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2011-08-27, 11:26 PM
*The following is a few snippets of a story I am writing for a game of pen and paper warcraft. Anyone place the pen/paper rpg anymore? I do.
Part of what I love about it is that you can place race/class combinations that you can not play online. I do not want troll paladins running around online but when I am offline I like toying around with strange ideas.

One strange idea, night elves evolving from trolls. Strange, but I am okay with that.
This got me to thinking…I like night elves (especially the older vicious ones) and I like trolls and voodoo.

That’s when my rpg character was born. Morriganu, the voodoo shaman.

How does that happen? We will get to that.

*ATTENTION* No in World Of Warcraft I do not think night elves should be allowed to be shamans, this character is an exception to the rule for a DND style game nothing more *ATTENTION*

Now that we have that out of the way…Try not to flame me too hard.

Also this isn’t really me telling a story, it is more a hodge-podge of ideas and concepts so do not expect coherency or structure. It is what it is.

We begin with a scene in a far away land. Not even I am quite sure where we are at this point, all I know is that it is at the end. No matter how long Morriganu lives this meeting will take place in the end.
We are on an island that at first seems tropical in twilight. There is a sandy beach, cool salty breeze…and a coniferous forest with a few palm trees awkwardly mixed in. A blend of two environments so that two completely different beings will feel at home during this encounter.
Standing on the beach with the moon to her back we have the most beautiful night elf to ever exist, Elune. Behind her a few feet back stands Cenarius, ankle deep in the warm water. Elune speaks and Cenarius remains quiet, as if standing guard. She is speaking in the direction of the tree line. Just inside the shadow crouches Bwonsamdi. Behind him further in the trees is an old bearded witch doctor, that is quite obviously very dead standing vigil behind the loa just as Cenarius stands behind Elune.

(im not a great writer so forgive my poor grammar and lack of correct dialogue structure)

“So he be dead then?”

“Yes, after all this time he has finally met his end,” Elune stated almost as if it were more of a question than a statement.
“Then I lay claim to da soul.”

“Why should you have that right? He is a Kaldorei, one of my children.”

“Correction, he be da son of one of me own. His fatha be standin behind me right now, would you be refusin him his own boy?”

“The boy was not his to take, and I am surprised how tenacious you are being about this all.”
“Ye children took from him, so he took back. He loved da boy, stolen or no.”
-the loa heaves a heavy sigh-
“Me and you been arguin over petty stuff for centuries, instead lets let da boy choose where he go.”

That is the meeting that goes down years down the road after he dies that decides where his soul goes. Does he go with the goddess of his blood kin, or does he go to the afterlife of his adopted people? Who knows. He is a night elf, he will have quite a few years to decide that hopefully.

Now as to how he came into the Troll family….

Long story short.

Garuja was a prominent witch doctor that had one son. Morriganu, his pride and joy. The little child was very young, not even walking yet when Garuja was invited to live in Oggrimar where he would teach alchemy. So he packed up and was on the road with his young son.

As fate would have it, the trip would be the worst experience of Garuja’s life. Halfway between Senjin and Oggrimar (which I think are slightly further away then they are in game) Garuja’s raptor-pulled wagon was attacked by 2 night elf marauders. Garuja was shot in the chest with an arrow and lay bleeding to death on the road, and before slipping into unconsciousness he saw them ransack the cart and set it on fire.

He awoke days later back in Senjin. He was saved by a band of troll hunters patrolling the road and it is then he learned that his little son did not make it. He was devastated. In his maddened and simultaneously depressed state he hatched a plot in his mind to get revenge on Night elves, as a whole really.
After recovering and taking time to build his shaman powers around him he fortified himself with every ability boosting potion he knew how to make and ventured off on his raptor into the deepest forests of Kalimdor.

After weeks and weeks he finally found what he was looking for, a traveling party of Night Elves.

“You have taken from me, and now I will take from you!”

Garuja used his might and magic to slaughter them all, except for one infant night elf that he took for his own and named Morriganu.

He raised him as if he were the son he once had, and taught him the ways of shamanism and voodoo. Under his tutelage Morri became an adept witchdoctor and alchemist. The tribe was always a bit put off by him, and thought Garuja quite mad, but over time the local trolls gave him a tense hard earned form of respect.

But being an elf in a troll world, what will he do with himself? Fight elves? Turn on the trolls? Who knows. All he knows at the moment is that he loves his father and that for some reason the Loa favor him despite not being a true troll.

In time Garuja falls to old age and Morriganu sets out for a life of adventure. To find glory and renown.

Now for his appearance.
He is 7 feet tall.
Violet skin
LONG white hair
Nose ring, peircings on the tops of his forarms (like garrosh has), tribal tattoos, and very large gauges in his ears.

When adventuring he also always wears a very intricate and very evil looking tiki mask his father made for him(complete with tusks) . From a distance youd think he was an upright troll witchdoctor, not an orphan night elf. Especially when carrying his troll-style totems.

All of this in addition to his black riding raptor covered in tiki themed armor and he makes a very intimidating figure.

(should he have an accent?)

So what do you all think? Advice and tips are very welcome.

2011-08-28, 11:08 AM
I think that he should definitely have an accent, as he was raised by trolls. Also, I really like this idea, Night Elves and Trolls were my favorite races flavor-wise back in the days when I played Warcraft 3.

2011-08-28, 03:58 PM
Any additions anyone would like to suggest?

2011-08-28, 04:06 PM
Random nitpick: 7 feet is *really* huge for an Elf. It's also pretty big for a troll, although a bit less strange; I could imagine a number of trolls at 7 feet if they didn't go around hunched over all the time. For an Elf, tho, he's kind of a giant freak. I'd either make him smaller, or include some backstory about his adoptive father doing some Weird Voodoo Juju to him to make him grow up to a more 'properly trollish' size.

2011-08-28, 07:48 PM
>_< sorry, forgot not all of them are as giant as fandral staghelm.

I mean really have you seen that guy? He's like 8 feet tall.

2011-08-28, 11:36 PM
>_< sorry, forgot not all of them are as giant as fandral staghelm.

I mean really have you seen that guy? He's like 8 feet tall.

Almost all of Warcraft's faction leader NPCs/major boss characters are huge, tho. Makes them more intimidating and impressive in-game. They're usually a good head, head and a half taller than everybody around them.. not good models for the usual size of their races.