 (Agi) = 20
Music: 10 (Jack) +0 (Pow) = 10
Sleight of Hand: 10 (Jack) +10 (Dex) = 20
Forge: 10 (Jack) +10 (Dex) = 20


Spear (lance rules): (Damage: 40 [45/50], Speed +5, Req. Str. 4/6, Primary Thrust, Secondary -, Pole, Throwable/One- or Two-Handed, Fortitude 23, Breakage 7, Presence 25)

Buckler: (Damage: 15 [30], Speed -15 Special, Req. Str.5, Primary Impact, Secondary -, Shield, +10Block/+5Dodge Special, Fortitude 24, Breakage 5, Presence 20)

Armored Longcoat: (Cut1, Imp0, Thr2, Hea1, Ele2, Col2, Ene0, Req0, Nat-5, Mov0, For10, Pres25, Complete, Soft)

Leather Hood: (Armor Requirement 0, Perception Penalty 0, Fortitude 10, Presence 15, Head, Soft, Cut AT1, Impact AT0, Thrust AT2, Heat AT1, Electricity AT3, Cold AT1, Energy AT0)

Unarmed: Damage 10, speed +20, primary impact. Precise

A horse

Women’s Underwear x 7 ( 2 x 7 = 14 SC)
Dress x1 (5 SC)
Ball gown x1 (5 GC)
Shirt x4 (2x 4 = 8 SC)
Coat x1 (5 SC)
Pants x4 (1 x 4 = 4 SC)
Glove x1 (1 x 2= 2 SC)
Walking Shoes x 1 (5 SC)
Broad Brim Hat x 1 (2 SC)

Personal Items:
Comb ( 3 GC .5 LB)
Earrings x 2 ( 2x2= 4GC .1LB)
Necklace (4 GC .5LB)
Fan (1GC .25LB)
Ring x 2 (2x2 =4GC .5LB)
Bracelets x2 (2x2 =4GC .5LB)
A small chest
A family heirloom

Money left (24.5 Gc)

Ameiko Kaijitsu (NPC for in case of emergency / too many missing people :D)

Character Information

Class: Warlock
Age: 20
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110

Ability scores

Strength: 5
Dexterity: 6
Agility: 8
Constitution: 6
Intelligence: 8
Power: 8
Willpower: 6
Perception: 8

Core Statistics

Movement: 8-1 = 7
Max Actions: 3
Lifepoints: 85 + 10(class) = 95
Initiative: 20(base)+5(dex)+10(agility)+5(class) = 40

Disease Resistance: 30+5 = 35
Magic Resistance: 30+10+10(gift) = 50
Physical Resistance: 30+5 = 35
Venom Resistance: 30+5 = 35
Psychic Resistance: 30+5 = 35

The Gift (2)
Unspoken casting (1)
Gesturless casting (1)
Jack of all trades (2)

Deep Sleeper (1)
Unlucky Destiny (2)

Primary abilities: 230

Attack: 55(110)+5(dex)+5(class) = 65
Dodge: 50(100)+10(agility)+5(class) = 65
Wear Armour: 10(20dp) = 10

Supernatural: 300DP

Theorm: Onmyodo

MA Multiple: 2(100)
level: 30(30) = 30
magic projection as attack/defense = 150dp

Zeon: 110(base)+100(20dp)+20(class) = 230
MA: 10*3 = 30

Spell Levels: 30(base)+30 = 60
meta Magic: 5
Hidden Magic

Spells: 54
Dark: 24
Illusion: 26 (sub path literature)
Essence: Heal (4)

FA 10: Pen of Reality
FA 10: Jump
FA 10: Opening
FA 20: Missive
FA 20: Fog
FA 20: infinite bag
FA 30: Travel Journal
FA 30: Climb

Secondary Abilities: 70 DP

Acrobatics: 10(Jack)+10(Agi) = 20
Athleticism: 10(Jack)+10(Agi)+10(bonus1)+10(natural) = 40
Climb: 10(Jack)+10(Agi) = 20
Jump: 10(Jack)+0(str) = 10
Ride: 10(Jack)+10(Agi) = 20
Swim: 10(Jack)+10(Agi) = 20

Intimidate: 10(Jack)+5(will) = 15
Leadership: 10(Jack)+10(Pow) = 20
Persuasion: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Style: 10(Jack)+10(Pow) = 20
Sense Motive: 10(Jack)+10(Per)+10(bonus 2) = 30
Trading: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Streetwise: 10(Jack)+10(Int)+10(bonus 3) = 30
Etiquette: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20

Notice: 10(Jack)+10(Per) = 20
Search: 5+(10dp)+10(Jack)+10(Per) = 25
Track: 10(Jack)+10(Per)+10(natural) = 30

Animals: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Magic Appraisal: 10(Jack)+10(Int)+5(class)+10(bonus 4) = 35
Appraisal: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Herbal Lore: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
History: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Medicine: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Memorize: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Navigation: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Occult: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Science: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Law: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Tactics: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20

Withstand Pain: 10(20dp)+10(Jack)+5(will) = 25
Composure: 10(Jack)+5(will) = 15
Feats of Strength: 10(Jack)+0(Str) = 10

Disguise: 10(Jack)+5(Dex) = 15
Hide: 10(Jack)+10(Per) = 20
Lock Picking: 10(Jack)+5(Dex) = 15
Poison: 10(Jack)+10(Int) = 20
Stealth: 10(Jack)+10(Agi)+10(bonus5) = 30
Theft: 10(Jack)+5(Dex) = 15
Trap Lore: 10(Jack)+10(Per) = 20

Art: 20(40dp)+10(Jack)+10(Pow)+60(calligraphy) = 100
Dance: 10(Jack)+10(Agi) = 15
Music: 10(Jack)+10(Pow) = 20
Sleight of Hand: 10(Jack)+5(Dex) = 15
Forge: 10(Jack)+5(Dex) = 15
Cooking: 10(jack)+10(int) = 20


Gold: 29.8GC

Short Bow
init: 30
damage: 30 (thrust)

Init: 60

Complete leather
Cut: 1
Impact: 0
Thrust: 2
Heat: 1
Elec: 2
Cold: 1
Energy: 0

4 pant
4 shirt
2 dress
1 good quality dress
2 broad brimmed hat
1 good broad brimmed hat
7 underwear
1 walking boots
1 pair of good quality shoes


-small glass bottle
-feather pen
-small blank paged book

travel equipment
-Decent rope
-small tent

Quiver of arrows: 0.2GC

House Rules and Variants

Using rules from core exxet, also can use Arcana exxet if you translate the stuff [which at this point is nearly all of Arcana exxet]

-Nephilim cost their experience penalty * 10 DP instead of losing XP every session. Example to play a Sylvain Nephilim will cost 40dp. The DP doesn't fall under any category in terms of DP limitations

-LP multiple: You gain your con modifier or con score which ever is better.
-Will use the GM toolkit rules for between life and death

-Core Exxet bonus skills.
-New skill: Sense Motive. Falls under Social and uses perception. Used to detect false hoods.
-Using the Gaia new skills. Streewise in addition to its normal affects works a bit like bardic knowledge from D&D [Just knowing random stories and finding local rumours)

-Zeon recovery multiple: It costs half the DP as MA multiple. It works like MA multiple but for recovery only
-Can buy magic levels. For every 5dp spent you get 5 to a magic level in 1 path
-If you spend half a day meditating you recovery your normal zeon regeneration + your willpower modifier (always assumed to be at least +5). If you spend the entire day meditating you regain a bonus of double your willpower modifier
-using GM toolkit for limits on path level at the start. Medium supernatural level.
-You can take magic advantages without the gift if your a mystic or hybrid mystic class (man did that rule really annoy my summoner)

-[u]NOT using the ki unification variant

-Shooting/projecting into combat is a -30 penalty. Depending on the LOS defender might get a cover bonus. If the defender would get a counter attack you risk hitting the other person in combat (they make a defense roll against your attack roll to see if you hit them instead).
-Flanking works like in D&D. To get the flank bonus you need someone opposite your target (though can still get the bonus using acrobatics or through fleeing attacks ect).
-To get a rear attack bonus you must either start your activation in your opponents rear arc or be attacking them from stealth (or through acrobatics ect).
-Using a hex map. 3 hexes in front of your character are you threatened hexes. 3 hexes behind you are your back arc.
-You can use a mundane shield or weapon that acts a shield to cover other people (see page 93). Regardless if you succeed or not to block an attack directed against someone else, if you make the attempt it counts as a additional defense roll for you.

