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2011-09-04, 09:53 AM
I am running a simple 3.5 game over on Mythweavers.

I got inspired to play this game after an old campaign fell apart and the DM descided to hit the rest button two rounds into the first combat after he realized how difficult it is to run a campaign of 21 players in a pbp. He restarted with 6 of the original 21. I was not one of them :smallsigh:

Annoyed that I'd been kicked out of a game over a situation I had no control over, I decided to start a game of my own. I declared that we'd be using the Dark and Stormy Knight Module (though I would change a few things up a bit to keep it fresh.)

I kept it limited to core books. got about 13 players divided them into 3 groups and started running them through it. It's been pretty fun so far. We gotten farther in game than I've ever gotten in a PBP before.

What I learned is, as long as you keep it simple, you can easily run a big game.

2011-09-04, 10:29 PM
Can you elaborate on 'keeping it simple'? This sounds like it could be useful, but I can't quite make out what you mean.