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2011-08-20, 10:12 AM
Ok guys I'm trying to 'brew some cleric feats. I'll submit the first one and if you like it I'll make some more:

Aberrant knowledge:
Your deep study of aberrations has made you understand their lives and their traditions. Now when you face one, you see it as pure art, crying to be understood.
Prerequisites: wisdom 18, charisma 18, ability to turn/rebuke undead, dungeoneering 4 ranks
Benefit: now you can turn/rebuke aberrations as you turn undead, gaining turn attempts equalling to your turn undead attempts. The rules for turning, rebuking, commanding and destroying are the same as with normal undead, except that aberrations get turn resistance equalling half it's spell resistance, if any. Destroyed aberrations leave ashes that can be used in resurrection.
Normal: you can't turn/rebuke aberrations.

2011-08-20, 10:32 AM
Well for starters, it would seem that if they had "deep study of aberrations" that Knowledge (Dungeoneering) should be a prerequisite, maybe 4 ranks? That could help offset that heavy Wisdom and Charisma prerequisite (20? That's just under the prerequisite for most epic feats)

The ability to turn and rebuke aberrations would be cool, but how would "destroy" work? You present your holy symbol and they just...what? Turn to ashes? Evaporate? Do they leave remains for resurrections?

2011-08-20, 10:50 AM
Yeah you're right, I tried to copy the format from the planar turning epic feat, and tried to make it look complicated to get because turning would be much more easy giving aberrations don't have turn resistance, so I'll lower the prerequisites to dungeoneering 4 ranks and lower wisdom and charisma to 18? (what do you think about that?)
I tried to 'brew this feat for a heavy rebuker, so I think that if aberrations would be destroyed they would turn to ashes, leaving remains for resurrection, or do you think It would be better to change the focus? I mean, to present some other item instead of a holy symbol...
Thank for the peaching, anyways :) what else would you like to have modified?

2011-08-20, 11:05 AM
Sorry to nitpick but "Dungeoneering" isn't a skill in 3.5. It's important to have clear and accurate prerequisites. You should change it to "Knowledge (Dungeoneering)".

Your suggestion for destroy works perfectly.

A different focus? I wouldn't imagine so, as turning comes from holy power.

I wouldn't change a thing, though I would definitely provide it in alternate form, such as the ability to turn magical beasts, elementals, outsiders and animals. (Perhaps the ability to turn animals should be a druid thing?)