Different sizes & heights in combat
-Fighting different size categories. For each size smaller than your opponent you gain +10 attack & dodge. Though smaller characters have shorter movement/ranged and smaller weapons tend to do less damage
-Going to ground gives you +30 to dodge projectile attacks (rest as normal)
-Fighting someone 2 size categories lower than you and their attacks are like AOE attacks
-higher ground bonus is for similar sized opponents

Mounted combat
-Need ride 40+ to ride a mount in combat
-To dodge on a mount you roll a ride check. If you pass an easy check you add half your ride skill on to your mounts dodge to defend from the attack. For every difficulty level beyond easy add an additional 10% bonus.
-If your mount is attacked you need to make a ride check greater than damage * 2 to remain in control of your mount
-Blocking on a mount follows normal rules
-Attack from a mount follows normal rules

-Might come up if you try to read the mind of a demon or something ;)

New advantages
-Weapon Fu: 2CP You can fully use a weapon with your chosen form of martial arts. See Dominus Exxet pg 43 for list of supported weapons

Shade Kerrin
2011-07-31, 10:43 PM
Good luck to you in the GM seat, I will be watching this.

2011-07-31, 11:29 PM
Day 1: Weihnacht festival
[note, Fredrick unfortunately missed this session and most of the second. I ran through the night quickly with him. I've included what his character did in this report just to keep the story in chronological order.]

It was Weihnacht eve and the city was getting ready to have a grand celebration. In front of the cathedral various merchants were setting up tents to sell their wares, various tavern keepers were preparing food for the fest to come, Mayor Deverin and a few of Le Drac elite were on a stage in front of the cathedral talking to the foreman of the construction. Just before noon mayor Deverin sounded a horn and everyone in church square gathered around the stage.

Mayor Deverin: “Welcome one and all to Le Drac's celebration of Weihnacht. This night is promising to be extra special becau.......Holy crap is that Larz Rovanky? Wow this must be even bigger than even I imagined to bring our master tanner out of his tannery.”

The crowd laughs at Deverin's remark (except Larz who turns red with embarrassment)

"Anyways tonight marks the completion of Le Drac's grand new cathedral. The past year has been one of many hardships, yet Le Drac's future has never looked brighter or bigger. So tonight let us celebrate the day of the appearance of the Messiah and Le Drac's small contribution to this holiday night. Now I know you’re all eager to celebrate, but it would be rude for me not to thank the many people that helped contribute to the building of the cathedral without me having to raise taxes. I would like to call upon my fellow Mercantile League families: The Valdemar’s, Kaijitsu and Scarnettis and also Sheriff Hemlock and father Zantus to say a few words.”

Lady Melissa Valdemar: "Hello, it is an honour to contribute towards Le Drac’s new cathedral. As you all know our patriarch Ethram Valdemar was part of the original Mercentile League and the founding of Le Drac. He remembers the original church and is amazed how much our new cathedral dwarfs the old church.”

Tutso Kajitisu: “Welcome all. My father is unfortunately working on a big order from Dupois, but won’t he feel peeved to know even Larz was able to take a break free for this grand day while he was not. Anyways on behalf of my family I just want to say the Kaijitsu family is proud to call Le Drac our home””

Zacharie Scarnetti: “The scarnetti’s are happy to witness the completion of this cathedral. It was a great shame that the fires burnt down........”

Suddenly from out of the audience a tomato is thrown on stage and barely misses Zacharie.

Someone: "Mysterious fires!?! You and your family burnt down the church and rival mills!"
Sherieff Hemlock quickly sends some guards into the crowd, but the tomato thrower has disappeared in the crowd

Zacharie: "You impudent wench, the scarnetti’s have generously cut down the price of grains and not taken advantage of our mill after the fire, we contributed to the building of this grand.....”

At this point Zacharie’s twin brother Lothaire gently lead his brother off stage.

Sheriff Hemlock: “I would like to remind everyone that even though this is a festival, the laws are still going to be enforced and common courtesy is expected of EVERYONE! Now let us please have a moment of silence to remember those that died in the fire...... and the other unpleasantness.”

After a brief and awkward silence.

Father Zantus: “Sheriff Hemlock is right, we must remember and pay our respects to the dead, still today is a celebration for the living and we should celebrate. I can see our local tavern owners are busy getting lunch ready so I will make this fast. Let us all give thanks to the Messiah for freeing humanity from evil, for gifting us with bread and wine. Amen!”

The taverns had prepared a free fest and appeared a competition was going on to see which tavern had the most guests at their booth.

Takeshi heads to The Rusty Dragons tent where Ameiko Kaijitsu is telling everyone she learnt this curry beef stew recipe on the new continent. Takeshi tries to inquire about his masters, but the crowd is too caught up in Ameiko's tales and don't pay him much attention. Afterwards he tries the 2 knights brewery tent where Sheriff Hemlock is stationed watching the crowd trying to make sure no one drinks too much (and generally dampening the mood with his presence). Once again Takeshi has no luck finding any leads.

Also headed to the Rusty Dragons tent. Though the large crowds in the festival started to make her nervous and she retreated back to her room at the white deer. As Leina sleeps she is once again troubled by weird dreams.

ventureed to Risa's tent featuring spiced potatoes. As Keira tries to talk to Risa (more her mishearing Keira and having one of her sons yell what Keira was saying in her ear) she notices some movement in one of the streets just off the square. She heads down into an alley and briefly sees something dart into the shadows, but upon further inspection can't find anything.

Also went to the Rusty Dragon. His odd outfit actually interrupted one of Ameiko stories this time about visiting Moth. Ameiko comments she has never seen anything like it and inquires about Mikoto. Mikoto though just eats his food and the crowd quickly looses interest imploring Ameiko to continue her story.

At this point both Mikoto and Takeshi decided to go exploring the city and both ended up on the beach. Takeshi decided to do some training on the beach and Mikoto fascinated by his style sat down and watched. When Takeshi noticed Mikoto and stopped Mikoto was disappointed urging Takeshi to continue. Takeshi embarrassed at having an audience mentions he is just a beginner still. The two than start to spar on the beach showing each other a few tricks.

As night fell everyone found themself back in front of the cathedral for the grand opening and Father Zantus ceremony to honour the messiah. Just as he was about to start though Sheriff Hemlock yelled "FIRE!" and quickly gathered his militia men to try and stop the fire. The cathedral square panicked at this point as everyone ran to their homes to gather family and values.

[Keira, Mikoto, Takeshi, Lenneth]
The 4 followed Sheriff Hemlock and his milita towards the fire. About halfway to the fisher man's market though there was screams and weird singing coming from the east end of town. Hemlock sent a few men to investigate and took the remainder with him south towards the fire. The party decided to follow the smaller force east. The group and militia men rounded a corner and found an odd site. In front of them was a table from the festival still covered in half eaten food. On the table were these 3 small humanoid creatures. They were between 3-4ft tall and looked like a scrawny child with a mans head. They are wearing various animal furs covering most of their body. Their head was bald, they had long pointed ears, eyes that were deep red pits, a mouth full of sharp pointed teeth and their skin was an odd greenish colour (they are goblins). 2 of the creatures were on the table festing on the food and the last one was throwing stuff at a bunch of townsfolk trapped in one of the merchant tents. One of the goblins upon seeing the party stood up and let out a loud yell. The 2 militia men fainted at the sight and Takeshi taken by surprise fell over backwards.

