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2011-09-01, 01:49 AM
Nimbian's Mass Combat System

My players have requested an Army vs Army fight some time during my campaign, so as a result I've been working on a mass combat system to speed up the fight, (Which I know will take all session, and might just take two even with my system). I'm not the Best writer so please forgive my horrendous spelling and Grammar. Also this is my first foray into making any thing like this so if its stupid let me know. Also all Bonus # are temporary. I'm looking for Constructive Criticism and any Ideas to make it better with-out compromising (at least in my mind) its relative simplicity

The Basic rule of my system is that groups of Characters (NPC or otherwise) can be combined using the rules similar to the Gestalt rules found in UA. With a few differences. and then played more or less as Characters.

I've asked my players to create a Template for their Troop Types, Given they have say 5 Character Levels. They Create a Level 5 character which is the “Standard” Troop of that type of role

Using a Stat block setup

Hit Dice: Added together, Ex 10(5d10)+5(5d6) (275hp) for a group of 10 fighters and 5 Rogues all lvl 5
Initiative: Average
Speed: Lowest Character in the Unit times 5
AC: Average
SR: Strongest
Base Attack/Grapple: Highest of the group
Attack: List All Standard action attacks
Full Attack: the Full attack of all Character types.
Space/Reach: Space is always 20ft or Gargantuan, Reach is the longest melee Weapon.
Special Attacks: List all
Special Qualities: List all, Except for Traits unless they cover 60%+ of the unit.
Saves: Average
Abilities: Best, Use the Elite stats from the PHB/DMG
Skills: List Best
Feats: list Combat only
Organization: Numbers of Characters in the Unit.

Then once you have the Stat block it can be played as a normal Character with one exception.
The “Grid” is now 20x20 ft big, (as opposed to the Standard 5x5ft)

Other Factors for unit creation is are:
Size: a Unit can be made up of 400 Diminutive, 32 Tiny, 16 Small or Medium, 4 Large, or one Huge (and 4 Medium) or one Gargantuan or larger. Essentially there are 16, 5ft Squares that can be filled.

Changes to Combat Rules.
1. within a Unit the Characters with the lowest con or smallest Hit Dice (in the case of a tie) die first.
2. Each Round is now 30s, the Units DO NOT get any extra actions, only the actions permitted in a Standard D&D Round. (One exception is spells with a casting time more then a 6s)
3. Casualties are removed AFTER each round. Not during, (This is to say that the events happen Simultaneously)
4. Feats/Spells that Reduce damage from Area Attacks, are only half as effective. Ie, Improved evasion only takes ¼ damage instead of No Damage
5. There is no 5ft Step. Nor is there Attacks of Opportunity, exception to this is when two units are in Melee Combat, and one tried to withdraw from the Melee, the unit that is not moving gets its attack of opportunity.
6. Units can only Make one Type of attack with-in a round, (Ranged, or Melee) Magic can always be used, With Ranged or Melee combat, Save Area Effect spells can not be used while the unit is in Melee combat.
7. All Diagonal Movement Cost 40ft, and are not considered Adjacent except for Ranged.
8. Flanking can happen any time Two units engage the same target, Ranged Attacks included. (However Ranged units can't Get Flanking Bonuses), Ranged Magic NEVER provides a Flanking bonus.
9. Range attacks are Now Area Effects, DC=10+BAB (This needs Play testing)

Currently only I have come up with a Few formations if you have any other ideas please let me know.
Line: The line is the Default Formation no bonuses or Disadvantages. Can be used in Air and Water
Column: This a a Sideways line, it Great at Speed, they travel at twice the speed, But bad for defense -5 AC. Can be used in Air and Water
Circle: Circles Can Not be Flanked, and can move to adjacent Squares, However they reduce their speed to Half. Can be used in Air and Water.
Square: A Variant of the Circle, this formation is Immobile, however the Highest Con or (Highest Hit dice) Dies first.
Wedge: Wedges get an attack Bonus +5 at the expense of their Defense -5
Shield Wall: All Characters Must be equipped with Large or Tower Shields (must be all of the same size) they get a +10 AC, However Flankers get Double Bonus
Tortoise Formation: All Characters Must be Equipped with Tower Shields, +10 Reflex vs all Ranged/Ranged Magic Attacks. Character/Units with Shields smaller then Tower shields get lesser Bonus, (+5 for Large, +3 for Medium, +1 For Small) This slows the unit down significantly, they move at Half speed.

Three New Combat act

New Conditions
Encircle – when a Unit is encircled (4 sides are flanked with Melee units) the Unit suffers a -10AC and losses any AC from Formation.

Formations in Combat.
Change Formation- A free action, Provokes attacks of Opportunity, can only be used once be round, Units suffer -5 BAB, until next round.
Withdraw – Full Round Action, Disengage from a unit and move 20 ft back, does not provoke an attack of opportunity.
Rout – Full Round Action, Provokes attacks of Opportunity, However units take half damage, Unit MUST double Move AWAY from combat, and cannot be ordered again for 1d4 Rounds, if attacked again by Melee, unit Shatters and disperses, and disappears from combat, (if you win the Surviving members are returned)

2011-09-01, 04:47 PM
New Condition
Merged - Units that Enter another units square (Even an enemies) get -5 AC, -10 Reflex, as does the unit it has Merged with. Both units Share any Damage from Area Effects.