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2011-08-22, 03:36 AM
The provided spells for Formian Queens in MM are pretty dull - they assume that the Queen is just going to sit there until adventurers show up to kill her. She's already one of only 2 creatures in the MM with a slotted Item Creation Feat; and since she breed the entire hive, the immediate question is raised - what are her consorts, and what are the doing?


Rather than just churn out lesser Formians, the Queen can experiment with non-Formian drones. For a young Queen, a giant soldier ant has a lot to recommend her - the resulting brood will be half-Axiomatic ants, with both alignment and race driving them to defend the Formian hive. Any hive insect has potential: Giant Bees provide royal jelly, Giant Wasps are deadly flying troops.

A Queen who wishes to become truly powerful though will eventually seek a Green Dragon mate. Formians are resistant or immune to all energy forms except Acid; Greens are the only Lawful Half-Dragons immune to acid. Adding ability bonuses, natural armor and a breath weapon turns warrior Formians into truly deadly troops. The hive will also have young half-axiomatic Green Dragons, although the Queen will need to banish them before their power grows greater than her own.

Item Creation Feats:
The Queen has little need to Scribe Scrolls, nor Brew Potions nor Craft Wands, Rings, Staves, Arms or Armor - duplicating her existing spells is rarely worth the expense, while Arms and Armor provide her no benefit.
Crafting Rods has potential though. Since she has a free Metamagic Feat, creating Metamagic Rods is within her capabilities; while creating a Rod of Splendor increases her Charisma - granting more spells and higher Saving Throw DCs. Metamagic Rods have the added advantage that they can also increase her spell-like abilities, frex upping the damage on a Order's Wrath.
The other useful Item Creation Feat is Craft Wondrous Item - a Cloak of Charisma is an obvious first step, with other items dependent on spell selection.

The Queen's Magic Circle against Chaos ability makes (greater/lesser) Planar Binding a superb spell choice. Chaotic outsiders can be called, hedged, and then controlled by her Taskmasters. Once they have a full set of slaves, the Queen needs to consider other ways of controlling minions. Taking control of a Goblin tribe (probably by a Taskmaster dominating the chief) provides weak troops who can train and ride Howlers - whom the Queen can provide. Natural minions, the Goblins will likely remain loyal in return for their mounts.
Lillends are also excellent choices, easily Called, and once controlled they can use their Bardic abilities to control other slaves.
A half-Anarchic Dryad can be controlled by threatening her half-Anarchic tree (Call both together), providing the Queen with low level Druidic spells.
Other minion producing spells to consider: Animate Dead, Create (Greater) Undead, Control Undead, Polymorph Any Object, Geas/Quest, Limited Wish (consider copying Awaken, and can replace most requirements for creating magic items), Animate Object/Permanency, Feeblemind, Simulacrum, Demand.
The Queen also needs to fortify her hive: Guards and Wards, Alarm, Fire Trap, Arcane Lock, Illusory Wall.
Then she needs to ensure loyalty: Clone ensures bravery and allows swift replacement of the fallen (and can allow a the queen herself to return). Gentle Repose keeps corpses fresh for later revival. Dispel magic, Remove Curse, Break Enchantment all alllow her to repair her underlings.
Finally, she may end up fighting for her life. if it has come to this, most of her forces are dead; escape is likely her best option. Gaseous Form both allow her to retreat and reduces damage - her throne room should have appropriate vents for escape. Before then, she will want to use up the last of her spells seeking to control intruders - and should she have to flee, releasing captured monsters will likely cause problems for the invaders. Some (frex Chaos Beasts) may be held for exactly this contingency, as they are otherwise useless to the Queen.

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She may not want to craft charged items but she still has a use for them, considering her bonus to UMD. Picking up divine items and using scrolls above her usage (9ths) can help her immensely in increasing her versatility.

Also note that her stat block says typical spell selection, not that it's the only one, meaning you can customize it so you can put Limited Wish on the list, among other toys. Craft Sceptar to put Limited Wish in could be worthwhile.

I'm not familiar with Half-Axiomatic. Planar Handbook/Manual of the Planes, perhaps?

2011-08-22, 11:59 AM
How are you accounting for the XP costs of these items? Without any actual Class Levels she has no XP to spend, right?

Though with that being said I dont know why the queen would even have the feat to begin with...

2011-08-22, 12:52 PM
How are you accounting for the XP costs of these items? Without any actual Class Levels she has no XP to spend, right?

Though with that being said I dont know why the queen would even have the feat to begin with...

The way any other NPC crafts loot: DM fiat and player gold. :smallwink:

2011-08-29, 08:19 AM
Though with that being said I dont know why the queen would even have the feat to begin with...

All Formian Queens start with an item creation Feat; it's just one of those things.