Leina: "Why did they all have to look like they crawled out of the sewers. She grumbled something to herself as she pulled out her spear and shield and quickly lundging at the closest one wanted to poke it's great big nose wondering if it would pop." Leina stabbed at the goblin feasting on the food and skewered the creature with her spear.

Takeshi: Runs up to the Goblin that yelled at the party and struck it with a tremendous punch that broke the creatures neck.

Keira: Sneaks up upon the last Goblin and breaks its neck

The trapped townsfolk thank the 4 and quickly run off. The group decide it would be a good idea to try and find Sheriff Hemlock and inform him on whats going on. They hide the 2 militia men in the tent the towns folk were trapped in.

On the way back they encounter 4 more of the creatures tormenting a lone townsfolk. A goblin riding wolf is currently festing on what use to be a dog. The guy is trying to fend off 2 goblins and 1 of the goblins seems to be singing a song cheering them on.

Leina: "I really hate these things" she mutters trying to avoid looking at the dog. Leina stabs at Goblin 2 who squeals in pain.

The other Goblin breaks up his fight with the townsfolk and throws a bottle at Leina who brings up ber Buckler and harmlessly blocks the improvised weapon.

The goblin singer suddenly changes his song. It takes awhile for the party to realize its now singing in latin. They feel a sense of dread at its song.

Keira: "Quickly take the others down, the one behind is performing witchcraft!". Keira runs towards the creature but is blocked by the goblin that attacked Leina. She quickly delivers a staggering blow instantly killing the creature.

The wolf riding Goblin though notices Keira and seeing her as a threat urges his mount to engage. The wolf lunges Left and the Goblin swings his woodsmens axe right. Keira unable to dodge both blows is clipped by the axe.

Takeshi unfortunately slips on the slain dogs blood and the goblin easily avoids his attack. Mikoto goes to assist the other 2 and launches a flurry of blows. While he manages to connect a blow against the goblin he does not appear to hurt it.

Leina once again stabs at the wounded Goblin. It surprisingly drops below her spear and lunges at her and she barely manages to get her buckler in place to block it. The other 3 don't seem to have much luck against the wolf rider (ooc he spent the round rolling a lot of open rolls).

3rd round Leina is still having no luck with the wounded goblin as it dodges her attack and she blocks his. Keira manages to wound the wolf riding Goblin. Takeshi then unleashes his ki technique Strongest Combo killing the wolf rider. Mikoto seeing the singer still chanting runs towards it and does a jump flip off the wall avoiding the wounded goblin fighting Leina. He lands in front of the Goblin and quickly launches a staggering punch connecting with the creature. To his surprise though the goblin continues to sing through the pain.

The chanter finishes his song and an unnatural fear grips the party.At this point though the singer realizes only he and a wounded goblin are left and is also gripped by a state of fear and attempts to book it. Unfortunately he can't out run Keira who quickly chases it down killing the beast. The last goblin is so focused on his fight with Leina he doesn't notice Takeshi sneak up behind him until Takeshi grapples him. At this point they don't hear fighting or singing in the streets anymore and it looks like the fire is under control.

The townsfolk introduces himself as Aldernn Foxglove. Aldernn was most thankful for the party and promised to repay them for their heroics on saving his life. He promises to take them hunting with him to L'Ark forest soon. At this point the party introduces themselves to each other. Mikoto and Takeshi in particular seemed interested in each other being from similar principalities.

Mikoto: "Oh that's all right no need for a grand feast and...... a forest you say? Oh oh i want to go in there I love nature."
The others quickly agree a trip to L'Ark sounds nice.

Inspired by the heroics of normal people he left the party to aid Sheriff Hemlock, after saying a tearful goodbuy to his loyal dog Shadow who perished fighting the goblins.

The party then turned to decide what to do with the creature.
Leina: "Well i assume no one wants it for a pet?"
Takesihi: "We should try and question it, see where the rest of them came from and ran off to."
Keira: "Okay little man. Do you speak latin?"
the goblin just makes squealing noises.
Leina: "It dosn't look smart enough to talk." she said looking at it feeling disgusted. "Well if it cant talk theres no reason to keep it." she said raising her spear slowly.
Takeshi: "I'll have no part of killing it in cold blood, however, following it seems a plausable plan."
Keira: "But couldn't it warn the others?"
Takeshi: ""Of what? It doesn't even know what we're saying."
Mikoto: "But that one that was singing before spoke our language."
Takeshi: "True, although it did seem slightly more intelligent than this one."
Leina: "Well just incase it does understand us maybe we shouldnt plan infront of him." She said whacking the creature upside the head with the butt of her spear knocking out the goblin.

Around this time one of Sheriff Hemlock militia men found the group arguing among themselves. He informed them that the town seemed to be under control and suggested they head home for the night. When the group mentioned the captured creature he immediately demand they take it directly to Sheriff Hemlock. He escorted the party to townhall, making sure to stay as far away from the unconscious thing as he could (while still trying to appear commanding). When the party arrived at the townhall they heard Mayor Deverin and Sheriff Hemlock arguing loudly, something to do with the graveyard. The sheriff and the mayor were extremely grateful for the heroics of the group (apparently Aldernn had found the Sheriff and spoke a lot about the party). Hemlock took the goblin to the prison to try and interrogate it, hoping that maybe priest Zantus could help. Mayor Deverin upon learning the group were just visiting Le Drac gave the party signed notes saying they could stay at either Inn and the city would pay their bills. So the party retired to The White Deer inn.

[Professor Fredrick Strom]
Fredrick accompanied Hemlock south to the fire. When the militia and him arrived Hemlock ordered his men to start trying to block/control the fire and sent others to gather water. Again there was a scream nearby and Hemlock was forced to send some men to investigate. Fredrick volunteered to help, but Hemlock just told him to stay out of trouble and help the best he could. Fredrick decided to try to help whoever was screaming.

He followed the sound and came across a militia man also trying to find whoever was screaming for help. The militia man rounded a corner and suddenly Fredrick heard a loud thump and saw the man fall to the ground. Using his psychic powered Fredrick extended his senses scanning the nearby area for whoever was around the corner. He sensed one person scared out of their mind, and 2 others that weren't thinking in latin. Turning the corner he found 2 goblins. One holding a knife tormenting Lady Shyliss (daughter of Vex owner of the general store) and another holding a rock over the downed militia man. Fredrick quickly extended his power and broke the goblin holding the knife. This act of heroics cost him though as the goblin nearby leapt at Fredrick bringing how rock down hard upon his foot. Though this goblin fell as fast as his companion next round. Fredrick quickly checked the downed militia and Shyliss and treated both their wounds to the best of his ability. Unable to carry the guard he took Shylyss back towards the fire and Sheriff Hemlock.

Upon reaching the fire though he learnt the Sheriff had taken a few of the men and were going around after various reports of "little men wielding knives and clubs" reached their camp. Fredrick decided it best to escort Shyliss back to her home. Upon heading out though he ran into Hemlock with a few wounded militia men and Aldernn (who was being talking about Keira, Leina, Mikoto and Takeshi and Hemlock was trying his best not to strangle Aldernn). Fredrick offered his services to help treat Hemlocks men and suggested that Aldernn could escrot Shyliss the rest of the way home. Aldernn mumble how he was a fighter and should be helping the sheriff, but Hemlock stated he didn't have the men to escort anyone safely home and mentioned the tend to help the wounded was a good idea (especially since Hannah would probaly kill him for bringing her so many wounded) and that Aldernn, Shyliss and him should stay together with the wounded since there was strength in numbers. Aldernn was a bit insulted by this since he had his own steel (a short sword more for show than use) but stayed with Fredrick and Shyliss.

