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2011-09-01, 10:59 PM
Hello everybody. It may be a bit silly of me to start homebrewing before ever really playing DnD, but I did it anyway.

This is my Homebrew Domain (http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Abel_Domain_%28from_Dawn_of_Abel%29_%283.5e_Cleric _Domain%29#Abel_Domain_Spells) (link goes to the D&D wiki).
I tried to do something new by letting the cleric choose what exact spells he gets from the domain. What I want to know is if this is just unusual or if there are major balance reasons not to do something like this.
Then I'd like to know your opinions on how overpowered or underpowered the domain power, the ninth level spell substitute and the special described in the end are and why you have these opinions.
While I don't specifically ask what you think of the Domains usefulness, any talk that goes in that direction or is otherwise related to this topic is still apreciated if you are interested in it or think you have something important to point out/suggest.

If you don't understand how I mean the last two thinks explained on the Domain page, here is an example.
Lets say I just got my first cleric level and chose this domain. Now I can choose between the three listed spells and take the Endure Elements spell, That means that it will be my effective first level Domain spell (together with whatever my second domain grants me) and that the other two will not be castable at least until I get another level.
Now imagine I reach level two, but for some reason I think that Speak with Animals is more useful than the two spells that I could normally learn at this level through the domain (I can not forfeit any spells from the other domain as a tradeoff), so I choose another first level spell instead and forfeit both second level spells for now.
Over the course of the game I reached level 8 and chose these spells in this order:
Endure Elements (a level 1 spell)
Speak with Animals (another level 1 spell)
Speak with Plants (a level 3 spell)
Dispel Magic (a level 4 spell)
Transmute Mud to Rock (a level 5 spell)
Stone Tell (a level 6 spell)
Transmute Rock to Mud (second level 5 spell)
and lastly, Meld into Stone (a mere level 3 spell)
If I would have always chosen a level apropriate spell the spell level total would have been 36. Instead it is now 28. That means that when I gain my ninth level, in addition to a free spellslot usable on any spell given by one of my two domains, I now get Abel Domain spells that I chose not to learn with a total level equal to 45-28=17. That would mean that on reaching the ninth cleric level I could learn Word of Recall (level 8), Transmute Metal to Wood (level 7) and Tree Shape (level 2) or a different combination of the same value.

2011-09-02, 09:34 AM
Dispel Magic is a 3rd level spell.

2011-09-02, 09:58 AM
Gah! Serves me right looking mostly at druid spells for inspiration. I'll go and look for something new.

EDIT: Same with word of recall... Clerics get it at level 6.
Is there anyone that could help me or do you think it maybe balances out the other effects?