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2011-08-09, 09:54 PM
I find that a good and original back story helps flesh out a villain. so i am curious to see what villains other DMs have come up with.
here is the main villain for my up-coming Pathfinder campaign
Cain was born in a small village by a kind pair of parents, but during childbirth his mother died and he was born dead. His father was struck with grief by losing his wife and child and cried to the gods for his wife and son back. instead of a celestial being hearing the man's crys of dispair a powerful devil on the material plane saw a deal in the making. The devil (known as Abadon) appeared to the man and told him he could offer him the life of his son back for the price of his soul. The father, despite the loss of his soul took the offer and the deal was done.However instead of taking the father's soul Abadon used a part of himself to revive the boy, but Cain was marked for life by blood red eyes and a fiendish mark upon his forehead. Although his father was overjoyed the people of cain's village thought that the boy was cursed (the didn't know of the deal) and wanted to send him off to die in the woods, but Cain's father protected him and shealtered him from the hatred of the villagers. Dispite his fathers protection, Cain found harsh words and hatred from everyone he met, he would often burst into fits of rage or depression and when he did something odd would occur (along the lines of a chicken dying randomly or objects spontaniously combusting, etc) he eventualy reached a state where he felt no other emptions besides hate and sadness. At the age of 9 his father passed away and nothing stopped the villagers driving him out of the village, it is then when Abadon's deal came into play. Abadon came to the child in the apperance of a human and approched the weeping child and said:
"why do you weep dear child?"
"becasue they all hate me" sobed Cain
"who hates you?" asked the devil soothingly as he crouched next to him
"the people in the village" Cain responed
"My child, they don't hate you, they fear you."
"they do?" asked Cain looking up at the devil.
"yes, they fear you for what you are....for what you have"
"what do i have?"
"magic" wisperd Abadon grinning at the boy "and i can teach you to use it, to.... teach those cruel people a lesson"
"really?" asked Cain "and will you be my friend?" he added feeling the only joy he had in years.
"yes...yes i will" said the devil with a smile "now follow me and i will take you home."
Cain went with Abadom to the relm of Devils where he lived and studied the arcane powers and learned how to tap into Hell to power his magic. when he was physically age twelve (he was accually age 200) he went back to the human realm and destroyed his village, he did not care that none of the people were not the ones who had hated him and the ones who had were long dead. he then returned to Hell and continued to master the arcane arts of sorrcerory, he saw a father figure in the old devil who taught him and felt happiness and joy when with him, and Abadon (surprisingly) felt the same way.
Cain's mind set is if he feels no good emotions then why should anyone else. he is bitter and subject to fits of anger. he hates any and all life on any planes (ecept the infernal planes) any followers he finds will more likely get killed by him then anyone else. His goal is to kill all life. (not necesarialy attainable, but he thinks it is.)
So just post your villian here, it doesn't matter what game system its from. also if you have facd ay rememrable villians please share.

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Come on people, reply. :smallsmile:

Thomas Duskwind
2011-08-10, 09:38 AM
here are to villians in my Dark Heresy Campaign

Maledictus was born into the Tainted Blood of Malfi nobles. He is cruel and cunning, two things that are dangerous combined. He weilds a daemon sword of unknown origins and has a daemonic familiar named lucifer that he uses to travel from planet to planet, and fast. Maledictus seesks to destroy Arpitipicus, a hive world acolyte under neath the Inquisitor, Thomas Shipsale.

Asiman the Greater Daemon of Khorne. asiman seeks to over throw Khorne and become the Blood God. He knows that he can gain incrediable power by absorbing the Blood Thirster Essence that is in Inquisitor Thomas's left arm.

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Baron Volgier. An influential man who almost singlehandedly revived a citystate after a crippling famine. His method is somewhat shady and mysterious. (Obviously) he turned out to be the father of one of the PCs, and it could be argued that it was his cold neglect as a parent that led to said character growing up as rotten as he did (he was lawful evil). Perhaps only a villain because the protagonists were a party of evil adventurers, but he still proved to be a formidable, charismatic, and enigmatic foe who used his wiles to manipulate the group. Or he would have if we ever finished that campaign.

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A long time ago in another universe there was once a race known as "Mankind"

Long story short, Mankind stripped the universe of all it's resources, never bothering with recycling because that would cost more money than just harvesting new stuff.

Greedy humans, they cared only for the economy, completely ignoring long-term repercussions in their short-sighted attempts to sate their greed.

But eventually the universe ran out of resources, and as humanity had never bothered finding a way to recycle what they already had this caused them all to die a slow and painful death, either through war against each other for what little was left or through starvation.