Most of the militia had suffered more superficial wounds than anything and weren't too happy to be treated and sent back out to deal with the unnatural creatures. A few hours later Hemlock gave the all clear. He was summoned to meet with the mayor at townhall and offered to escort Shyliss and Fredrick there. Aldernn bid farwell to the group, promising to be in touch with them. Fredrick escorted Shyliss home and went back to his place for the night.

Tech Boy
2011-08-01, 07:49 AM
Sounds like an interesting party!

2011-08-04, 06:49 PM
Day 2: Heroes of Le Drac [Keira, Mikoto, Takeshi, Leina]

The party decided to all retire to the White Deer inn. After showing the mayor's note to Garridan Viskalai

they had no problems finding rooms. Before going to sleep Leina bandaged up Keira's arm, and she hoped a good

nights sleep would help deal with the rest. In the morning the group headed down to the common room, and

found Garridan waiting for them. Apparently Aldernn showed up earlier and left a letter addressed "To the

heroes of Le Drac". Most of the group seemed rather embarrassed by his (except Keira who took the note and

read it aloud).

"Dear friends,

I hope the night treated you well. I assisted Sheriff Hemlock with the fire and told him of your daring

exploits with the creatures. He seemed most impressed. I'm trying to make the arrangements for a visit to

L'Ark forest. Let Garridan know of when you want to go and I will make it happen.

Yours truely
Aldernn Foxglove"

Upon finishing the letter Garridan let out a whistle questioning the group what they did to gather the

interest of both the mayor and Aldernn. Leina and Keira though interrupt him trying to order breakfast.

Takeshi and Mikoto start day dreaming about the future trip to L'Ark.

Garridan yells at one of his family members to bring breakfeast and takes a seat with the party, hoping they

will share their story and once again asks what happened.
Takeshi: *Blushes "Ahh no, not at all, it was nothing much"
Mikoto: "All we did was fight some uglies"
Leina: "All I did was give the sheriff my pet"
Keira though leapt into story of the groups adventure, showing off her war wound to Garridan (which Garridan

will suggest she visit Hannah a local healer to see if she can treat the wound).

The party tried not to laugh or chock on their food as Keira embellishes the tale.

Afterwards Garridan fairly impressed wondered what such heroes had come to Le Drac for (not that he wasn't

thankful for them helping to save his city). When Takeshi mentions he is looking for his masters Garridan

suggests he try the house of blue stones (local monastery). While he wouldn't call the local master a true

master, she might know if any masters passed this way. As the party eats their breakfast they discuss what they want to see in town and when to go hunting with Aldernn. Eventually they decide that they would go hunting with Aldernn in 2 days. Mikoto and Takeshi decide to spend the day at the monestary and Keira and Leina decide to head to Hannah's and do some shopping.

[Mikoto, Takeshi]
So Mikoto and Takeshi headed to the House of Blue Stones monestary where they meet sister Sabyl. Takeshi inquired about his masters and Sabyl lead him to her private chambers to discuss his masters. Apparently the problems in Phaion are bigger than Takeshi was aware. Apparently Phaion is being used as a holding ground by some mafia groups that are smuggling various artifacts and trinkets out of the eastern principalities. Takeshi's masters and Sabyl's group were aware of the problems and found out the mobs appeared to be being paid by various Gabriel wealthy nobles. Sabyl hasn't heard of anything relating to Takeshi's masters, but if they went missing she thinks they are probably somewhere in Gabriel. Finally Sabyl mentions she is currently watching the Scarnetti family who she suspects is related to the various mobs.

[Keira, Leina]
Keira and Leina headed to Hannah's and found the healers clinic was rather packed. Hannah was busy dealing with a few people that took head wounds from the attack. Eventually she got to Keira and informed her she could stitch her up and sell her some potions that would assist with the healing (though best to take at night since they cause extreme drowsiness), but it would cost 1G for the service and an additional gold for each potion. Keira mentioned she was one of the heroes of Le Drac and perhaps the mayor can help her out. After hearing the story Hannah agreed to perform the service and sell 2 potions for just 1G. After the trip to Hannah's the 2 went window shopping in Le Drac. Wherever they went townsfolk stopped to point the 2 out and whisper. When they based the bakery one of the bakers came out and gave them each a free loaf of breed.

[Entire party]
After their day's adventures the group found themselves back at the white deer. Above the door was a new sign "White Deer Inn, inn of heroes" (much to the embarrassment of everyone again) and inside the common room was full to capacity. When the crowd say the party the room was full of cheers and people started yelling for stories. Garridan tried to quiet down the crowd, but they started looking ugly wanting to hear about the Goblins. People started yelling out what they heard how the goblins were between 3-10ft tall and fighting with the bones of slain guards. Once again Kiara took center stage and told the crowd what happened. Once finished someone in the crowd ordered a round for everyone. The party decided to take this time and sneak off to their rooms. Garridan came up apologizing for the crowd ad promising to try and control them better in the future.

2011-08-07, 07:19 PM
Day 2: [Professor Fredrick Strom]

After the goblin attack Refrick and saving Shayliss, Fredrick retired back to his humble home for the night. The night day he traveled back to where the fire started to investigate how much damage is done. He found Hayliss Korvaski having a heated discussion with Sheriff Hemlock. Hayliss was accusing the Scarnetti's of working with the creatures and burning down her shop. Fredrick used his mental research to try and see if Hayliss had proof or not. Reading her mind she was pretty much convinced herself that Zacharie Scarnetti learnt that she was the one that throw a tomato at him during the speeches and got his revenge. Just like how the Scarnetti's burnt down the mills.

Looking to investigate this accusation Fredrick journeyed to the Scarnetti Mansion. At the gate he altered the memory of the gate keeper to thinking he had an appointment with Titus Scarnetti (the head of the family). Unfortunately when the gate keeper sent a runner to inform Titus that Fredrick had arrived for his appointment, he was informed that all meetings today were suppose to have been rescheduled.

Following this failure Fredrick headed into town. In town he kept hearing stories of the attack and how 4 visitors to Le Drac had fending off the creatures and saved Aldernn. From most of the stories Fredrick was able to deduce that the stories were greatly exaggerated (as the Goblins were barely 4ft tall let alone 10). While out though he ran into Shayliss again. who upon seeing Fredrick ran up and hugged him.

Fredrick: "Shayliss! I hope your much recovered from last night"
Shayliss: "Yeah, I was awake most of the night but there doesn't appear be any new problems. Well not major ones anyways. It's so unfair that everyone is just talking about these 4 people. You seemed as brave as they did based on what I've heard. I was hoping to run into you today. My father has been busy following my sister. She didn't even know what happened last night, but you probaly know the "rumours" about her. Anyways with both of them so busy the store has been getting kind of dirty, and I noticed there were rats in the storeroom. Any chance could you help me take care of them. Please" *she bates her eyelashes and tries to be cute to entice you to quickly help her

Fredrick being the gentlemen agreeds to help her. Once again Shayliss hugs him, takes his hand and leads him to the family general store. She unlocks the store, brings him in and relocks it and leads him to the back and the basement. Fredrick rolling an open roll for notice (getting something like 200+) notices a lot of neatly stacked crates, boxes, barrels and a cot set up in the corner and a bunch of candles beside it.

Fredrick: Shayliss... I don't see any rats..."
Shayliss: "Your as smart as you are brave" she whispers and she leans in to kiss him.
Fredrick taken by surprise leans back avoiding her "Shayliss besides me saving you, you barely know me. If you want you can walk with me but this is just too much right now. I'm sorry"

That unfortunately drives the poor girl into tears. Its around this time they both hear the front door open, a call of "Shayliss" and foot steps heading downstairs. Shayliss freezes and curses. Fredrick thinking quick takes one of the smaller boxes and quickly breaks it. The footsteps speed up hearing something break and Ven (Shayliss father) enters the basement.

