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Lord Raziere
2011-09-01, 06:06 PM
Basically, I'm going to make Exalted Mass Combat Rules different.

1: An Army = A character, as in an army is treated like a single character.

2: No Attributes for said Army, cause armies don't rely on natural inborn talent, but discipline and how well they are trained.

3: They instead have Army Backgrounds.

The First Five I've come up with:


4: Training and Quantity are backgrounds that can be purchased multiple times for different troops and types of training they undergo.

5: These backgrounds add up to a certain Army rating from 1-5 depending on how much points spent, an Army can only be sustained by a Resources background equal or higher than it.

The Backgrounds themselves:


Morale determines how well their spirits are and such. An army without morale is an army likely to disperse, flee or whatever easily and is therefore important that you keep said Morale up.
Mechanically Morale determines Willpower and Virtues. Also, they get a morale bonus equal to the virtue they are following at the moment- order troops with Compassion 3 to protect civilians and they gain three more dice for example.

0: your army has no willpower and their virtues are all 1.
1: Your army has 2 willpower and 2 in all virtues
2: Your army has 4 willpower and an additional point in one virtue
3: Your army has 6 willpower and an additional point in one virtue
4: Your army has 8 willpower and an additional point in one virtue
5: Your army has 10 willpower and an additional point in one virtue
(The virtue thing means that its possible to have 3 in all virtues at Morale 5)


Basically determines how well your equipment is.
This background is important cause- armies can't really fight without weaponry and armor can they?
The army gains bonus dice equal to their dots in Equipment. This background also increases their soak

0: You have no weapons
1: You are under-funded and under-equipped, you only get the poorest weaponry and armor, Soak is 4L/4B
2: you have average equipment, 6L/6B
3: You have good equipment, 8L/8B, Hardness of 2
4: you have high-quality equipment, 10L/10B, Hardness of 4
5: You have the best equipment available. 12L/12B, Hardness of 6


Mechanically, this both gives you more health levels, and more bonuses depending upon what kind of troops you are purchasing with this background;
more archers gives you a bonus to archery equal to its dots in Quantity for example as well giving you health levels to the entire whole army

0: No troops
1: You gain a Talon of 100 troops, 2 health levels and one bonus dice to a field of your choice
2: You gain a Scale of 500 troops, 4 health levels and two bonus
3: You gain a Wing of 1000 troops, 8 health levels and three bonus dice
4: You gain a Dragon of 2500 troops, 10 health levels and four bonus dice
5: You gain a Legion of 5000 troops, 12 health levels and five bonus dice

All Armies start out with at least three dots in this background.


This trains your troops, very important that your guys know how to shoot that bow your handing them right?
This background is purchasable multiple times for a lot of things- you just have to use creativity here. Investigation gets you better scouting for example, training in melee gives you better pikemen and close combat guys, archery gives you better archers, resistance allows your army to take hits better and so on and so forth.
You can also train them to fight in certain environmental conditions, use certain tactics, weaponry and such.
All of which basically translates to a dice bonus to whatever you basically choose to train them in equal to the dots you put in. its an all-purpose background. Train your soldiers to do whatever.

0: They are untrained civilian people
1: They are green untested rookies
2: they averagely trained troops
3: They hardened grizzle veterans who have been through a few battles
4: they are highly trained force of elites who have seen many battles
5: they are an unparalleled force beyond compare that are near undefeatable.

This determines how good your commanders, captains and general chain of command is.
this background is important, cause it determines how well organized your forces are and how well they be divided- an army with a Command that equals or succeeds all of their quantities can easily divide their forces up according to the above Quantity background, while a Command that doesn't is less organized and can't really divide their forces well.
Also, all captains and commanders are treated as heroic mortals and this background determines how good they are at commanding their troops at being commanders.
0: You have no chain of command
1: You have green officers who kinda know what they are doing; They 1 dot in all mental attributes and 1 dot in War
2: You have average officers, nothing special, 2 dots in all mental attributes and 2 dots in war
3: Your officers are experienced and smart. 3 dots all mental attributes and 3 dots in war
4: Your officers are experts and masters in their field, 4 dots in all mental attributes and 4 dots in war and a one dice morale bonus
5: you officers are the greatest that ever lived. 5 dots in all mental attributes, 5 dots in war and a two dice morale bonus

6: Exalts count as an Army with Quantity 1, other than that they are the same. Your taking on an army, what do you expect?

All I got now, Questions? Comments? Compliments? Critiques?

Lord Raziere
2011-09-01, 06:49 PM
Edited to add soak to Equipment background.

Primal Fury
2011-09-01, 07:43 PM
If an Exalt is working as a solo unit, how are their stats determined? I would assume it would be different when bringing artifact equipment, and charms into the equation.

Lord Raziere
2011-09-01, 08:24 PM
If an Exalt is working as a solo unit, how are their stats determined? I would assume it would be different when bringing artifact equipment, and charms into the equation.

I already said this. Aside from having a Quantity 1 health track in mass combat, they are same as when they are in normal combat, along with their artifacts and charms.

2011-09-02, 06:46 AM
If they have Ox-Body technique, do they get any extra HLs in Mass Combat?

Lord Raziere
2011-09-02, 11:19 AM
If they have Ox-Body technique, do they get any extra HLs in Mass Combat?

........sure, why not? how about every purchase of an Ox-Body Technique raises the Exalts Quantity? one purchase means they become Quantity 2, second purchase Quantity 3, then Quantity 4, then 5, and when they purchase another Ox-Body after 5, they just receive another Quantity 5 boost to their health?

Lord Raziere
2011-09-03, 12:42 PM
Army Stunts

When in Mass Combat, when the Exalt does a stunt, instead of the usual bonzes they can choose instead to make it an army stunt that raises the morale of their army.

1 die stunt = army gains 1 willpower + one morale bonus dice for one scene
2 die stunt = army gains 2 willpower + two morale bonus dice for one scene
3 die stunt = army gains 3 willpower + three morale bonus dice for one scene