Thing is, they were stupid enough to blame the universe for their predicament, how dare the universe do this to them, how dares it run out of resources, it has no right to threat them like this :smallfurious:
After all, humans are perfect and can do no wrong, clearly it must be the fault of the universe itself!

This greed and hatred lingered long after Mankind itself was gone, and when the universe died and was reborn through the cycle of Big Crunch and Big Bang these feelings joined with the newly born universe and gave it sentience, a hateful and greedy mind with all the power of an entire universe to back it up.

This newborn abomination proceeded to do exactly what Mankind had done before it, strip everything in it's path bare in it's greed, destroy every other universe it came across and integrate them into itself, and so the horror grew with every reality it encountered.
Gods and Primordials, Personifications of concepts and planes of existence, everything was consumed in the beasts short-sighted greed.

Are you a bad enough dude to stop this beast, possessing near infinite power and all the greed and rage of humanity?

Behold the end result of the epitome of human idiocy!

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My best/worse villain so far is "The Beast", who has a shared history with his entire cast of "sidekick villains" the campaign was sort-of apocalyptic in nature, and the BBEG ("The Beast") and his followers kind of destroyed large portions of the world already when the game started, so the "history" take him quite far into his total domination scheme...

Born under the name of Jack Woodpecker, in a small village at the outskirts of the land, Jack had a relatively cruel childhood, with an abusing mother on one hand and an incompetent father on the other he often took beatings, yelling or general misbehavior, and being born with pitch black eyes that make his parents suspect he is demonic did not help at all. there where only few children of his age in the area, and they formed a small "gang" that felt to them as a second family, and to Jack, the first. the "gang" followed Jack's immense force of personality, and as they grew up they became more and more violent and began growing interest in dark subjects.

Krage Lightbringer, the priest's son began dabbling into the necromatic arts, how to bend souls and manipulate bodies and eventually to return the dead, starting with small animals, and eventually moving on.

Lieam Goldust, the mayor's son was into deception and manipulating others, although a was also skilled musician.

Ikarus Grimjoy, the son of the militia's head began training in swordfighting, and he was completely merciless even in a spar, causing massive injuries to all who challenged him, his father included.

Ellaen Grimjoy, Ikarus' younger sister was learning medicine, and especially about poisons and plagues, although she was secretly interesting at learning to create them more then heal them.

And Jack, he was into ALL of it, and was skilled in some level at it all. he could heal most wounds, fight almost as good as Ikarus, petrify with a glance, and he had basic control over necromantic energies.

The gang was at their early twenties when Jack learned how to drain souls from others and use them to empower himself, but once he did he learned that he became addicted, he had to drain more souls on a regular basis, or suffer extreme sickness. the gang left the village and became highway robbers, murdering travelers to take their belongings, their bodies, and their souls. it was only a few moths until they returned to the village of their childhood, and decimated it.

As time went on Jack got stronger and stronger, but his need also grew, his entire gang became powerful individuals, and they began taking more risks and delving into dungeons, attacking caravans and causing lots of destruction in the area, they even managed to awaken a dormant Cadaver Collector that afterwords joined the gang, until one day the gang learned of a special ritual from the scrolls they stole.

The Ritual was in fact a method of increasing a Soul Devourer's (such as jack) power far beyond what a mortal should be able to hold, turning him into something like a deity, however it required to gather multiple objects scattered across the kingdom, and the gang already began attracting the attention of the king and the heroes around.

So the decision came to be, the gang will split up, each of it's members will seek out a given item necessary for the ritual, and Jack will be causing as much trouble in the meantime, to take the heat off them.

Krage began building an undead army that scoured the marshes where the "Crown of Souls" should be.

Lieam used his compulsive magic to gather followers, and extracting information from the sages of the countryside where the "Reaper's Scythe" is supposedly been hidden.

Ikarus was dualing every opponent of value he found, to the death, hoping to find the "Amulet of Ages", who was said to be stolen by a swordsman ages ago.

Ellaen poisoned villages and cities alike, searching for areas who are protected, presuming the "Grail of Life" is will protect whoever is hiding it from plague and poison.

The Cadaver Collector scouted the mountains for lifeless areas, as the "Grail of Death" was supposed to be hidden around there.

And Jack in the meantime grew stronger, and hungrier. he began destroying whole villages and lather even small cities all by himself, causing serious commotion over the unexplained "Beast" that left no survivors, and the victims never had any sign of injury on them, nothing to tell what killed them, and not a clue leading back to Jack. (at least not until he reveals himself, not long become the ending fight, when he attacks the capital head on after all his friends are dead/imprisoned/worse (the party was seriously anti-heroes in a mature game. Ellaen's fate was pretty harsh, figure it out on your own.)

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