Luckily for Fredrick and Shayliss they manage to convince Ven that after saving Shayliss Fredrick stayed the night in the basement to help Shayliss sleep safe, and he was just helping her move some boxes when he tripped and broke the current one. Ven spoke to Fredrick privately and informed him he was glad for the assistance Fredrick offered his daughter, but wasn't comfortable with him spending the night as their store, even if he did sleep on a different floor from his daughter.

Day 3: A mystery deepens
At the crack of dawn Takeshi woke up and decided to head to the beach and do some training (mainly doing back flips, trying to balance himself on a staff and working on some martial arts). Being incredible unstealthy he managed to wake up both Keira and Leina on his way to the beach. Both the 2 girls grumbled at being up so early. Mikoto also decided to wake up at the crack of dawn and do some meditation and prepare for the day.

An or so later the group meets up in the common room for breakfast. They staretd discussing plans for the day. Mikoto once again asked when they were planning to visit the forest. During the meal Takeshi leaned in close to the group informing them what he learnt of the Scarnetti's and their rumored mob connections. A few minutes later one of the town Militia entered the inn informing the party that Sheriff Hemlock was wanting to talk with them at the town garrison.

At the town garrison the party found: Sheriff Hemlock, Mayor Deverin and Father Zantus waiting for them. Once again the mayor thanked them for their heroics; however, a militia man entered the garrison interrupting her speech escorting Professor Fredrick.

Sheriff Hemlock: "good that is everyone. You four fought better than any men I have under my command. Proffessor Fredrick also helped us during the recent attack. I have a need for brave, intelligent people helping me to serve Le Drac. I've also been working with Hannah and Father Zantus and we have information about the attack, but I can't share it with visitors and normal citizens. I was hoping you all would help server the town militia to get to the bottom of the attack last night."
Takeshi: "I can't refuse a call for help Sheriff, what would you have us do?"
Makoto: "I'm with Takeshi"
Leina: Leina chewed on her lower lip she really wanted to nothing to do with this but it seems like there was no choice since takeshi and Mikoto had already agreed. "Fine I'm in too."
Keira: "I'll help with what I can."
Fredrick: "If you need the help sheriff you know you can count on me"
Sheriff: "Excellent to hear that. So I questioned my men at the gates during the night of Weihnacht. None of then reported seeing anything suspicious enter the city. I think the creatures might have been in the city from earlier. During the preparation of the festival and the completion of the cathedral we did have more traffic than normal entering the city.

Also more distressing than the fire and attack itself was the desecration of the graveyard. During the attack someone desecrated Father Scott's tomb.

Anyways I better let Hannah and Father Zantus explain the rest". He then leads the group down the garrison to 2 holding cells. One has the goblin captured during the raid and the other has various Goblin corpses.

Hannah: "I've briefly looked over the corses and they don't appear to be human. Not even sure if they are animals. I've noticed the creature seems to require being in the light. I also noticed this weird mark on him and the other corpses"

She shows them each corpse has a 7 pointed star tattoo somewhere on its body. She then points out the mark on the living goblin.

Father Zantus: "The creatures are clearily something summoned by a devil worshipper"

Leina upon looking at the mark is struck by some sense of familiarity she can't place. She gets the impression its related to the symbol she keeps seeing in her dreams.

Mikoto : "devil worshiper?" Mikoto tilted his head curious
Sana: "So your telling me that ugly here is in a cult? I don't think their smart enough to have their own cult." Leina said with a laugh
Father Zantus: "No not in a cult. someone clearly uses the black arts and brought forth or made these creatures. God save us all"
Fredrick: "I would hope someone in the business of consorting with dark forces could do better than these creatures.."
Takeshi: "Um, I would hope otherwise"
Mikoto: "Practice maybe?"
Keira: "One of the ones we fought was able to speak, maybe he summoned more?" Keira suggested.
Leina: "Just curious by why father scott." leina asked hannah. "I mean what did he do was he special in some way?"
Hannah: "He was the priest of our town since it was first constructed. Aside from being a marvelous priest I can't think of anything really special about him."
Mayor Deverin: "It was unusual that in his will he requested to be buried in his armour. I don't recall him ever wearing it in life. It was a pretty impressive sight and the brown and crimson made it stand out"
Takeshi: "A priest with armour? How strange" Takeshi thinks about his masters for a moment "Ok never mind, maybe it's not as strange as i thought."

The group started to discuss father scott and his armour. A few theories were thrown out that maybe someone just wanted to steal it. Sheriff Hemlock pointed out they didn't just steal the armour, but they burnt the earth around the tomb and then salted the earth and actually desecrated the tomb itself.

While this discussion was going on Professor Fredrick wandered over to the living goblin and attempted to use mental research on him. Unfortunately the player rolled a bad fumble (nearly killing himself from the damage and also putting the professor into a 61 day coma :smalleek:)

Seeing professor Fredrick go down Hannah rushed over to him and declared he was alive, but she didn't know what happened. She and Mayor Deverin decided to bring him to her clinic. Sheriff Hemlock thinking the living Goblin did this executed the creature.
Leina: "Poor ugly." leina said shaking her head
Keira: *shrugs. "I know you wanted him on a leash..." she jokes.
Mikoto: "He should have had a chance to fight back"

Sheriff Hemlock not willing to take any risks expecting the goblins to be this powerful tells the group that everyone needs to act fast on this. If they have that much power and attack again the group has no chance.

The group decided to head to father scott's tomb. Father Zantus decided to go with them since he wanted to head back to the cathedral and pray. At the tomb they found it much like the Sheriff suggested. Inside they found various symbols (must in ruins), but managed to find one that wasn't in that bad condition. Leina upon seeing it remembered an old history lesson from back in her days as a noble mans daugher. The symbol was of the Templars of Tol Rauko.

The party decided to break off again and do some more investigation. Mikoto and Takeshi headed back to the Blue Stones Monestary to learn more about the Scarnetti's and investigate if they were behind the attack. Kiara and Leina decided to head to the Pixie Kitten (local brothel) to see what they could learn.

[Takeshi, Mikoto]
The 2 found Master Sabyl in the monastery library reading a martial arts book. They asked Sabyl is she thought the Scarnetti's might be behind the mysterious creatures attacks and if they had any connection to Father Scott. While Sabyl couldn't say if they were involved in the attack or not she did mention they had a connection to Father Scott. It appears the Scarnetti's were very traditional. They wanted to close down the Pixie Kitten and heavily disapproved of a same sex relationship in town. They were known to be pressuring the priest to help them convience Mayor Deverin to take steps to close down the brothel and stop Jasper and Cyrdak's relationship. When pressed furthur about the mob connection she admits they don't have much definite proof. They have been following this low life named Jubrayl Vhiski who she knows is a contact of Titus Scarnetti. Jubrayl is known as a bully, has done minor theft and harassed/fought with various people. He has been in jail a few times for minor charges. Though she suspects he is more (or at least works for stronger people).

Thinking on the attack she mentions the rumour that the Scarnetti's were the ones that started the mysterious fire a year ago. Aside from burning the church that killed Father Scott and his adopted daughter, it also burnt down all the rival mills to the Scarnetti Family.

[Keira, Leina]
The 2 arrived at the Pixie's Kitten. After being quickly checked they entered the establishment and meet the owner Kaye Tesarani. Kaye upon seeing the 2 asks if they are here to purr or looking for some easily gold. The 2 mention they are here for neither and hoping Kaye can answer a few questions. Even though Kaye says the Pixie Kitten has a strict no gossip policy about clients, when Leina starts asking about Templar's she is amused and informs her that no knight would look twice at the kitten. Hoping to have better luck with the employees the 2 each spend 2 gold for a room.

Leina starts asking her chosen employee about the Scarnettis. It appears the strict no gossiping policy doesn't apply to the family that keeps trying to shut down the brothel. She informs Leina that the scarnetti's are trying to close them down. Awhile later she also asks if Leina would deal with a man named Jubrayl who has been known to mistreat the kitten employees if he encounters them outside the establishment.

Keira doesn't have much luck. She asks her chosen employees if either of them have seen some strange people. They reply that they can't discuss clients. Afterwards Keira tries asking if they saw anyone interesting at the festival or from out of town, but once again she is informed they can't discuss clients.

[Keira, Leina, Takeshi, Mikoto]

After their adventures the group had back to The White Deer. After a quick dinner they head up to their rooms. Takeshi finds a note in his room

"I need to speak to you. Please meet me at the Hagfish tavern tonight. Come alone and make sure your not followed"
The note isn't signed

2011-08-10, 05:26 PM
Okay I didn't want Fredrick in a coma, and since its a bit earlier in the campaign for a player death, Fredrick had some minor changes. He lost the disadvantage psychic consumption and one of his +1 willpower advantages. He also lost the mental research power, can't put any new PP into telepathy (both permanent and temporary). He has been given some medication to help him out of the coma, unfortunately its strong stuff and expensive so he gained a minor debt and now suffers from addiction. Hopefully this will prevent the next time he fumbles on potential from one shooting himself.

Professor Fredrick Strom

Professor Fredrick Storm was a former professor from Lucrecio. While teaching at the university he discovered he appeared to have psychic powers. This discovery though was also noticed by Wesencraft. Not wanting to join the organization he fled to Gabriel with little more than the clothes on his back. He currently teaches at Le Drac's local school.


Agi 5
Con 5
Dex 8
Str 5
Int 8
Per 7
Pow 6
Wp 11 (+1 from advantages)

Core statistics

Class: Mentalist
Level: 1
Life Points: 75 (70 base + 5 class)
Size: 10 5’8 195lbs
Movement: 5 (55ft)
Fatigue: 5
Init: 20+10(dex)+5(class) = 35

Access to any Psychic Discipline (-2)
Increase Characteristics (Willpower +1) (-1)
Aptitude in a Field (Intellectual) (-2)
Acute Sense (-1)

Bad Luck (+1)
Psychic Consumption (+2)

Psychic abilities: 340dp

Power Points: 22(220dp) +1(class) = 23 PP

Affinities: Telepathy (1pp) Psychokinesis (1pp)= 2pp

Powers: Mind Reading, Alter Memories, Area, minor psychokinesis, Psychokinetic Shield, Shatter= 7pp

Innate Slots: 3 (6pp)

Psychic Potential: +70 (wp) +30 (6pp)= 100

Free Power Points: 2pp

Psychic Projection: 60 (120dp)+10 (Dex)

Secondary abiltiies: 240dp

Athletics: 2 per [0]
Swim: -30 (untrained)= -30
Ride: +10 (misc) = 10
Jump : -30 (untrained)= -30
Climb: -30 (untrained)= -30
Athleticism: -30 (untrained)= -30
Acrobatics: -30 (untrained)= -30

Creative: 2per [0]
Art: +5(PoW) -30(untrained) = -25
Dance: -30(untrained) = -30
Forging: +10(Dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Music: +5(PoW) -30(untrained) = -25
Sleight of Hand: +10(Dex)-30 (untrained)=-20

Perceptive: 2 per [20]
Notice: 5(10dp) +5 (Per) +30 (Ac. Sense)+10 (misc)= 50
Search: 5(10dp) +5 (Per) +30 (Ac. Sense)+10 (misc)= 50
Track: -30(untrained) +5 (Per)= -25

Social: 2 per [60]
Intimidate: +20(WP) +10 (20dp) = 30
Leadership: +5(PoW) -30(untrained) = -25
Persuasion= +20(40dp) +10 (INT) = 30
Style=+5(power) -30 (untrained)= -25

Subterfuge: 2 per [30]
Disguise: +10(Dex) +15(30dp)+10(nat) = 35
Hide: +5 (Per) -30(untrained) = -25
Lockpicking: +10(dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Poisons: +10 (int) -30(untrained) = -20
Theft: +10(Dex) -30(untrained) = -20
Trap Lore: +5 (Per) -30(untrained) = -25
Stealth: -30(untrained) = -30

Intellectual: 1 (Aptitude in field) per [150]
Animals: -30 (untrained) +10 (Int)= -20
Appraisal: +10 (10dp) +10 (Int) = 20
Herbal Lore: +10 (10dp) +10 (Int) = 20
History:+10 (10dp) +10 (Int) = 20
Memorise: +20 (20dp) +10 (misc) +10 (Int) = 40
Magic Appraisal: -30 (untrained) +5(pow) = -25
Medicine:+40 (40dp) +10 (Int) = 50
Navigation: +10 (10dp) +10 (Int) = 20
Occult: +10 (10dp) +10 (Int) = 20
Sciences: +40 (40dp) +10 (Nat) +10 (Int) = 60

Vigour: 2 per [0]
Composure: +20(WP) +10(Misc) = 30
Feats of Strength: -30 (untrained)= -30
Withstand Pain: -30 (untrained) +20(WP)= -10

2011-08-10, 07:48 PM
nice! ill be reading this too when i have the time... also, you kept such accurate records of a game?:smallconfused: or are you just paraphrasing?

2011-08-10, 08:44 PM
I'm running it over skype, using maptools to handle combat and invisiblecastle for dice rolls. After the game can just run though the skype history and invisiblecastle rolls

Shade Kerrin
2011-08-10, 08:51 PM
Speaking of campaign journals, time to start competing with you...

2011-08-14, 07:49 PM
Day 3 - Evening: The smell of rotten eggs is in the air
So last session ended with Takeshi finding an unaddressed, unsigned note in his room. Not wanting to possible endager others he decided to investigate this alone. He put a jacket over his martial arts shirt to more easily get around town, and then proceeded to jump out his window. Luckily for him he easily made the check and took no fall damage (I was surprised to read how much a 10ft fall hurts in Anima). Arriving at the Hagfish there was a large crowd gathering around the barkeep and the fish aquarium. Takeshi watched in some amusement as the barkeep took some water out of aquarium and served it to some guy who tried to drink it. Taking a seat out of the way Takeshi proceeded to scan the crowd. He noticed one guy sitting off to the side, wearing a cloak pulled tightly around him and glancing at the door every time it opened. Figuring this might be the guy that delivered the note Talkeshi went to take a seat

Stranger: "I'm sorry this seat is......it's you" he gasped. His voice than dropped it a whisper "Your one of those heroes of Le Drac aren't you?"
Takeshi: Takeshi sighs and nods "I'm afraid that's what everyones going around calling us"
Stranger: "Please I need your help, but we can't talk here....too many people"
Takeshi: "Well, I'm certaintly willing to hear you out, but wouldn't it actually be better in a crowd like this? Noone's going to be able to overhear us if they wan't too, and everyone else isnt interested."
The stranger hesitantly nods at this reasoning and starts his tale.
Stanger: "I didn't know who to turn to....he said not to go to the guards...but he has my daughter.....I didn't want......" *at this point he kind of breaks down. Takeshi tries to comfort him and he hands him 2 notes

Note 1:
"I have your daughter, if you ever want to see her alive again I require a wagon. Make it non descriptive but with a secret bottom compartment, I'm sure you know the type. If you don't deliver in a week your daughter will die, if you tell the guards your daughter will die. Deliver it to the old brown's farm"

Note 2:
"Good, your daughter remains alive. I will contact you again soon with your next task"

Takeshi curls his fist in anger over the letter. "Don't worry, I'll definitely help you get your daughter back."
During the conversation Takeshi learns that the guys name is Bilivar Wheen and he owns a wagon workshop. Someone broke into his workshop both nights and left the notes for him. When he delivered the wagon he didn't wait because he didn't want to risk his daughters life. Not really getting many leads Takeshi takes the 2 notes and heads back to the White Deer Inn figuring this is probaly related to the other strange events.

[The party]
Takeshi returned and found the rest of the group eating Dinner in the common room. While he was gone it appears that Hannah had patched up Fredrick who had joined the rest of the group (though looking a bit worse for wear after his backlash). Takeshi quickly informed the group on his meeting and showed them the letters. Now in the Hagfish he didn't really notice it, but in the much cleaner tavern of the White Deer the group noticed a weird smell on the second letter. It had a faint smell of rotten eggs. Fredrick identified it had probably been in contact around a large amount of Sulfur. There no sulfur mines near Le Drac so the group figured the Sulfur must have come from production of something, but what? Not having an answer right away the group turned to discussing the wagon with a hidden compartment. They figured it must have been used to smuggle out Father Scott's armour. Realizing that time was of the essence though they figured they needed to hunt down who wrote these notes. Fredrick knowing the Old Brown's farm was abandoned suggested the easiest way would be to find where the sulfur came from. So the group decided to split off. The males went to question a local engineer: Brodent and the ladies went to question a local alchemist (who has slightly more nefarious work and contacts with Keira's organization): Alvir.

The group travelled to Brodent's house and luckily found the lights were on and he was home. When they mentioned they came asking about Sulfur he seemed amused (especially since he got to educate the town teacher). Apparently Sulfur was used in a few products in Le Drac: It was used in a few potions created by Alvir and Hannah, used in the glassworks factory, some could be found in the various smiths from contaminated coal/iron, gunpowder and some farmers might have a bit for fertilizer. Though Brodent didn't think it likely that it would be used in fertilizer since it had to be shipped to the city. Thanking Brodent for his information the group traveled to the dock distract trying to find someone that might have shipped some sulfur. Once again they found themselves in The Hag Fish. Takeshi questioned a drunk sailor who confirmed that they could indeed ship Sulfur. Saying he was interested in placing an order the sailor took the group to his captain. Once they described what Sulfur was the captain confirmed that indeed he could transport the stuff, and in fact had delivered a shipment just recently. They learnt that the Kajitisu family had placed an order just over a week ago for a large project.

[the ladies]
Kiara and Leina travlled to the pillbug's pantry to question Alvir. They found his storefront closed, but luckily Keira knowing the guy and the establishment went to the backdoor. Grumbling Alvir did open up for them (and was rather shocked to see 2 females at his backdoor). Questioning him the group learnt he did use some Sulfur in a few products and in crafting gun powder for the sheriff/city. Though it had been months since the last time he made gun powder (since they spent all their money on the new cathedral). He couldn't really help them on what else Sulfur might be used for. Leina realized that maybe the wagon wasn't used to sneak something out of the city, but sneak something in. She asked Alvir who much damage a wagon full of gun powder would cause. He kind of chuckled at this and said that it would probably be enough to level the cathedral. The 2 ladies exchanged horrified looks and decided to go visit the cathedral.

The 2 travelled to the cathedral and began looking for barrels or anything with a sulfuric smell. After a few min of fruitless searching they ran into Father Zantus. They asked him if he had encountered anything that smelled of rotten eggs. Father Zantus mentioned during the Weihnacht festival before he gave his speech he did catch the smell of rotten eggs. Though he was so nervous talking in front of the city he didn't want to loose his breakfast and didn't focus on the smell.

[back at the white deer]
The party returned back to the white deer to discuss what they figured out. While the Kajitisu family did look suspicious, Fredrick did remind them that they had a good reason to be working with Sulfur. Also thinking back to the festival Keira did remember that Tutso mentioned his father was working on a big order. Though still thinking it is the best lead they had, they should investigate this in the morning. Also Mikoto seems to have found and befriended a stray cat.

2011-08-23, 08:37 PM
Day 4 - The Hunt
Takeshi was missing from this session. also can't seem to access my Skype history so this is going more off memory than normal.

Keira's morning
Waking up at the crack of dawn Keira traveled to the sisterhood owned house. She found a package waiting for her. Inside the package she found a ticket to tomorrow night's showing off the opera "Maria and Draco" (props if anyone recognizes the opera :D) and a note informing her to leave her report under the cushion of her seat, and she will find her payment in the same place and will be contacted for her next report in 2 weeks. Keira took the ticket and burnt the note and traveled back to the white deer.

The Party
The day started with Aldernn having sent a letter to Professor Fredrick to meet him and the heroes of LeDrac at the White Deer Inn for the planed trip to L'Ark forest. When Fredrick arrived at the inn he found Aldernn already there waiting for the party to finish preparing. Aldernn did seem a bit unwell, as he constantly reached for a handkerchief and cough into it, but no one brought this up and it didn't seem important as he kept talking about the fun they would have at L'Ark and how he couldn't wait to show them the country side. Despite having important investigation work, the group didn't want to offend/disappoint Aldernn so planned to go continue with the trip.

So after an early lunch the party boarded Aldernn's stage coach and headed to L'Ark. On the way he questioned the party how they were enjoying LeDrac and what they had been up to since the attack. He learnt they were hired by the Sheriff to investigate what was going on. When he tried to press them for more details on what they were doing exactly he didn't have much luck as no one wanted to talk about it. On the way to the forest he pointed out the various farms and his family manor.

One the group reached the forest Aldernn went to the main office and secured them access to the boar section and hunting spears.the coach then travlled along a short road to the section. Mikoto who had been looking forward to this trip for so long bolted out of the coach and was instantly assaulted by an over whelming depression. L'Ark was no real forest. What might have once been a natural forest had been sectioned off and artificially grown to turn it into an hunting ground/amusement park. The very plants seemed depressed.

Inside the boar section his mood didn't improve. Hunting was suppose to be about finding food to survive, the people here were just hunting for sport and enjoyment. Fredrick, Leina and Keira quickly found a trail. Mikoto tried to disrupt the trail to lead his companions a stray, but he didn't have much luck fooling the professor. Mikoto climbed a tree to scout the area, luck was with him as he noticed up ahead some birds flying off from a section, figuring a boar might have distrubed them he took off in that direction.

Seeing Mikoto bolt though the forest and thinking he was on the trail of a boar Leina, Fredrick, Keira and Aldernn quickly tried to follow him. After a few seconds though it was apparent to the 4 there was no way they could keep up with Mikoto (he seriously got like 2 open rolls on his athleticism check, it was insane).

Keira, Fredrick, Leina
Realizing they had no chance on following Mikoto the group went back to the trail they were following. Following the trail through the forest it didn't take them too long to find their prey. Trying to sneak up on the board, Fredrick unfortunately stepped on a twig. A loud snap filled the air and the boar started to charge Fredrick. Caught like a deer in front of a car Fredrick was frozen in place. Luckily Leina was able to jump in front of the boar and using her spear training was able to easily kill the great beast. Aldernn was speachless after witnessing the grace Leina presented in her maneuver. He mentioned how he was stunned at how quick the boar reacted and was amazed she managed to move before he could even lower his spear. He mentioned it was easy to see why the sheriff asked them for their help. Satisfied with their kill they headed back to the entrance/exit of the section.

Mikoto bolted through the forest in the direction he saw the birds fly out. Luck was with him as he eventually found a trail. He followed it and ran straight into a boar. The creature started by his appeared started to charge him. Mikoto tried to quickly climb a near by tree, but realized there was no way he could get high enough to avoid the boar. Improvising he jumped off the tree and did a flip over the charging a boar. As the boar turned around to charge again Mikoto reached out his hand and asked the boar to stop and hide as people were coming to hunt it. The boar snorted a few times, and then bolted deeper into the forest. Looking around the area Mikoto unfortunately came to the conclusion he couldn't really help any of the crreatures in the section. He had no tools to dig under the wall, and no way to get anything through or over it. Frustrated he headed back to the entrance/exit to the section.

Mikoto got to the entrance and witnessed his companions bringing back their prize. Aldernn was just mentioning how they could take their catch back to the mian building and enjoy the fruit of their labours. Over hearing that Mikoto yelled at them what labour? All they did was catch a creature already cornered and that wasn't hunting. Aldernn tried to defend L'ark mentioning it was hunting perfected, man could test his skills against any beast here and the creature did have a chance to defend itself as it tried to attack Fredrick. Leina also mentioned having them here was better than just slaughtering them, around towns/farms boars were hunted just to keep them away from human habitations since they were dangerous. A few employees from L'Ark around this time came to take and prepare the boar for the parties dinner. The dinner was rather gloomy though as Mikoto and the rest of the group couldn't see eye to eye on this issue. The ride back was even gloomier. Aldernn didn't even seem to have the spirit to point out his family's manor house again.

Aldernn apologized that L'Ark didn't appear to be everything he thought it would be. He wished the group good night and asked them to tell Sheriff Hemlock he said hello next time they saw him. The party sat down and started to discuss what they were going to do with the sulfur and Bilivar's kidnapped daughter. Not wanting to waste any more time the group figured they should start tonight and investigate the glasswork's factory since it seemed the most likely place sulfur was being used right now.

The streets were rather empty since it was late at night and the group had no trouble finding the factory. The doors were all locked and cutains/shutters blocked most of the windows. Around the back the group noticed some large windows 25ft up that appeared to be open. Keira mentioned for the group to stay here and mentioned she was going to take a quick look inside. gathering her KI she stealthily ran up the wall to the open windows (yes with her agility and rules as written she can run up exactly 25ft of walls stealthily).

Inside the workshop looked like the scene out of a horror movie. Keira noticed was looked like all the employees of the factory slaughtered and a few goblins lunging around the area. Hoping she was well concealed she tried to count just how many of the buggers there were. She could see around 5-7 when one of them appeared to notice her and they started bolting around. Keira quickly climbed back down and informed the group what she saw. Hearing the situation professor Fredrick went up and "picked the lock" (used shatter to destory the locking mechanism) of the backdoor and opened it.

2011-09-04, 06:57 PM
Day 4 (night) - Broken Shards pt 1

Well only had a few people of my party today, so we didn't get that far, but the fight in the glassworks has started :D Also using maptools so the goblins have random names (which I'm using just to differentiate between them).

Ameiko spells prepared

Zeon: 125/230

Spells prepared
Infite bag: 2 daily
Travel Journal: 3 daily
See in Dark: 3 Daily
Hide Magic: 3 Daily
Pen of reality: 3 Daily

Shield of darkness: 25 zeon
2x dark beam: 50 zeon
Illusory Invisibility: 30 zeon

Keira had just climbed back down informing the party describing what she saw inside the glassworks. As she was informing the party, a few heard footsteps and realizing someone was approaching. Leina readied her spear for trouble and Keira quickly peaked around the corner to see who was coming.

Keira easily recognized Ameiko Kaijitsu. Also seeing Leina having her spear ready to knock her out when she rounded the corner, Keira quickly stepped out to intercept Ameiko.

Keira: "um...Hello there. Are you okay?"
Ameiko: "Oh Hello there. What are you doing by the glassworks at this time of night?"

Leina choose this time to walk out to help Keira
Leina: "We are here on behalf of the house of De Clare." Leina said hoping they havent heard the news about her yet, especially since she hadn't seen any posters with her head on it or anyone trying to arrest her. "We where hoping to make a order i realize the hour is late but we leave in the morning this was the only time."

While Ameiko didn't know anything about a house De Clare she did point out how late it was and how the glassworks was closed, also the factory took orders by the main entrance not the backdoor. Ameiko than pushed forward a bit and mentioned how it was unusual that the backdoor was open. She then looked at Leina saying "Right......So you came to the backdoor at night afte hours to place an order? I would threaten to call the sheriff, but I know your working for him. Why don't you tell me what this is about?"

Keira glances and Leina, back at Ameiko and sighs
She explains what she saw peaking into the building. Ameiko was shocked hearing this as she had received a letter from her brother earlier in the day to met him in the back of the factory after dark. Her face paled when she heard about the corpses. She quickly reached into her bag and pulled out a short bow and some arrows and mentioned they had no time to waste, they had to enter the factory and try to save as many people as they could.

[Ameiko, Leina, Keira]
The group entered the factory. Ameiko mentioned at this hour a few workers might have been working in the workshop to their left, the rest should be in the dorms down the hall, 2nd left and bottom right entrance by the mess hall. The party split up with the females going to the workshop and the males going to the dorm room.

Ameiko opened the door to the workshop and the party was blasted by a wave of heat from the room. The main furnace was still on showering the room in light. From their vantage point in by the door they could see 1 corpse that looked like it was burnt in the furnace. From their angel though they didn't notice any goblins. They couldn't hear anything either (especially over the roar of the furnace). The group quickly ventured inside the workshop.

[round 1 (note I handled the surprise round wrong so combined it with round 1)]
Taking notice of their surroundings Leina and Keira both noticed 1 goblin (goblin 39) hiding under one of the work tables. Thinking to quickly put the creature down Keira advanced to attack. Proving faster than she expected the goblin rolled away from her attack. It was than the room exploded and 5 more goblins jumped out from their hiding spots. Goblin 1 quickly charged at Keira and attempted to tackle her. Luckily Keira overpowered the little creature. Goblin 278 advanced with a hammer, but his strike did no harm to Keira. Goblin 114 jumped on top of a nearby table and began hitting his hammer against it creating a drum beat. He than started to sing. Seeing her friend in trouble Leina attempted to take down Goblin 1. She carefully maneuvered around some broken glass to reach the foul creature, unfortunately he managed to dodge her attack. Goblin 338 (noticable bigger than the others) pulled out 2 axes and advanced on Leina, luckily she was able to block both his attacks. Seeing her new found allies in danger Ameiko jumped on top of a near by table to get line of sight to the bigger goblin, unfortunately she fumbled her shot which fell short (which is lucky since I house rule the possibility to misfire with ranged shots in combat). With all the chaos going on the group failed to notice one of the goblins booking it to the far exit.

[round 2]
Using her Aikido training Keira decided to be more defensive this round. She waited for Goblin 39 to attack her, then delivered a strng counter attack inflicting 18 damage on the creature. Ameiko making up for last round took a shot and hit Goblin 1 in the chest. Goblin 278 realizing his hammer wasn't effective against Keira dropped it and picked up a nearby chair for next round. Leina and the Goblin 338 continued to ineffectively exchange blows. Goblin 114 finished his song.

and that is where time ran out on us

http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6066/6113938527_1cb8d59ba2.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/itaraday/6113938527/)
Glassworks Fight [round 2] (http://www.flickr.com/photos/itaraday/6113938527/) by itaraday (http://www.flickr.com/people/itaraday/), on Flickr

Fiery Diamond
2011-09-04, 09:20 PM
I haven't started reading the logs yet, but I had to laugh when I came across the martial arts PC description at the beginning. You are aware that this player is basing the character (or at least the character backstory) on an anime character, right? Specifically, Ken'ichi. From the manga/anime "History's Strongest Disciple Ken'ichi." Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that, but it's such a close mirror that if one is familiar at all with the manga it's impossible not to notice. I found it amusing.

Edit: Dangit, now I want to go rewatch the anime and then start rereading the manga. I haven't read the manga in ages so I'm quite behind, but I want to start from the beginning.

2011-09-04, 09:24 PM
I'm not actually familiar with that Manga/Anime, but the player did mention his character was based off of someone.

I actually introduced Anima to some friends a year ago with the GM Toolkit module. Instead of having players try to make characters I just asked them what Anime/Video game fantasy character they wanted to be (and tried to get 1 character for each type of class). My party consisted of:
Piccolo (technician)
Sokka (Acrobatic Warrior)
A Pokemon Trainer (Summoner)
Zelda (Warlock)
Lelouch (Mentalist)
Lina Inverse (Wizard)